Black and White Fluffy Dog Breeds

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Black And White FluffyDogs come in a wide variety of colors, which is one of the reasons why we adore them so much. Some people will come with a love for particular colors, which is why we’ve come up with this collection of black and white fluffy dog breeds, so you can take your pick from these gorgeous monochrome pups along with a few fluffy breeds that come in different colors. By the end of this article, you can be sure to find the right addition for your family or develop a new appreciation for these dogs at the very least. 

Black and White Fluffy Dog Breeds

Below are some of the most charming black and white dogs — while some are well-known and others aren’t as popular, they’re all gorgeous and will fit right in your home. Other dogs on this list feature fluffy dogs with a thick double coat that will keep you warm during cuddle time. 

Boston Terrier

Boston TerrierReferred to as the “American Gentleman”, the Boston Terrier is a good choice for anyone living in the city inside a smaller apartment. These dogs are versatile, charming, and won’t need a lot of exercise. They’ll be happy with a quick walk around the block or a visit to the dog park where they can meet and greet other pups. 

Because they’re a low-maintenance dog, they can be a great pick for those getting a dog for the first time. They’re also eager to please their owners and will be happy to learn new commands and tricks. But like every other dog, they will need regular training and early socialization to help them become well-rounded puppies. 

Bichon Frise

Bichon FriseBichon Frises are small dogs famous for their curly, fluffy, and white fur as well as their round head hair. They have a soft undercoat that mixes with their coarse overcoat, which gives them a fluffy and voluminous texture. While their double coat won’t shed much, it’s best to use a pin brush to keep their coat free from tangles and matting — be sure to stay on top of their grooming needs to ensure they stay healthy.   

If you do end up choosing this breed, you need to know that they’re famous for their love of attention and knack for entertaining everyone around them. Despite having an independent spirit, these dogs thrive on human interactions and will come with a lively, intelligent, and affectionate temperament. This small fluffy dog breed is gentle, charming, and isn’t known to be a yapper; an all-around treat! 

Chow Chow

Chow ChowThis big and sturdy dog is well known for its fluffy appearance, pointy ears, and distinctive curly tail that many people refer to as a teddy bear. The Chow Chow comes with a double coat that will need regular grooming to keep their fur from matting. Be sure to comb or brush their hair around 2 to 3 times a week over their undercoat which should be done more often during shedding months.   

Great Dane

Great DaneNot many people know this but these gentle giants can also come in a black-and-white color combination, giving these larger dogs a cute look. Despite their large size, they’re actually very friendly, calm, good-natured, and will get along well with other dogs and young children. While they are very affectionate and sweet dogs, they will do better with owners who have prior experience with big dogs since their huge frames may pose problems inside the home. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain DogThese are gorgeous, big fluffy dog breeds known for their tri-colored hair that’s thick and silky — it will have a jet-black base, a white chest and neck, as well as a rust-brown color around the legs and face. Its dense and moderately long hair was designed to protect it from cold weather and will shed quite a lot throughout the year but will do so more around Spring and Autumn. This means that they’ll need regular brushing at least once per week to remove tangles and loose hair while bathing should also be provided once every month or so. 

If you do take this breed home, you should know that Bernies are outdoor dogs that enjoy spending time going out with you. Be sure to take your pooch out for adventures such as bushwalking, hiking, and exploration — once you train them, they can behave well inside your home. Should these dogs feel they’re not getting enough exercise, they can feel restless and bark more than they should. 

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water DogThese smaller dogs can be great family pets, especially for those who live near water — they come in three different colors; black, white, and brown, all of which are accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Because dogs with white markings are also accepted, they make for great black and white dogs. They also come with a curly coat that’s similar to those found on Poodles; they’re considered to be hypoallergenic, so they can be a good companion for allergy sufferers. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles SpanielBecause of their small size, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is also great for people living in big cities — they’re known to be very sweet, gentle, and good-natured dogs. They love to play and can be silly at times, making them great companion dogs for families, especially small children. Because they’re such friendly dogs, it’s impossible not to pat them whenever they’re around; their cute ears, endearing eyes, and undeniable charm make them an instant hit wherever they go!  

Border Collie

Border CollieThis medium-sized dog is among the most intelligent dogs in the world, making them easy to train and is the reason why they’re such popular dogs. Apart from being fantastic herding dogs, they’re also great family pets and love being part of a big family with other dogs and children. They’re also very active dogs, so they’ll need plenty of exercise; they’ll be great jogging partners and will be happy to participate in all kinds of family activities. 

French Bulldog

French BulldogFor the past decade, the French Bulldog has been among the most popular dog breeds in the world, and in 2022, it took the top spot as the most popular dog in the United States according to the AKC. If you’ve seen these dogs in person, you’ll understand why; they are affectionate, adorable, charming, and funny, plus they’re easily recognizable. These dogs come with short coats, robust bodies, and big ears — the breed standards accept various colors and markings such as black and white. 

Japanese Chin

Japanese ChinThe Japanese Chin is a graceful, happy, and bright dog with cloud-like coats that are accepted in 6 various colors; they also come with plumed and large tails. Its long and silky coat won’t need much maintenance; weekly brushing should be enough to keep it looking sharp. Because they don’t need much exercise, they are among the top picks for anyone living inside an apartment — a short walk or a play session inside a fenced area is enough to keep them happy. 

Alaskan Klee Kai

Alaskan Klee KaiThese stunning dogs look like smaller versions of Alaskan Malamutes or Huskies and are just as energetic so they will need lots of exercise and activities in their day to keep them entertained. Alaskan Klee Kais will be curious about their surroundings but will be reserved with strangers and will prefer spending time with other dogs. As such, you can’t expect them to be overly affectionate. 

They come with a thick double coat which means that these dogs will shed quite a bit. Luckily, brushing them regularly will help to keep most of their hair away from your furniture. The gorgeous Klee Kai is accepted by the AKC, where their standard colors include black and white. 

Giant Schnauzer

Giant SchnauzerRepresenting the “bold and valiant figure” of what a dog should be, the Giant Schnauzer is a larger and more robust version of the Standard Schnauzer. This dog is known for its loyalty and high intelligence, making it a fantastic companion and worker. Their long coats come in two variants known as “salt and pepper” or solid black while keeping a signature look that consists of harsh eyebrows and beard, along with a keen, and knowledgable expression. 

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan MastiffThe imposing, intimidating, and ever-watchful Tibetan Mastiff has been around since ancient times and is the supreme guardian dog. Despite their appearance, they’re actually calm and mellow inside the house and are affectionately devoted to their families and aloof with strangers. While they’re usually described as muscular, massive, and powerful dogs, they’re surprisingly light-footed and will meet perceived threats with swiftness. 

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa ApsoThe Lhasa Apso is known for its beautiful white coat that’s both dense and silky, which will usually flow to the floor. Because they come in a wide range of colors, they are often referred to as the “jelly bean dog” — their gorgeous locks will need a lot of care which includes daily brushing with the right tools, professional grooming once a month, washing every two weeks, and more! If you’re interested in this breed, you’ll want to know that they’ve been labeled as the cats of the dog world because they’re so stubborn and will often be untamable. 

Canaan Dog

Canaan DogThese pups aren’t as familiar as the other dogs on this list; these herding dogs work hard and enjoy having a sense of responsibility. They can be excellent guard dogs that will protect your property and livestock, and because they have unlimited energy, they will never get tired of doing what they do best. While they come in many different colors, the most common is black and white — they can be great family dogs for individuals who live an active lifestyle as well as families that love going on adventures. 

Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan TerrierThese are also not as well known as they should be but that doesn’t stop them from being cute, and are described to look like a cross between the Japanese Chin and Old English Shepherd. Tibetan Terriers are intelligent, alert, and affectionate dogs that come from an ancient breed that has been used in Tibet as guard dogs for centuries. What makes these dogs stand out is their lavish black and white coat; this double coat helps to protect them from the cold weather of Tibet.  

Old English Sheepdog

Old English SheepdogAmong the shaggiest pups of the dog world is the Old English Sheepdog, which features beautiful hair over a muscular and strong body. But don’t be fooled; caring for these dogs demands a lot of physical work to keep them entertained, happy, and healthy. Moreover, their thick coats will need regular grooming, so be sure to brush them several times each week to stop matting and to help spread essential oils throughout their body. 


MalteseThe Maltese is a small white fluffy dog that has dark eyes and a wonderful personality, which have convinced many to be the best lap dog. When allowed to grow, their flowing hair can touch the floor but it will need plenty of maintenance and grooming since it can become matted when left alone. The good news is that even with all that hair, they won’t shed much, so they’re considered to be hypoallergenic dogs and will be well suited for families with allergy sufferers. 

Just remember that Maltese dogs are quite spirited and will thrive from constant attention from their owners. When left alone for too long, they may suffer from separation anxiety and may turn to destructive behaviors when they aren’t entertained. Fortunately, they won’t need a whole lot of exercise, so they’re great for homebodies that can provide them short walks. 

Shih Tzu

Shih TzuIf you’re looking for a small, adorable breed that comes with soft hair and is a bit spunky then look no further than the Shih Tzu. These little bundles of energy have been around since ancient China and were first bred to be given as gifts to Chinese Emperors. Their name literally translates to ‘lion dog’ which refers to their impressive coats — at home, they’re more relaxed and would love nothing more than to spend their time cuddling with you. 

Luckily, these dogs won’t need much exercise; a simple walk around the block is enough to spend their energy. They come in 14 different colors, so as you can imagine, you’ll have the pleasure of brushing their beautiful hair every day. However, they will need regular ear cleaning to keep them safe from infections but if you’re unsure how to do this, be sure to seek a vet or groomer for help. 

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan MalamuteThese big dogs are among the largest black and white dogs on this list and people will often confuse them with the Siberian Husky but these dogs are actually on the bigger side. Alaskan Malamutes are sled dogs; they were bred to pull heavy loads across the cold terrain of their native Alaska, so they’re naturally strong and powerful. However, all their energy and strength need to go somewhere, so it’s up to you to ensure that they have jobs to do where they will get tired to avoid destructive behaviors. 

They’re also pack dogs, so they will need someone to give them firm training and who will let them know who’s boss. While they can work well in groups, they can also be reserved with unfamiliar dogs and people — they’re also alert and extremely loyal, making them great watchdogs. Because they’re so full of energy, they will require plenty of exercise and outdoor activities; they will also need extra care in warm weather since they can quickly overheat outside of places with snow and ice.  

Coton de Tulear

Coton De TulearKnown as the ‘Royal Dog of Madagascar’, the Coton de Tulear is a bright and happy-go-lucky dog that loves to follow their chosen human and acting like a clown. While these dogs are small, they are surprisingly robust and sturdy; these charming dogs will only grow between 9 to 11 inches high and weigh no more than 8 to 13 pounds. They’re known for their stunning white coats that resemble the look and texture of cotton, hence their name.  

Their job is to keep their humans amused and comforted while providing valuable companionship, which is something they take very seriously. They will often walk on their hind legs and will amuse their families with unique vocalizations. The bond between these dogs and their person is said to transcend the understanding between humans and animals, and are known to have a gentle and sympathetic awareness of their favorite person.

Siberian Husky

Siberian HuskyJust like the Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Huskies are one of the few black and white dogs that are strong enough to pull sleds. They’re highly energetic pups that will need plenty of exercise and work, but they’re also very devoted to their family. These dogs are known for their vocal songs and will often make a howling noise rather than the harsh barking that most dogs are known for. 

Despite their large frame and reputation for being strong and somewhat dangerous, they’re actually gentle and friendly dogs that are quite affectionate. These pups come in red and white or black and white color combinations, which have a soft undercoat, and a straight top coat that’s densely packed. They will stand up to 24 inches tall and weigh as much as 60 pounds, while their lifespan can range from 12 to 14 years. 

American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo DogThese dogs are easily recognizable from their fluffy white coats, triangular ears, and distinctive facial features, although some have said that they look like miniature Samoyeds. Also known as an Eskie, it comes with a smiling face, an intelligent expression, and a muscular body, while its plumed tail loosely hangs over its back. While they’re certainly very impressive-looking dogs, you need to know that they’re “Velcro dogs”, which means that you’ll need to get used to them following you all day long, as though they’re your shadow.  

Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland SheepdogAlso known as a “Sheltie”, the Shetland Sheepdog is a small to medium sized dog that comes with a long and thick coat available in a wide range of colors. They look like smaller versions of the Border Collie and will need weekly brushing to remove loose hair and prevent matting. These dogs will come with plenty of energy, so you will need to give them daily exercise to ensure they remain relaxed and calm at home — they will also be reserved around strangers, so they can be great watchdogs. 

Toy Poodle

Toy PoodleToy Poodles are intelligent and loving dogs that have thick and curly coats that come in different colors; luckily, they don’t shed so they’re a popular choice for people suffering from allergies. However, they will need regular bathing and trimming as well as daily brushing, before getting professional grooming services once every 6 to 10 weeks. Because a toy breed’s hair never stops growing, you will need to provide diligent and regular grooming to ensure that they don’t become stressed and get skin irritations.  

Japanese Spitz

Japanese SpitzWhile the Japanese Spitz isn’t very well known, it has a more popular cousin; the Pomeranian, and like the Pom, the Japanese Spitz comes with a beautiful coat that covers a light body. However, while the Pom comes in various colors, this dog only comes in white which is quite easy to maintain — its rougher overcoat can keep dirt away while the undercoat stores protective oils. As such, you only need to invest time in weekly brushing and an occasional bath whenever necessary, although this could increase during shedding season. 


Whether you’re looking for small white dog breeds or large dogs, you can find the perfect pooch with a fluffy coat in this list. Any one of the canines above can make for wonderful family members, and if you’re not after a black-and-white dog, you can always choose the fluffy dog breeds we’ve also included. However, remember that as pet parents, it’s up to us to ensure that they get all the love and care they deserve because they will surely give you all their time and attention.