Bloodahouli Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bloodahouli Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Bloodahouli is a mixed dog produced due to the cross between the Bloodhound and the Catahoula. Bloodhound is an ancient scent hound known for its best sniffing skills. It was used as a tracking and hunting dog. Bloodahouli also inherited the best sniffing skills from this parent.

The Catahoula was utilized as a hunting or herding dog. Although being a hunter, its sniffing skills are also great, and it is also a tracker. Bloodahouli is not a physical but also a natural mix of both the parents. It is a friendly, loyal and intelligent dog that is very attached to its human family. In this article, we have discussed all the details about Bloodahouli.

Bloodahouli History

The Bloodahouli is a modern hybrid with a very old ancestral history. Bloodhound is a dog that has been around for centuries. Used for hunting and tracking games by the nobles. In the 19th century, this dog breed was near to extinct when at the St. Hubert’s Abbey, some monks started breeding it.

In sharp contrast, it is not that ancient dog as Bloodhound. It takes its name from an Indian word Choctaw that means “sacred lake.” It is believed to be Louisiana’s state dog and a mixture of Bloodhounds, “Mastiffs and Greyhounds.”

Bloodahouli Characteristics

The Bloodhound has a thin and loose flexible coat with very short invisible hair. It is characterized by a medium-size, sturdy body, long areas, and wrinkles around its neck, head, and ears. It can be available in varying colors. Keeping reading to get further details about this hybrid dog.

How Big to Bloodahouli Get

The adult Bloodahouli male and female can reach heights ranging from 23 to 27 inches. The fully grown male and female Bloodahoulis weigh up to 90 to 100 pounds. However, there can be a possibility of a slight variation in this scale.

How Long Does Bloodahouli Live

The Bloodahouli has the lifespan of an average dog like its parents. It enjoys 10 to 14 years in this world with its human companions. Provide it with the best health and care conditions to exceed this life expectancy for a year or two.

How Much Does a Bloodahouli Cost

There can be a rough estimate of the cost of Bloodahouli. Its parent dogs specially Bloodhound is a popular dog hence it can also be about the range of its parents. It cannot be too pricy, and you can get it ranging from $300 to $500.

Bloodahouli Temperament/Personality

Bloodahouli is the best sniffer like its parent, Bloodhound. It is quite an intelligent dog with a free spirit inside. You can find it a versatile dog with varying temperament levels. You can train your Bloodahouli according to your requirements.

It can be your watchdog if you develop an alert, curious, and rather tough nature. It can be simply a companion dog if you maintain good socialization at an early age by interacting your puppy with other people and pets. However, it got its traits like intelligence, curious nature, caring, and loving from its parents.

This canine is easygoing and is ready to learn whatever you teach it, but it can be stubborn sometimes. It is necessary to train with positive reinforcement to get very positive results. Moreover, give motivation and snacks as encouragement to your doggy. It can learn better this way.

Caring for Bloodahouli

Bloodahouli belongs to an ancestry that has no serious health concerns. It can adapt to the rural as well as the urban environment. The main things to consider in your dog’s care are its diet, health grooming, and activity requirements. Keep reading to know these all!

Bloodahouli Nutrition

Just like you monitor your calorie intake, you can get an idea of your dog’s dietary requirements by taking an estimate of its size, age, and activity requirements. You have to feed it accordingly. The kibbles, a dry dog food formulated especially as per the dog’s age and other requirements.

How to Groom a Bloodahouli

Bloodahouli has little, and it has a loose coat that can be felt loose on touching. This coat gets wrinkled somewhere on the body, such as the head, neck, and ear. Give it frequent cleaning to prevent infection in these folds. Weekly hair brushing, teeth brushing, and frequent nail trimming are some other grooming requirements of your doggy.

Bloodahouli Activity Levels

The Bloodahouli is an active dog that needs daily 30 minutes of exercise. You can also keep it in apartments but taking it outside daily for at least 30 minutes is necessary. Your dog can have destructive behavior if you are not providing it with the daily required amount of physical and mental activity.

Caring for Bloodahouli

 A Bloodahouli is an active out which you mostly find walking or playing around. Hence its body will be fit and healthy. It can adapt to all weather conditions except extreme cold and warm conditions. Remember its ancestral hunting, herding, and tracking instincts and provide it with enough outdoor sessions daily.

Like all other canines, this one also needs your time and affection. From a very early age, make your dog learn your commands and little gestures. You can develop good bonding with it in this way, and it can prove to be your good companion dog.

Bloodahouli Health

Bloodahouli is a healthy breed that is less prone to serious health conditions. Its shedding is also very minimum, making it hypoallergenic. This hybrid dog’s few health concerns can have included Entropion, Ectropion, Gastric Torsion, Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Deafness, and Hypothyroidism.

You can avoid the issues mentioned earlier by taking your pup to a routine checkup in a month. A monthly veterinary visit is necessary for the health safety of your dog.

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