Biton Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Biton Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Biton is a hybrid designer produced by crossing the Bichon Frise dog with the Coton de Tulear. Bichon Frise is well known among them, but people know less know about the Coton de Tulear. This charismatic dog was created in the United States to mix the wonderful traits of its parents. 

It is a little pup that retains the small size of its parents. Furthermore, it has the softest and smooth silky coat that it also inherits from the parent dogs. Biton dog’s nature is lovely and affectionate, and it loves to cuddle you and sleep in your lap.

Biton History

The Biton has its origin in the United States with little documented history. Its parents are the descendants of a famous dog in Europe named Barbet, or Barbichon breed. In Europe (until the late 1800s), the Bichon Frise enjoyed the royal dog’s status for being a part of the royal families. This breed came to the US in 1956, and AKC recognized it in 1971.

In comparison, the sailors take Barbichon breed to Mauritius and Reunion’s islands (in the 16th and 17th centuries). This breed then evolved by getting a long, silky coat and was named Coton de Reunion. It was brought to France and the US in the 1970s, and its name become Coton de Tulear.

Biton Characteristics

The Biton is a toy dog breed that exhibits most of its parents’ characteristics. Despite a small size, it has a sturdy and well-proportioned body. This silky dogy has a round head embellished with a pair of rounds, dark eyes, and a black cherry lie nose. This unique dog has such compelling features which you must know, so keep reading. 

How Big to Biton Get

The Biton is a small lapdog with an average height of 9-11.5 inches for a fully grown-up male and a female dog. Ion the other side male and female, Biton weighs 8-18 pounds at withers.

How Long Does Biton Live

As a hybrid of small breeds, Biton’s average lifespan has increased to 14-19 years. It is one of the highest life expectancies which a dog can have. However, it can be lessened if you don’t take proper care of your puppy.


How Much Does a Biton Cost

Biton is a less known hybrid cross, so finding a skilled breeder in producing this breed is a little tricky. You will need to find a breeder with plenty of experience producing Biton pups and who can guarantee its breeding parents’ health conditions.

Biton Temperament/Personality

Biton inherited its temperament and various other personality traits from its ancestry. Its parents have a history of living with nobles for their strikingly appealing looks as well as nature. This little dog loves to cuddle you and always be around you.

It loves the company of its human partner more than anyone else. This might be a reason that its parents were the pets of the nobility. It is highly compassionate, and no word like aggression is associated with this little puppy. At first glance, it seems to be a soft, sweet, and independent canine, and that is true.

Easy to train and accept the commands, this dog can be your wonderful pet. However, it can be vocal as both parents are. Early training can help to make the very best out of your little feline. It is going to act in that very way which you will train in its younger age.

Caring for Biton

Biton is a human-friendly dog and seeks the compassion of its human partner. The little dog needs an extra level of care for its nutrition and diet. It would be best if you had planned to have one of these tiny breeds for you. In this case, the details mentioned earlier are going to assist you.

Biton Nutrition

The dietary needs of Biton are low, that is why the less amount of food which it is taking must be highly nutritious. A high-protein dog food such as dry kibble designed for smaller breeds is the best in this regard. Give it one cup of kibble per day divided into three small meals to avoid bloating. Seeking for vet’s guidance is recommended.

How to Groom a Biton

If anyone in your family has allergies to a pet’s furs, then this dog can be an option as it is hypoallergenic who also doesn’t shed much. However, the coat needs high maintenance, and it can be free of shedding and mats if brushed daily. You must also do its occasional bath, frequent tooth brushing, and nail trimming regularly. 

Biton Activity Levels

Don’t assume from its tiny size that it might have low energy levels. No, your Biton is a cheerful, full of energy dog breed who you will almost find running and jumping throughout the day. It can easily live in apartments but taking it outside for daily exercise is necessary to keep the pup fresh and fit.

Caring for Biton

Overall, this dog breed is easygoing and can be your best family dog. Has a long, low-shedding coat that needs daily brushing. Moreover, you can pin your Biton’s coat with a puppy clip, especially the hair flicks to avoid dropping above the eyes.

You can easily take care of this cute little dog focusing more on giving it time. Its cute fur ball-like demeanor will let you forget all the worries. Caressing the silky skin of this affectionate dog is the best therapy to reveal stress.

Biton Health

Biton is a designer hybrid, so it is a relatively healthy breed. But it can suffer from certain health issues like its purebred parents. These health issues are Hip dysplasia, Skin allergies, Gastrointestinal issues, Urinary tract infections, Deafness, Eye problems, and Luxating patella.

A safe way to keep your puppy far from these health problems is a monthly visit to a veterinarian. In case of an issue, ensure an immediate medication to alleviate it.

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