Bich-poo Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bich Poo Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Bich-poo is a mix dog produced from two great dog breeds, the Bichon Frise and the Miniature Poodle. Bichpoo is one of the most lovable pups that you will come across. It takes on both parents’ excellent qualities, including its small, sturdy stature, curly coats, and friendly nature.

Bich-poo intelligence and eagerness to please you make it an excellent puppy to train. It is an energetic and friendly dog that is easygoing with children and other pets. So, do you want Bichpoo to become part of your family? Keep on reading to know their beautiful traits and finding out if they can be your best pet’s choice or not.

Bich-poo History

Bich-poo is a hybrid dog that is widely unknown as it is a modern breed. However, its origin traces back to Australia in the late 1990s. Let’s look at Bich-poo’s prestigious parents’ history to know about it. The Bichon Frise is an old dog with a centuries ago origin from the Mediterranean, used for trading purposes.

The Poodle also has an old origin, and people used it to be a working water retriever. The areas where this dog breed got famous were Germany, France, Spain, and some places in Europe. The Bich-poo is an adorable combination of its remarkable ancestry.

Bich-poo Characteristics

Bich poo has its parent-like characteristics as it has a thick and curly coat like Bichon Frise and Poodle parent. Its other inherited features include a round head with dark eyes a long muzzle with a black nose. You can find this hybrid dog in a variety of solid colors. The detail of their characteristics is given below in the article.

How Big to Bich-poo Get

Bichpoo has a toy size, and it appears to be a stuffed toy from a distance. The maximum height of a male and female Bich poo is about 9-14 inches. The standard weight for both the counterparts in ideal conditions is 6-12 lbs at maximum.

How Long Does Bich-poo Live

Being a smaller-sized dog, Bich-poo enjoys a relatively long life span that is 13-15 years. You can also tip this lifespan by adding a little extra routine care in your dog’s daily exercise, nutrition, health checkup, and hygiene maintenance.

How Much Does a Bich-poo Cost

Bichpoo can be a little too much pricey depending on the type of breeder from where you are buying. Its price ranges from $400 to $800. If you are provided with the breeder’s health clearance, strong bloodline, and other remarkable features, then the puppy can be around $800.

Bich-poo Temperament/Personality

This hybrid designer is smart, playful and energy bottled in canine form. It is a genius and intelligent dog breed just like its parents. Bich-poo is a natural charmer that will never let you get bored in its company. You will find it circling your legs, tickling you.

Although Bich-poo is a laptop that enjoys napping on the couch, a daily walk outside is its standard requirement. It is a playful dog that needs plenty of active play sessions for physical and mental stimulation. If you are of that jolly nature who likes to play with their pets, then Bich-poo is your rightest choice.

It has strong social and affectionate nature and will love to play with your children. The people with families must opt for this dog for a lovely addition to their family. Sometimes your Bich-Poo can be extraordinarily vocal or barky due to many reasons such as isolation. Give your doggy proper time and training to overcome any unwanted trait.

Caring for Bich-poo

Bich-poo can be prone to weight gain, so give it quick meals split into 3 to 4 meals to avoid bloat and overweight. Ensure regular exercise for an active metabolism and your pup’s good health. Eye cleaning, ear and teeth cleaning are necessary for the pup’s hygiene. All the other things that are included in your Bich-poo’s special care are given.

Bich-poo Nutrition

This unique hybrid dog is known to be a small dog with high energy. The best-suited diet to meet its nutritional requirements is formulated for a small breed with moderate to high energy. Feed your Bich-poo frequent small meals of high-quality dog food per day. It is best to ask a vet about your pet’s dietary needs and the best food to give.

How to Groom a Bich-poo

This adorable dog is an excellent option for people who can be sneezy and disturbed with the pets as it is hypoallergenic. It does not shed a lot, and the coat requires moderate maintenance, say twice a week brushing to avoid any knots or tangles. Professional grooming after every 5-6 months is also required.

Bich-poo Activity Levels

The Bich-poo is a moderately active dog breed that will not be a couch potato all the time. It needs a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise to take its energy out. If you notice your puppy be involved in activities like chewing or scratching stuff, then increase its daily exercise levels.

Caring for Bich-poo

This little designer dog breed is easy to maintain and care for. Give it a daily 30-40 minutes of regular exercise for best mental and physical stimulation. Furthermore, play games with your canine as it will also let it enjoy your company along with the energy burnout.

Giving your Bich-poo a vet’s recommended diet and ensuring its professional grooming twice a year is more than sufficient for good care of your doggy. Teeth brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning are also the main aspects of Bich-poo’s care and grooming.

Bich-poo Health

Bich-poo is a first-generation hybrid with a lessened risk of health issues that plague the parent breeds. However, your dog is not immune and can have particular health concerns, including hip and elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, patella luxation, eyes and ears allergies.

Examine your dog’s ears regularly and wipe the dust and wax with a soft cotton ball to avoid ear infections. For eye care, keep on tapping the tear stains with a damp cotton swab. A regular visit to the vets can help keep your dog safe from any of the above-mentioned health issues.

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