Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is a mixed dog produced by the Black Russian Terrier’s crossmatch and the Irish Wolfhound. If you were already aware of these two parent breeds, then you must have already guessed them by the hybrid dog’s name.

It is a large-sized hound with a relatively shorter life span than a larger-sized canine. This hybrid dog got many of its high qualities from its parent breeds, who have well-known traits. It is intelligent and friendly with a very affectionate drive towards its human family.

Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier History

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is a modern hybrid breed with little recorded history. Let’s go through its ancestral history to know about it. Soviet Army scientists produced the dog The Black Russian Terrier to get a dog well suited to their military needs.

The Black Russian Terrier became a part of the AKC Working Group in 2004. In a closer comparison, the Irish Wolfhound was also used to serve the military. Like other Wolfhounds, it was used to pull men off horses. The nobles and the royalty also kept this dog.

Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier Characteristics

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is a giant dog with black color, as its name suggests. However, as a hybrid breed has one grey parent, it can also be in jet black, gray, or brindle, cream, or fawn colors. If you think of having one such puppy, then keep reading to know about its needs and characteristics.

How Big to Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier Get

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is one of the largest hybrid dogs. It is a well-built feline that weighs a minimum of 80 and a maximum of 130 pounds. A female Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier stands almost 27 to 30 inches tall, while its male counterpart has almost 26 to 29 inches in height.

Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier Live

Unfortunately, large hounds have shorter lifespans, so is the case with your Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier. Its lifespan ranges between 6 to 10 years. If you provide it with the best living conditions fulfilling all its needs in the best way, it can tip the scale to 12 years maximum but not more.

How Much Does a Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier Cost

Considering the parents of Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier highly popular, it can be a costly puppy. Go for this canine if you have decided to invest around $1,800–$2,500 in having the best companion and working dog. In case you find one such breed available to adopt somewhere, you can have it at a lesser price.

Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier Temperament/Personality

The Black Russian Terrier inherits quality personality traits from its remarkable ancestry. It is a highly alert, curious, and intelligent dog that wants to learn something new. Mental stimulation is necessary to keep their curiosity focused. You can do certain games or put them in scenarios as a mental exercise.

This unique hybrid dog is a little aggressive if not trained properly. You are likely to see it giving a hard time to other small pets. It can be even clumsy while dealing with the kids. To avoid this situation, you are highly recommended to give very good training to your doggy in its early ages.

When it comes to the loyalty of this dog, it is matchless. It can be the best option if you want to have a watch or guard dog. Besides the loyalty and care for its family, its conservative nature also contributes to making it an excellent watchdog.

Caring for Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier

Your Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier can adapt to any environment, but it is best suited to colder temperatures. Read on to know how to groom your pup and provide it with the best healthy living style.

Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier Nutrition

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier needs a sufficient amount of protein, healthy fats, and other essential nutrients. The best food in this respect can be the dry dog kibble that is formulated for larger pups. It is best to have a vet’s recommendation before feeding your dog anything of your choice.

How to Groom a Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier has a dense coat with long wiry hair. It is not fully but partly hypoallergenic, and its shedding is also noticed much. Brush it daily with a pin brush to avoid mats and too much shedding. Furthermore, trim and pluck the coat to get rid of dead hair.

Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier Activity Levels

This hybrid dog has a larger size with high dietary needs, but its activity levels are not that high. It is moderately active and will be needing a daily 30-40 minutes of daily exercise. Never miss your dog’s exercise as it will slow down the metabolism rate and give rise to various health issues.

Caring for Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier

Your puppies need pampering and care throughout their life. Give it quality time and try playing with it as well. Maintain a health care regimen of your Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier, including an occasional bath, frequent hair and nail trimming, and teeth brushing.

It can adapt to any environment, but colder environments can be best for its nature. It is mentioned that this dog’s life span is shorter than try to provide it with better living conditions as you can to slow down its aging process a bit.

Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier Health

The hybrids are less likely to have any health concerns to which their parent breed was plagued. But there are certain health issues that Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier can have, and these are Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia, Heart issues, and Ear infections.

Regularly clean your pup’s ear with a dry cotton swab to remove any wax, moist or dust to prevent ear infections. Furthermore, ensure regular preventive vet care to keep on top of the puppy’s health conditions.

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