Black Mouth Pom Cur Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Black Mouth Pom Cur Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Black Mouth Pom Cur is a hybrid dog of the Black Mouth Cur and the Pomeranian. It is a unique mix dog of two distinct hounds as the Black Mouth Cur is a large-sized hunter dog, whereas the Pomeranian is a little companion dog.

The resulting Black Mouth Pom Cur is a medium-sized dog that took traits from both of the parents. It has a bigger size than a Pomeranian and has a black spot-on nose area from its large Black Mouth Cur parent. At the same time, its sweet nature and long hair are like the Pomeranian parent.

Black Mouth Pom Cur History

This unique designer dog is a modern breed. Due to its little documented history, we will see its parental history. The Pomeranian is a descendant of the old Spitz breeds containing dogs like the Samoyed, the German Spitz, and the Eskimo Dog.

The Black Mouth Cur dates back its origin to 1964 in the Southern United States. The DRA – Dog Registry of America has officially recognized this dog breed. We got the breeding records of Black Mouth Cur from a man named L.H. Ladner. History gives so many records that prove the origin of the Black Cur pure bloodline.

Black Mouth Pom Cur Characteristics

Black Mouth Cur has a name that is also a mixture of both parent’s names. Its characteristics are also a mix from both the parent breed. When crossed with the much larger Black Mouth Cur, Tiny toy breed Pomeranians produce puppies around the size of its distinct parent dog breeds. Read on to know the unique characteristics of this breed.

How Big to Black Mouth Pom Cur Get

On average, the fully grown Black Mouth Pom Cur male and female stands 10-12 inches in height. In comparison, both these male and female dog fellows have an ideal weight ranging anywhere between 20-30 pounds.

How Long Does Black Mouth Pom Cur Live

Black Mouth Pom Cur is a mix of a smaller as well as a larger dog. Generally, a little-sized dog has a relatively longer lifespan than a bigger-sized dog. So this designer breed can have a lifespan in between that is 12-15 years on average.

How Much Does a Black Mouth Pom Cur Cost

Pomeranian is the most popular among its ancestry, ranked number 23 among 196 registered dog breeds in America. It also has hefty price ranges. So Black Mouth Pom Cur automatically becomes valuable, but as the AKC does not recognize it, it can have an economical cost. This hybrid dog rarely costs more than $1,000 from a reputable breeder.

Black Mouth Pom Cur Temperament/Personality

The Black Mouth Cur is a highly intelligent hybrid that got its hunting instincts from Black Mouth Cur and furry coat from Pomeranian parents. It can have varying personalities or temperaments depending on the fact that which parent’s traits became more dominant on it.

Overall, it is a natural hunter that is kind, loyal, and protective of its family. It has a quick drive to learn, but the trainer must be patient, confident, and calm. Must start the training as soon as you bring your puppy home to ensure its good obedience and tolerance level.

Don’t trust it with smaller animals and kids, and never leave the dog with them alone. Although Black Mouth Cur is not intentionally hurt other animals, these are the hunting instincts that make it clumsy in handling such things. It may be prone to barking but only upon seeing strangers. It, however, makes it a good watch or guard dog.

Caring for Black Mouth Pom Cur

By now, you must be thinking of owning a Black Mouth Pom Cur as a pet. It can be your perfect pet package for being cute and having tremendous skills like hunting and working dog abilities.  Bring this hybrid dog for you and read the further instructions on how to take care of it.

Black Mouth Pom Cur Nutrition

Black Mouth Pom Cur is a medium-sized dog, and its activity levels are high. Hence it requires a high-quality dry dog food that is formulized for active breeds. Its average food requirements are three cups of dry dog kibble per day split into three different meals.

How to Groom a Black Mouth Pom Cur

The Black Mouth Cur typically takes its coat from the parent’s Pomeranian side as it has a dense coat with long, silky, and straight hair. It requires brushing twice or thrice a week with a wire slicker brush and metal comb. It would be best if you trimmed your Black Mouth Pom Cur’s nails regularly to avoid any crack or breakage.

Black Mouth Pom Cur Activity Levels

This medium-sized designer hybrid dog is very active with a lot of energy. It needs daily exercise of 30-40 minutes to take these energy packs outside. Moreover, it is a playful dog that loves to run and chase prey. It is best to give your Black Mouth Pom Cur a great deal of mental and physical stimulation.

Caring for Black Mouth Pom Cur

It is a sensitive dog breed that needs your extensive care and attention. You must fulfill its dietary needs, physical and mental activity requirements. Ensure your Black Mouth Pom Cur’s regular grooming, including brushing, bathing, nail clipping, and tooth brushing.

Besides, clean its ears with a cotton ball after intervals to keep the debris or wax away. Furthermore, give your pup quality time to help avoid getting destructive behaviors.

Black Mouth Pom Cur Health

Belonging to a strong bloodline, the Black Mouth Pom Cur is a strong and healthy mix dog. The main reason for producing mixed breeds is to reduce the reoccurring health issues that plague any breed.

Hence this hybrid designer dog is not at risk for many health conditions, but still, it is not immune and can have some health concerns. These health issues can be Patellar Luxation, Entropian, Hip, and Elbow Dysplasia. A regular veterinary checkup reduces the risk of these issues.

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