Birman Cat Breed Information – Everything You Want to Know

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Birman Cat Breed InfoThe Birman cat is a large-sized cat. The male Birman cats are larger and more muscular than the female ones. The Birman breed has heavy bones and stocky features. It is a pointed cat with blue eyes. This coat is of cream color with a variety of colors on various body parts. The Birman cat is much more than just an unusual appearance.

Birman History

The Birman cat breed originated in France. It is also called as the Sacred Cat of Burma. Its origin is blurred. The Birman cat was the reward for the priest from a goddess. Stories like these are entangled with this breed.

However, the Birman was first recognized in France in the year 1925. Later it got famous in England in the year 1966. In the same year, it got its recognition by the Cat Fanciers Association and was known as a separate breed.

Birman Key Facts

One of the popular tales related to the Birman cats is that it is the favorite cat breed of the priests. The Birman cats are quieter and calmer than all other cat breeds. They are even more inclined towards cuddling and being affectionate. This breed is prone to develop social anxiety due to its dependent nature. The real color of the Birman cat comes when it is two years old.

How Big Do Birman Get?

The Birman cats are long and muscular. The Birman cat grows big and large enough to be called a large-sized cat. This breed weighs about seven to fourteen pounds, and its height ranges from fifteen to eighteen inches. The male ones are larger and bigger than the female ones.

Birman Lifespan

Unlike other cat breeds, the Birman cats don’t have a longer life expectancy. The Birman cat lives about nine to thirteen years. However, you can improve the life expectancy of your kitty by enhancing its quality of life.

How Much Does A Birman Cost?

The Birman is a less common cat breed, and few breeders worldwide produce it. However, a well-known breeder might have a Birman kitten. Since it is a rare breed, it will cost you a little more than usual. The average cost of the Birman cat lies between $1000 to $1200.

If you can’t afford to buy a Birman cat from a breeder, you can always go for adoption. Adoption will cost you less, up to $400. The cat shelters and animal rescue are always looking for loving parents for their rescued animals. However, consider the other expenses that come with owning a cat, including a cat bed, cat litter, cat house, etc.

Birman Personality

A Birman may be the ideal feline for you if you like quiet cats. A Birman is a loving and calm feline who loves people and will follow them from one space to another. Anticipate that the Birman should need to be engaged with what you’re doing. The Birman is a brilliant feline and, obviously, inquisitive.

Friendly and social, the Birman is a sweet and delicate feline that coexists with nearly everybody, including other pets and cats. As a matter of fact, Birmans are social to such an extent that they prefer not to be distant from everyone. The Birmans are patient and open-minded kittens, making them awesome close friends for kids who handle them tenderly.

Caring For A Birman

The Birman is a low-maintenance cat but does require essential care. These cats can adjust to any living space. Ensure you feed your Birman cat on time and provide a friendly environment to grow in and adequate grooming sessions. Like any pet, your Birman cat will demand love and attention from you. Make sure you have enough time for your cute pal.

Birman Nutrition

The Birman cat has no special requirements when it comes to food. These cats generally have a healthy appetite and love food. However, proper food intake management should be conducted so that your Birman cat doesn’t become obese. Avoid free feeding, but feeding twice a day should be ensured. Feed your Birman cat high-quality cat food and make sure it stays hydrated throughout the day.

How To Groom A Birman?

The Birman contains a thick and long coat, so it requires daily grooming. Brush your Birman cat hair using a cat brush once a day to avoid hair tangles, keep the nails clipped, and ears and eyes clean. Monthly bathing is necessary so that it doesn’t lose the shine of its coat. The Birman is a mischievous cat and loves to hide in darker places, so they often get dirty and dusty.

Birman Activity Levels

The Birman cat is generally energetic and demands daily exercise. Although, there is no specific exercise requirement. You can take your Birman cat on a walk with the cat leash on. The indoor activities like playing with cat toys, fetching games, and puzzle games will be sufficient for your Birman cat to stay satisfied and active. Along with physical exercise, the Birman cat demands adequate hours of sleep.

Birman Health Concerns

One of the most healthiest cat breeds will be the Birman. There are no specific diseases related to the bloodline of this breed. As a kitten, deworming should be carried out so that your Birman cat grows well and stays healthy. However, any cat can get sick or is prone to develop a health problem. If you want your Birman cat to stay healthy, don’t overfeed it, as it can get obese.

As you already know, obesity is the leading cause of other chronic diseases such as diabetes, CVD, etc. Regular checkups should be conducted to stay on the safe side. A full yearly examination is a must to be conducted. To avoid other infections, vaccines should be given on time.


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