10 Best Travel Dog Beds (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Do you love to travel with your pet, but worry about where they will sleep or how comfortable they will be when you reach your destination? Well have no fear, there is an easy solution that will allow you to travel to your heart’s content with your furry friend and allow them to rest in comfort no matter where you go.

The best travel dog bed is exactly what it sounds like in its description, these beds are designed to be easy to pick up and leave with when you’re on the run. Below are the top ten travel dog beds we recommend for you to use after during thorough research on various products.

Best Travel Dog Beds

Here are the 10 best dog beds to take when you travel.

1. Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed

Chuckit Travel Dog Bed

The Chuckit! Travel dog bed is made for your traveling needs as well as your pet’s comfort while on the go. The bed is similar to a human sleeping bag, it rolls up and is easy to unroll for when your dog is ready to sleep. The materials used are the highest quality, the polyester suede surface is soft to the touch, double quilted insides are good support, and the lining for the bed is water resistant and anti ripping as well.

  • Travel dog bed is easy to set down or roll up
  • Materials are all of the highest quality for your pooch
  • Soft outside is protected by sturdy and water resistant outside
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2. BLOBLO Travel Dog Bed

Bloblo Travel Dog Bed

The BLOBLO travel dog bed is great for either camping purposes or just for long car rides, the bed clips into the seatbelt for your dog’s safety on the go. The bed is machine washable for your cleaning convenience, but it also can be hand washed if you’re out camping when accidents happen. The material is the highest grade Oxford cloth, giving you confidence in the durability and the long lasting feature of this bed.

  • Travel dog bed is made for car rides or camping
  • Easy cleaning with either hand or machine washing
  • High grade material, Oxford cloth, for durability
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3. YEPHHO Travel Dog Bed

Yephho Travel Dog Bed

The YEPHHO Travel dog bed is made with your pet’s comfort in mind while you are on the go, or just doing an extensive road trip. The elevated design for the bed gives your dog support while they sleep while not taking up mass amount of space. The mesh of the bed is made from the highest quality material, a mixture of Teslin mesh and oxford cloth, for the best durability you can ask for.

  • Dog travel bed is great for car rides or camping
  • Elevated design gives extra support to your pooch while sleeping
  • Mixture of Teslin mesh and oxford cloth for a strong bed
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4. Lightspeed Outdoors Travel Dog Bed

Lightspeed Outdoors Travel Dog Bed

The Lightspeed Outdoors travel dog bed is a self inflating bed, designed for the best night of sleep possible for your dog while not at home. The covering of the bed is a soft fleece, while the bottom is water resistant, tear resistant and non slip. The travel bed is machine washable to make times when accidents happen easier on you and your busy schedule.

  • Bed self inflates, nozzle on side pulls air in or lets air out
  • Covering is soft while bottom is tough for durability
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning after accidents
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5. PETMAKER Traveling Dog Bed

Petmaker Traveling Dog Bed

The PETMAKER traveling dog bed is designed to mimic a human sleeping bag, the roll out structure is easy to lay out before rolling up again and stowing for easy storage. The bed is covered in a soft faux fur for a guilt free and comfortable nights sleep for your pooch. While not machine washable, this bed is easy to hand wash and set out to dry when accidents happen.

  • Roll out structure is convenient for the owner on the go
  • Covering is soft and comfortable for your pup
  • Easy to clean in river for camping purposes
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6. Kurgo Travel Dog Bed

Kurgo Travel Dog Bed

The Kurgo travel dog bed is made especially for all of your pet’s camping needs, everything from the outer lining to the plush inside is made to give your pet comfort. The lining is water resistant and anti ripping to best ensure you receive the best quality travel dog bed on the market. The roll up design is great for traveling or camping purposes, mimicking the human sleeping bag this bed is easy to set up or pick up.

  • All features of the bed are designed for traveling or camping
  • Lining is water resistant and anti ripping for rough use
  • Roll up design is great for convenience and your part
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7. BomGaroto Travel Dog Bed

Bomgaroto Travel Dog Bed

The BomGaroto travel dog bed is made to fit most dog breeds and accommodate their sleeping needs while you are on the go, either traveling or camping. The fabric is water resistant, making the water bead up on top of the bed and resulting in it being easy to shake or wipe off. On top of the easy rolling design for convenience, this bed is machine washable for your cleaning ease.

  • Bed is made big enough to fit most dog breeds, measure your pooch before buying
  • Water slides off easily from bed, is not water proof though
  • All around convenience for cleaning and setting up
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8. Klymit Travel and Camping Dog Bed

Klymit Travel And Camping Dog Bed

Klymit travel and camping dog bed is perfect for any on the go needs you and your pooch may have, all aspects from material to design revolve around it. The material is a soft and high quality polyester to protect the inflatable bed underneath. The bed cover is machine washable and is puncture resistant to best protect your dog’s new mattress.

  • All features are angled toward it being a travel bed
  • Materials are high quality and chosen for comfort
  • All aspects are made for the utmost convenience
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9. Petneces Travel Dog Bed

Petneces Travel Dog Bed

The Petneces travel dog bed is designed to fit most dog breeds from small to large with forty by twenty seven inches of space for them to lounge on. The waterproof and puncture proof material is perfect for either indoor or outdoor use, allowing you to use it for a regular dog bed or for camping. The material is a soft fleece for your dog’s comfort and it is reversible for convenience.

  • Travel dog bed is designed for almost any breed of dog
  • Bed is water resistant and puncture proof for camping or outdoor use
  • Material is soft for your dog’s comfort while on the go
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10. Cappets Pet Products Travel Dog Bed

Cappets Pet Products Travel Dog Bed

The Cappets Pet Products travel dog bed is perfect for either indoor or outdoor use, the fabric is sturdy enough to handle rougher conditions while being comfortable. It comes with a carrying bag that when the bed is rolled up it fits inside snugly, allowing for easy travel and storage. The material is warm, soft and best of all chew proof for your new or rambunctious puppies.

  • Dog travel bed is designed for outdoor or indoor use
  • Easy roll up design fits easily into accompanied bag
  • Material is soft and sturdy for your puppies comfort
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Travel Dog Bed Buyer’s Guide

Best Travel Dog Bed ReviewsWhen buying a traveling dog bed, there are many features you should keep in mind to find your perfect fit. Below are some of the more common or useful features you will see in dog beds.

Roll Up Design

This is probably the single most convenient aspect of any dog bed, especially for traveling or camping purposes. Being able to simply roll it out like a miniature sleeping bag is great for time saving purposes and when it’s time to go you just roll it back up and leave. Sometimes they come with accompanying bags, I recommend this for storage and traveling ease.

Water Resistant

This is a vitally important feature for any travel dog bed you may purchase. When you’re out camping or just stopping to rest at a pit stop, your dog’s bed runs the chance of getting soaked and with it having this feature there is less for you to worry about.

Puncture Resistant

Puncture resistance is another vital feature of any outdoor or travel dog bed. Most times the ground the bed lays on won’t be smooth or without objects underneath it and that means the bed needs to be sturdy enough to handle it. Puncture resistant beds keep the filling or mattress safe from any sharp, foreign objects while you’re out traveling.

Machine Washable

While this feature isn’t vital, it is nice for those of us who have a packed schedule. Being able to just throw the travel dog bed into the washing machine when it gets dirty or the pup has an accident is a massive time saver. While hand washing can be done, it generally takes considerably longer and air drying adds even more time.

Elevated Design

This design of travel dog bed is one of the best for traveling, due to it not needing to worry about where you put it. The bed’s material or mattress is off the ground and away from sharp or pointy objects. This preserves the bed and keeps it cleaner while you are out.

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