The 10 Best Weight Vests for Dogs

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Weight Vests For DogsIn general, we prefer to give our dogs lightweight and comfortable vests to make their daily walks easy and fun. But did you know that a weighted dog vest can provide your dog with plenty of benefits, helping them train better, become stronger, and prevent potential health concerns? Moreover, it can help to tire out dogs with excess energy — below are the 10 best weight vests for dogs.   

What are Weight Vests?

Resistance training and weight pulling for dogs can become a big challenge, so you’ll need to have the right tools for it. The best-weighted vests will provide your dog weight resistance which is great for building muscles, exercise, and training purposes. Furthermore, these vests can also have a calming effect much like a weighted blanket for humans, which helps to relieve anxiety, especially if it also serves as a dog anxiety vest.  

Weighted dog vests can also be used to improve cardiovascular health, but with so many options in the market, it can get tricky to know which will serve your dog best. With plenty of different styles, different sizes, and more, it becomes extremely hard to choose the best-weight vest for your pooch. While it’s just a matter of preference for experienced dog owners, those looking for their first weight vest may need more guidance, which is why we gathered the best options for you. 

Best Weight Vests for Dogs 

Whether you have small dogs or large dogs, here are a few choices that can help them gain extra weight or achieve weight loss through the use of vests that provide additional weight during training. 

1. CANINE WEIGHT SET Full Body Weighted Dog Vest

Canine Weight Set Full Body Weighted Dog Vest


  • Soft like a pillow but provides extra weight on both the front and back legs
  • With reflective lights allowing your dog to train even at night
  • Made with heavy-duty materials for long-lasting use
  • The weights can be removed without the need to take off the vest 

This Full Body Dog Vest by Canine Weight Set provides balanced weight distribution across the front and back legs of your dog, so you won’t have to worry about injuries. Because of this, your dog’s whole body will undergo resistance training, which is a good choice if your pet aims to reach a healthy weight or encourage muscle growth. Proudly made in the USA, you’ll find that it includes sandbag weights, reflective and adjustable straps, as well as heavy-duty construction that will last years even with daily use. 


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2. Xdog Weight Vest for Fitness, Anxiety & Behavior

Xdog Vest (weight, Fitness, Anxiety & Behavior)


  • Designed to fight dog obesity and promote overall health 
  • A fitness vest that also works for anxiety, behavior, and weight management
  • Helps to provide dogs with a higher and healthier quality of life
  • Increases performance during strength training and develops your dog’s muscles

Giving your dog lots of exercises is the best way to improve our dog’s health, which serves to slow down their aging process while keeping them in top shape. As such, active dogs can expect to have a lower risk of getting diseases related to their health. Through the Xdog Weight Vest, you can take your canine friend out on daily walks and focus on the most important things such as increasing their muscle mass during strength training. 

Giving this to your dog will give it something to do so that its energy is always spent, which is the most important factor in taming behavioral problems in an anxious dog. Moreover, putting on this vest only takes 30 seconds each day, so you can get more done with your dog — once your pup puts it on, watch as you see the various health benefits it can reap!


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3. OneTigris Tactical Dog MOLLE Vest

Onetigris X Armor Tactical Dog Harness Molle Vest


  • A tactical vest that’s been designed to handle as much weight as 485lb/220kg.
  • Incorporates protection, mental clarity, and defense into a unique design
  • Constructed using a durable 1000D Nylon for all kinds of adventures
  • Comes with a horizontal and vertical grad handle for training dogs

Built with durability and strength in mind, the OneTigris Tactical Dog MOLLE Vest has been built specifically for more muscular breeds such as German Shepherds. Incorporating a clean yet functional design, while the intricate stitchwork gives it a sleek and sharp look that’s made from military-grade materials. No matter your dog’s weight or your dog’s size, this solution offers maximum comfort, mobility, and breathability, offering the best-weighted vest that can support a weight of up to 485 lbs.  


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4. Barkbay Weighted Dog Vest 

Barkbay Weighted Dog Vest


  • Can accommodate medium size to large-size dogs 
  • Uses military-grade materials in its construction 
  • With quick-release buckles allows a dog parent to enjoy its ease of use
  • Comes with reflective strips that make it a better option for nighttime training 

When you’re looking to get maximum security and control over aggressive dogs, you can be sure that the Barkbay Weighted Dog Vest can handle it. Constructed using high-strength nylon, it has great resistance to water, dirt, and abrasion, which means that it won’t leave a dog burn. With 4 fully adjustable straps, it offers the perfect fit around your dog’s neck and rib cage, making it one of the best dog weight vests on the market; plus it won’t put constant pressure on just one part of your dog. 


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5. Active Dog Muscle Building Weighted Vest

Active Dog Muscle Building Weighted Vest


  • With three sizes available small, medium, and large
  • Uses double stitched-seams and ballistic materials to provide unparalleled durability
  • With removable weight bags that can be adjusted depending on your dog’s needs
  • Proudly made in the USA through ActiveDogs, a family-owned and small business

If you’re looking for the complete package to get started training with service dogs, then the Active Dog Muscle Building Weighted Vest is the best fit for dogs that want to carry a few extra pounds. With padded straps made of sheepskin, this option not only provides a snug fit but is also among the most comfortable vests on the market. It also includes 8 ½ pound weights that you can add or remove — it’s a good idea to refer to a size chart to find out the right amount of weight for your specific dog breed.    


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6. FrontPet Dog Pulling Harness & Pulling Leash

Frontpet Dog Pulling Harness & Pulling Leash


  • Recommended for medium-size to large-size dogs for the best results
  • These are made for large dog breeds — be sure to measure them for the right size  
  • Comes with two big side buckles and straps to ensure the best fit
  • Safe, versatile, and packed with features to make training easier for dog lovers 

These fully adjustable Dog Harnesses by FrontPet are great options if you’re looking for something a bit different from the choices above. A fit dog that has too much energy is actually a good thing with this tool since it gives you maximum control and a secure fit which means your dog won’t be able to escape its training sessions. With the two strong D-rings included, you can safely and quickly attach heavy objects for strength training, while a simple black color won’t become a distraction.   


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7. Neewa Sled Pro Harness

Neewa Sled Pro Harness


  • With many different colors for you to choose from 
  • Is the top pick for pet parents looking for a breathable material 
  • Ideal for purebred dogs from Nordic countries such as Greenland dogs and the Siberian Husky
  • With a patented X-back structure that evenly distributes pressure throughout the body

The Neewa Sled Pro Harness is among the most favorite choices when it comes to pulling activities such as dog trekking, dog sledding, and skijoring. Because it has such a low-profile design, you can freely use adjustable weights that can be attached to the harness. Made with non-allergic and breathable materials, it’s both comfortable and durable, while its reflective inserts also help to improve your pup’s visibility at night while you train. 


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8. PET ARTIST Dog Training Harness

Pet Artist Dog Training Harnesses


  • Made using extremely tough 50mm-wide nylon along with reinforced stitching that can carry as much as 1200lbs
  • Great for training big dogs such as American Pit Bull Terriers, Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and more. 
  • Features wide padding strips that are soft and breathable, while being tear-resistant
  • Offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your purchase

Dogs that love training under the snow will fall in love with the PET ARTIST Dog Training Harnesses, which is strong enough to pull objects as heavy as 1200 lbs! Made for big boys like Boxers, Rottweilers, American Pit Bull Terriers, and more, it uses reinforced nylon webbing along with durable stitching that no other brand can compete with. Because it uses padding strips, these soft yet durable harnesses promise comfort and safety no matter where your dog goes. 

Because it’s so versatile, it provides a great training tool for dogs with too much energy and can help to improve their muscle strength and social behavior without hurting your furry friend. Designed for larger dogs with a neck circumference of 31.5″(80cm), it’s also a great tool to use for weight training, Ski-Joring, Sledding, and other pulling sports. This harness has been made to last, so if for some reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, then you expect to get a total refund for your purchase. 


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9. KnK Dog Supplies Big Dog Harness

Knk Dog Supplies Big Dog Harness


  • Great for medium to large dogs with space up to 26” for the neck area and 9” for the chest
  • While it may not be adjustable, you can easily connect it to carriages and sleds
  • Made from high-quality materials which can carry as much as 1600 lbs for stronger dogs
  • Offers maximum security and durability through the metal D-ring, metal separator, and the metal rivets

When you want an option that can carry a lot while being easy to clean, look no further than the KnK Dog Supplies Big Dog Harness. Made for comfort using 10mm-thick padding made of soft and high-quality materials, it doesn’t just offer a sturdy and lightweight construction but is also great at spreading the overall weight your dog pulls throughout its body. As such, it delivers complete training to increase your dog’s muscle mass and strength, while the metal separator ensures a tight grip and better traction on all four legs.

It’s also an ideal choice for high-energy dogs since all that running will completely deplete it of energy, so it can better serve as a guard dog for your family! You can be sure that this safe harness provides protection around the chest area, so your dog will be comfortable throughout every training session. 


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10. PawRoll Adjustable Dog Sled Harness for Pulling

Pawroll Adjustable Dog Sled Harness For Pulling


  • Provides the best comfort of all harnesses available in the market
  • Gives you dog a customized fit in just seconds 
  • Comes with reflective inserts to give your pooch maximum visibility at all times
  • Designed specifically for wolf-like breeds such as Huskies, Greenland dogs, and more

When you want a no-choke harness, the PawRoll Adjustable Dog Sled Harness for Pulling is the perfect choice to go on sledding and training adventures. Made using non-allergenic and breathable materials, this harness was designed to maximize movements and minimize irritation to the skin. You’ll also find that it provides a custom fit for your dog, no matter what kind of large breed it is.

Other useful features it comes with include reflective inserts that allow others to see your precious pet in the dark. Moreover, it’s also incredibly comfy, thanks to its lightweight polypropylene construction, so your big pooch won’t want to stop pulling!  


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Buying Guide for the Best Weight Vests

With everything you need to make an informed decision on the best weight vest for your dog, it’s time to consider the factors to look for before setting your mind on a specific product. Not all dog vests and harnesses were made the same, so be sure to consider what makes one better than the other. Below are things you should think about before making a purchase. 


This factor is probably the most important thing you should think about when choosing your first vest. Checking for the right size that will fit your dog is the first step to ensuring that it will fit your pup properly. To get an accurate measurement, take one end of the measuring tape across the broadest part of your canine’s rib cage. 

A vest shouldn’t add too much pressure on the spinal column and ribs — instead, it should fit comfortably to be able to use your product properly. It’s also best to take your pet’s weight to help determine the amount of weight a vest can handle. 


Much like the size of a vest, you’ll also need to take into account the age of your dog — you’ll want to check if your dog will be able to use the vest before it grows out of it. On the contrary, choosing a vest that’s too heavy for a little pup can put it under too much stress and may also damage its muscles and bones. Your dog will still be considered a growing pup if it’s no older than 2 years of age. 

Many dogs will take around 6 to 18 months before reaching the age of maturity while bigger dogs will take as long as 24 months. 


Before you purchase a weighted vest, you’ll also want to consider your dog’s comfort through the use of plenty of padding. When your dog wears anything on its body, it will feel uneasy because it’s not used to having anything over its fur and will take time to get used to this feeling. Make sure you pick a product that will provide them with plenty of padding which will help your dog better adjust to it and will let it move freely and comfortably. 

Picking the Right Weight Vests for Dogs  

When you’re looking for your dog’s first weight vest, be sure to check if they tick the right boxes and that they fit your dog’s needs and preferences. Taking the time to measure and assess your dog will make all the difference between the vest that’s perfect for their training or a product that will make them hate training even more. When you find the right option, be sure to give consistent training and exercise to your pet to get the most out of your weight vest.