10 Best Step-In Dog Harnesses (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Calling all pet owners, what is the biggest problem you face when trying to get your dog ready for a walk? For me, and many others, it is getting their excitable bodies into their harness.

Well look no further than the best step in harness for dogs! The easy slip in design makes for a quick and clean getting ready process with little struggle.

After thorough research, below I have listed ten of the best step-in dog harnesses for your shopping ease. As you continue reading, each recommendation will have the key product features that make the item special.

Best Step-In Dog Harnesses

Here are the 10 best step-in dog harnesses.

1. Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step In Air Dog Harness

The Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness is outfitted with the highest quality of mesh for your pet’s maximum comfort. On top of being comfortable, the mesh is made to be worn in any weather making it perfect for walks year round. The two reflective bands of fabric on the sides let you walk with extra confidence in you and your pet’s safety.

  • Material of the vest is soft to the touch
  • The light weight mesh is made for any weather
  • Reflective stripes allow for safer walks
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2. Sporn Step In Dog Harness

Sporn Step In Dog Harness

The Sporn Step In Dog Harness is an easily adjustable harness that is designed to best fit any breed of dog snugly, with no room for tangles. This step in harness is made to stop any pulling from your dog in training, reducing accidental rubbing from the pressure. The mesh is made from the best quality of nylon with nickel plated hardware for durability.

  • Step In Harness adjusts with easy sliding hardware to any dog
  • Vest is designed to evenly distribute pressure across dog’s chest
  • Mesh vest is soft and sturdy for long lasting usage
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3. PUPTECK Dog Step In Harness

Pupteck Dog Step In Harness

The PUPTECK Dog Step In Harness is specifically designed for your pet’s comfort while on walks, with sturdy nylon fabric and strong metal hardware ensuring durability. The step in design and easy adjustable straps make getting ready fast and easy for you and your pup. Alongside its durability, this step in harness is reflective to offer extra safe walks, night or day.

  • Fabric is sturdy while still being comfortable on your pet’s fur
  • Getting ready has never been so quick, just slip in and go
  • Reflective material gives you extra confidence on your walks
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4. EcoBark Step in Dog Harness

Ecobark Step In Dog Harness

The EcoBark Step in Dog Harness is made from the softest mesh material available, while the straps are derived from recycled plastic to make this step in harness completely eco friendly. The no pull design makes training your puppy easier with no risk of choking or uncomfortable rubbing against the trachea. On top of being comfortable, the vest is made to be one hundred percent escape proof for your Houdini hound.

  • Material is soft mesh and recycled plastic for a guilt free step in harness
  • Designed to be both no pull and step in for all around ease in walking
  • Vest is escape proof, fitting soundly to your pup with no room to slip out
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5. Downtown Pet Supply Step In Dog Harness

Downtown Pet Supply Step In Dog Harness

The Downtown Pet Supply Step In Dog Harness is made to be both adjustable for your pet’s specific sizing needs and comfortable with its breathable mesh material. The no pull design and snug fit allow for an escape proof and anti rubbing harness to best meet your dog training/walking needs. The mesh is sturdy as well as comfortable, the material is made for walks in any type of weather.

  • Adjustable design and mesh material are made for your dog’s comfort
  • No pull design is great for your escape artist/trainee puppy
  • Vest is made from sturdy mesh for year round walks
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6. BARKBAY Slip In Dog Harness

Barkbay Slip In Dog Harness

The BARKBAY Slip In Dog Harness is made from the highest quality of fabric for your pet’s comfort, the mesh is anti rip and light weight for hotter days. The mesh is soft to the touch for anti chafing while on longer walks or for everyday wear. With four points of adjustment, this harness is as close to custom fitting as you can get for this small price.

  • Mesh is sturdy, anti ripping and breathable for comfort
  • Material is soft and stops uncomfortable rubbing or chafing
  • Adjustments are easy to do and makes a great fit for your pooch
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7. Pawtitas Slip In Dog Harness

Pawtitas Slip In Dog Harness

The Pawtitas Slip In Dog Harness is made to supply every safety measure possible for you and your pup while still remaining comfortable. The material is of the highest grade and reflective for extra confidence during night walks. The double D link at the top of the harness adds another measure for control while walking your pooch.

  • Slip in Harness is both comfortable for your pooch and sturdy
  • Material is reflective for better visibility during night walks
  • Additional control for crowds or everyday training
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8. Coastal Pet Lil Pals Dog Slip In Harness

Coastal Pet Lil Pals Dog Slip In Harness

The Coastal Pet Lil Pals Dog Slip In Harness is made for durability, comfort, and long lasting usage. The fabric is a light and breathable mesh, great for walks in the heat, while being soft to the touch to prevent chafing. To better fit to your dog’s specific sizing needs, the vest is adjustable for an almost custom tailored fit.

  • Slip In Harness is designed for all around comfort and strength
  • Fabric is light and prevents uncomfortable rubbing
  • Easily adjustable to any breed or size of dog
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9. Gooby Slip In Harness For Dogs

Gooby Slip In Harness For Dogs

The Gooby Slip In Harness For Dogs is designed to thwart any escape attempts with its snug fit and snapping buckle at the back of the neck to reduce space. The step in design is great for on the go walks, no more struggling to get your pup ready. On top of being comfortable, this harness is easy to clean for your convenience, just throw it in the washing machine on cold.

  • Snug design is great for Houdini puppies
  • Getting ready takes minutes with this harness, no more stress
  • Machine Washable, cold water and air dry
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10. Kruz PET Puffy Mesh Slip In Harness

Kruz Pet Puffy Mesh Slip In Harness

The Kruz PET Puffy Mesh Slip In Harness is made from the softest mesh on the market, on top of being comfortable the mesh is dual layered for increased toughness. The metal is made from the same caliber of materials, all hardware is a sturdy plastic for durability. The material is breathable, the mesh dries sweat fast for walks on hot days.

  • Mesh is soft but durable with double layering
  • Metal and plastic hardware are top notch
  • Breathable material to lower risk of heat exhaustion
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Step-In Dog Harness Buyer’s Guide

Best Step In Dog Harness ReviewsSo as you can see there are many different features to every slip in harness, each with their own unique benefits. I will go over some of those features now.


Having any step-in harness or clothing type of dog product be adjustable is a great boon. If you have a dog that doesn’t quite fit in one size, you can simply adjust the clothing to better suit them. The more points of adjustment there are, the better fit you are guaranteed to have.

Breathable/Light Weight Fabric

This is very important for your step in harness if you live in a hotter area. You must remember that your dog is covered in fur, which will increase their body temperature exponentially. Having a light or mesh material allows breezes to cool your dog off and it locks in sweat to better ward off the heat.

Sturdy/Double Layers

Having a fabric be double layered is another bonus when looking for something that will last for years. If the material is single layered then you run the risk of the fabric wearing down after many uses, resulting in a need to purchase another harness. To better save money and the hassle, finding a sturdy mesh, nylon or double layered product is necessary.

Reflective Stripes or Trimming

Do you like walking at night, the cooler temperatures and less distractions for your pup can be very nice, but refrain because you’re worried about a car not seeing you? That is what reflective trimming is for, no matter how small the dog or how little material is reflective, light from car beams will bounce back and grant you and your pooch better visibility. Most leashes, harnesses or collars can be equipped with reflective taping, but looking for ones with built in trimming is best, no worries about it falling off!

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