5 Best Training Books for Airedale Terriers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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There are many reasons Airedale Terriers have been called “the King of the Terriers.” Essentially a Welsh Terrier (England’s oldest dog breed) mixed with a variety of other British hunting and game dogs, Airedales are the largest of the terrier family, and with its love of fetching, loyalty, energy, ease of training, and intelligence, it’s no wonder they are popular the world over. Similar to the Poodle in many ways, the Airedale Terrier has curly, woolen, hypoallergenic fur, but stands slightly taller, and is less friendly to other pets in the house than a typical Poodle.

Airedale Terriers are a classic purebred dog, so there is a high standard of training to adhere to if you make the jump to becoming an Airedale-owner. There are a number of high-quality, informative, and essential books on Airedale Terriers available today, and below, we will review the top five.

Best Training Books for Airedale Terriers

Here are our Airedale Terrier training book reviews.

1. Latest Leading Comprehensive Guide for Owners of Airedale Terriers

Airedale Terrier (comprehensive Owner's Guide) Hardcover – February 1, 2005

This is the essential guide to Airedale Terriers. Released in 2005, this work by Bardi McLennan is widely regarded by readers to be the best book out there on the topic of Airedales and how to train them properly. If there was ever an official guide to your Airedale Terrier, this is it. This book covers everything specific to the breed and provides the most comprehensive view.

  • Detailed history section covering the origins of the Airedale Terrier breed of dog
  • Comprehensive training information so you can confidently train your puppy
  • Dietary and health guidance to maximize your Airedale’s longevity
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2. Detailed Breed Book For Airedale Terriers

The Airedale Terrier Today (book Of The Breed) Hardcover – October 9, 2000

The previous definitive guide to Airedale Terriers, “The Airedale Terrier Today” by Janet Huxley, is a great source for history on the breed. Published originally in the year 2000, some may say this book is out of date, but essentials on dog training don’t change in a couple of decades. This is still one of the most comprehensive books available on the Airedale and has a lot of helpful Airedale-specific information.

  • Essential for new Airedale owners, is a great reference for the more experienced with the breed
  • Key information for fur care to keep their complex coat clean and tangle-free
  • Full exercise and diet plan
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3. Definitive Airedale Terriers Manual

Airedale Terriers (complete Pet Owner's Manuals) Paperback – April 1, 1998

This book by Dorothy M. Miner is an excellent source for detailed information about the incredible Airedale Terrier. A text-heavy tour de force, while some readers will appreciate this volume’s verbosity, others may be looking for more images or pictures. This is a book that can take you from knowing nothing about Airedale Terriers to an expert with credibility, and for that, it deserves a high mention.

  • Recommended by the American Kennel Club
  • Extensive, detailed information
  • Best 20th Century Book on Airedales
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4. Comical General Training Tome For Airedale Terrier Owners

Airedale, Airedale Terrier Aaa Akc Think Like A Dog But Don't Eat Your Poop! Airedale Terrier Br

This 2014 publication from Paul Allen Pearce is an excellent, humorous, and comprehensive guide on how to fully train your Airedale Terrier. Readers love the way this volume unites successful training practices gained from across the world of canis lupus familiaris, as each breed of dog is technically the same species. Some may wish this book had more information that specifically pertained to the Airedale Terrier breed, but overall this is an excellent book on how to establish the fundamentals of behavior and social etiquette for your classy British canine.

  • Extensive focus on training
  • Professionally consulted
  • Comedic, entertaining and light-hearted
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5. The Complete Guide to Airedale Terriers

The Complete Guide To Airedale Terriers Choosing, Training, Feeding, And Loving Your New Airedale T

Another popular favorite among owners of Airedale Terriers is this Andrea Berman classic. An excellent resource for serious owners and breeders of the majestic Airedale Terrier, this playfully-worded book helps reveal the joy in taking care of your Airedale puppy. This is an informative summary of general knowledge on the Airedale all in one place.

  • Guidance for the full lifespan of your Airedale Terrier
  • Catered to beginners
  • Comprehensive survey of information
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Airedale Terrier Dog Training Book Buyer’s Guide

This English breed of dog thrives when it’s able to stay true to its well-mannered, sociable, and polite British roots. These strong, loyal, stoic canines make an ideal watch-dog, game-hunting dog or guide dog, depending on how you train your Airedale Terrier. Very few dogs out there are big and strong enough to be a legitimate guard-dog while at the same time intelligent enough to be an asset retrieving objects in the field. Ultimately it’s up to the owner’s expertise in how to train and use the full potential of the mighty Airedale breed, which is why these books can come in handy.

We know proper training is vital, but what else should we be looking for in our guide to training Airedale Terriers?

Breed-Specific Information

Airedale Terriers are large dogs born with an innate instinct to fetch and chase. This is a great way to start training your Airedale to reinforce tasks and rewards.

One of the toughest things to find in these types of books is detailed information specific to the breed of dog, Airedale Terrier. It’s easy for a publisher to mass-produce a generic dog book, but what about speaking to the specifics of what makes the Airedale Terrier such an amazing and popular breed? Terriers are excellent fetching dogs, and the Airedale is no different. Other dogs, for example, the Husky or Malamute, are indifferent to objects being thrown and do not instinctively fetch or participate in the pursuit of game. But Airedales seem to just instinctively run after moving objects. Due to these innate tendencies, you can train your Airedale faster and more easily than other dog breeds.

Health Information

Airedale Terriers are one of the best dog breeds in the world. However, they have a multitude of health risks and common issues. Hip dysplasia is more common among these dogs, due to their tall stature, so it’s important to understand how to properly feed and exercise your Airedale Terrier, to maximize their chance at a healthy life. Hip dysplasia can lead to problems with the gait, making exercise difficult and painful. This has the ultimate effect of weakening the dog’s cardiovascular health, which can limit a dog’s immune strength. As you can see, health systems are incredibly interconnected, so it’s vital to keep your dog in tip-top shape at all times.

The Airedale Terrier’s health is the top priority, so it’s important to make sure you are feeding quality food in the correct portion size, since overfeeding can increase the likelihood of obesity, and in turn, hip dysplasia.

Overall, the Airedale Terrier is the undisputed “King of the Terriers,” and holds a special place in the hearts of dog owners worldwide, so make sure you’re well-read on their fascinating background as you dive into training your beloved Airedale Terrier.

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