5 Best Stackable Dog Crates (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Do you need dog crates that you can stack on top of one another? Whether you need them for a grooming business, veterinarian’s office, or just because you own multiple animals then the dog product industry has what you need. When buying a stacking dog crate for your pooch, always be sure to measure your furry friend before purchasing one to ensure a crate that fits as they need it.

Below are the top five recommended stackable dog crates with a short item description to explain why you would want that item. At the end of the article is a buying guide to offer you more information about the various stackable dog crates on the market and the features each have.

Best Stackable Dog Crates

Here are our stackable dog crate reviews.

1. MidWest Large Dog Crate

Midwest Homes For Pets Dog Crate Icrate Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates

The MidWest Large Dog Crate is available in either a single or double door design for your daily convenience. The dog waste tray is removable for easy clean up, saving you time and energy. The design allows for easy stacking, just put one on top of the other before fastening them together with a sturdy binder.

  • Available in single or double door, great for any size of dog
  • Waste tray is removable, even when crates are stacked
  • Designed for easy stacking, combine them with a sturdy fastener
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2. New Age Pet Dog Crate

Ecoflex Pet Crate End Table

The New Age Pet Dog Crate is made of the best materials to ensure a sturdy and stackable dog crate. The assembly is no hassle and made to be put together quickly, needing no other tools. While the crate is sturdy it is only to be used by dogs up to fifty pounds for the best results.

  • Best materials are used to ensure a tough, stackable dog crate
  • Assembly is quick and easy with no extra hardware needed
  • Sturdy crate is perfect for stacking, only with dogs up to fifty pounds
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3. Homey Pet Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate

Homey Pet 37 Open Top Heavy Duty Dog Pet Cage Kennel W Tray, Floor Grid, And Casters

The Homey Pet Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate is designed to open from both the top and the side for an easy time getting your pooch settled. Each level of stackable dog crate has a removable waste tray for your cleaning ease.  The wheels have locks over top of them to ensure a safe and easy time when you need to move them.

  • Opens from top and side for multiple entrances, great when stacked
  • Removable waste tray is easily accessible on each level of stacking
  • Wheel locks are great for a safer and easier time moving them
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4. Pro Select Sturdy Steel Dog Crate

Pro Select Steel Modular Cage With Plastic Tray, Black

The Pro Select Sturdy Steel Dog Crate is designed to be used in either single units or as a cluster with others on top for a great stackable dog crate. The powder coated steel bars are great for a sturdy cage. The crate includes two removable waste trays, one for each side of the divided crate.

  • Designed for single or multiple usage, allowing stacking but not requiring it
  • Powder coated steel is good for durability
  • Two waste trays included are removable for an easy cleaning experience
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5. Homey Pet Two Tier Dog Crate

Homey Pet New 31 Pet Cage And Durable Plastic Black Tray For 31 Two Tier Cage

The Homey Pet Two Tier Dog Crate is made with the best materials to ensure a safe and stackable dog crate. The crates come with two removable waste trays for your cleaning convenience that can be reached on either level while stacked. The crate can be opened from the top and the front, for easier access with dogs who fuss.

  • Best quality of metal is used to make a great stackable dog crate
  • Removable waste trays on both levels for your convenience
  • Two openings, top and front, allow for multiple choices on loading animals
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Stackable Dog Crate Buying Guide

As you can see from the above products, there are many different stackable dog crates for you to choose from on the market. When you buy one I advise you to fasten extra strength fastenings. Most stackable crates are made to stack without issues, but it is better to be safe than sorry with your furry friend’s health. Below we will go into the various features available on the market and why you would want each of them for your stackable dog crate.

Removable Waste Tray

If you’ve ever owned a dog crate that didn’t have a removable waste tray then you understand why you want one in your stacking dog crates. Trying to clean out a crate that is as tall as you is challenging, but the tray being removable makes this considerably easier. Simply take the tray out, clean it and put it back.

Multiple Opening Crate

There are many dogs that dislike entering a dog crate, especially with stacking dog crates. Having multiple openings in the dog crate, or having a bigger one, allows you an easier time in getting your furry friend in them.

Wheeled Bottom

If you’ve ever tried to move a dog crate, especially with a dog in them at the time, you understand why having wheels on the bottom is such a nice thing. If the crates are stackable then it is even more challenging, but the wheels with lower the stress of the standard movement that is necessary in your daily life.

Easy Assembly

When you buy any kind of furniture there is nothing more frustrating than getting it home and having to spend hours putting it together with confusing instructions. Stackable dog crates can be very confusing if the instructions aren’t clear, but getting ones that are easy assembly gets rid of this complication and has your dog crate ready to use in half an hour at most.

Wheel Locks

Having wheel locks on your stacking dog crates should be a mandatory safety measure. Anytime a dog crate has wheels this should be something you look for, as even the slightest slip in the wrong situation can be disastrous for your furry friend. Most wheel locks are a simple push down lever, this allows you to easily lock or unlock the wheels.

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