Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Black Mouth Cur is a medium-sized dog known to be one of the best among several Cur-type dogs. The Cur dogs were produced from “hounds, terrier breeds, and feist dogs” to perform various tasks such as hunting, and herding duties for farmers. Black Mouth Cur has always been a working dog.

Having a strong body and intelligent mind, this purebred dog needs physical as well as mental exercise daily to prevent behavioral problems. It is an energetic and fearless canine with an extremely high prey drive. Read in this article all about Black Mouth Cur!

Black Mouth Cur History

Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Black Mouth Cur’s exact origin is not known, but it was developed as a multipurpose farm dog in the Southern US. Several different dog breeds with varying skills were crossed to develop these dogs. Documented history tells the presence of Cur since around the 1700s.

Cur dogs have a short coat and drop ears with a long working heritage. The Black Mouth Cur is one of the older Cur dogs that have become fairly widespread since the 19th century. This purebred dog has a long and rich history as working dogs and hunting dogs.

Black Mouth Cur Characteristics

The Black Mouth Cur is a medium-sized dog that is both powerful and muscular. It is almost 16 to 25 inches tall and is slightly longer than it is tall. These canines’ physical traits are characterized by a square and longer body, large head, drop-down ears, flat skull, and a round elongated muzzle. Below is a complete list of its characteristics.

How Big to Black Mouth Cur Get

A fully grown healthy male Black Mouth stands 18 inches high. At the same time, its female counterpart is 16 inches tall. Both these male and female fellows weigh between 35 to 40 lbs.

How Long Does Black Mouth Cur Live

Being a healthy dog, the Black Mouth Cur has a long-life expectancy of almost 12 to 18 years old. Your pup can reach its maximum age of 18 if you keep it with care.

How Much Does a Black Mouth Cur Cost

Black Mouth Cur’s price cannot be confined as it greatly varies anywhere from $300 to $1,000. The price of your dog mainly depends on the pedigree. If a breeder provides a strong lineage along with a health clearance license of the dog’s bloodline, it will charge high rates from you.

Black Mouth Cur Temperament/Personality

Black Mouth Curs are known to be fairly friendly with their human packs. But it would be best if you never left it unsupervised when interacting with kids. It is a courageous, energetic canine with a high prey drive that is a perk of its natural hunting instincts.

You will find this puppy very intelligent while training. A firm, patient and positive trainer is required to handle them and utilize their working and hunting skills at the best. It gets along well with other canines but can be aggressive if a dog tries to take its position.

As this dog is a wonderful hunting and working dog, it is best if used in departments where its skills are utilized. However, if you are looking for a highly active guard dog, this dog can be the best option. But if you have smaller pets at home, then better not opt for the powerful Black Mouth Cur.

Caring for Black Mouth Cur

This working dog has a less dense coat with short hair requiring a little maintenance. Its black color also hides the dust, if any. However, keep on examining the dog regularly to avoid major and minor health concerns. Continue reading the article to get to know how to care for Black Mouth Cur.

Black Mouth Cur Nutrition

This hunting hound has a large size, and its activity requirements are also high. That is why an adequate amount of food containing healthy protein and fat content is necessary. If your dog performs a daily task, then its feeding requirements will be more than the dog who stays at home. An average recommendation of Black Mouth Cur’s daily diet is 3 cups of dry dog food.

How to Groom a Black Mouth Cur

Your Black Mouth Cur is easy to groom dog as it has a short coat with coarse hair that sheds moderately. Once a week, brushing off this coat with a pin brush will be sufficient. Bath your pup as needed and wipe the coat with a damp cloth or towel if you see any dirt on it. Moreover, follow a frequent tooth brushing and nail trimming regimen.

Black Mouth Cur Activity Levels

Generally, Black Mouth Cur is a highly energetic and active dog that requires an hour of robust exercise daily. It has got a curious mind, so the daily activity stimulates the body and the mind of your pup. This breed can quickly become destructive if it doesn’t meet its activity requirements.

Caring for Black Mouth Cur

Caring for your Black Mouth Cur is not a time taking task. Just give it a regular bath and brushing. Moreover, clean its ear to remove any moisture, dust, or debris inside. This moisture or dust can lead to ear infection. Give it regular hours of daily exercise to keep healthy and fit.

Moreover, get the eyes and bones of your pup checked during regular veterinary visits. It helps avoid issues like cataracts, elbow and hip dysplasia, or other unhealthy conditions. Brush your pup’s teeth and trim its nails when required.

Black Mouth Cur Health

The Black Mouth Cur is known to be a healthy breed. It has fewer health issues from the gene pool. The health issues which the Black Mouth Cur can have are Ear infections, Epilepsy, Mange, Hip dysplasia, and Cataracts.

 It would help if you watched out for these conditions throughout dogs’ life to avoid these conditions. Ensure regular visits to the vet to alleviate the development of these ailments.

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Best Dog Food for Black Mouth Curs

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The best dog food for Black Mouth Curs is Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food. This savory meal features a hefty amount of proteins that are apt for maintaining a healthier and active lifestyle. The makers have ensured that your Black Mouth Cur is getting all dietary essentials while preparing this meal.

  • Manufactured using natural ingredients
  • The recipe is devoid of fillers, so will not cause obesity.
  • Enriched with probiotics and antioxidants, so it will be suitable for improving the digestive and immune response of these dogs as well.

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Best Puppy Food for Black Mouth Curs

Purina One Smartblend Healthy Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Black Mouth Curs is Purina ONE SmartBlend Healthy Puppy Formula. This puppy food provides a complete diet to a young Black Mouth Cur. The makers have fortified this meal using probiotics and antioxidants, so it will be easier to digest this recipe.

  • The recipe is devoid of any fillers.
  • Features minerals like calcium and phosphorus that helps develop stronger bones and joints
  • Features natural chicken as its first ingredient

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Best Dog Crate for Black Mouth Curs

Midwest Ultima Pro Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Black Mouth Curs is MidWest Ultima Pro Dog Crate. The makers have added two doors in this dog crate, so your Black Mouth Cur will not face any difficulty in movement. Since the doors are well-latched, your Black Mouth Cur will stay safe and sound while he is in this crate.

  • Comes with a divider panel
  • The crate is designed to be ultra-strong, so it will be functional for an extended period.
  • The plastic base tray is durable enough to carry your Black Mouth Cur.

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Best Dog Bed for Black Mouth Curs

K&h Pet Products Pillow Top Orthopedic Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Black Mouth Curs is K&H Pet Products Orthopedic Dog Bed. The makers have designed this bed to have a sofa-like style that is covered with an upholstery-grade velvet. The use of orthopedic foam for designing this bed’s surface makes it further ideal for these dogs.

  • Can be machine washed easily
  • Features a three-inch orthopedic foam
  • Available in various sizes

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Best Dog Harness for Black Mouth Curs

Onetigris Tactical Service Vest Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Black Mouth Curs is OneTigris Tactical Vest Dog Harness. This dog harness is ideal for long walks, as the company has used a durable nylon material for its designing. Since there are four adjustable straps, customizing the fitting becomes pretty more comfortable in this harness.

  • Features a front-clip design
  • Comes with MOLLE pouches that help your Black Mouth Cur carry his accessories during walks
  • Features a built-in handle to offer greater control during walks

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