Blue Spaniel Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Blue Spaniel Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Blue Spaniel is a hybrid dog mix between an Australian Cattle Dog and Cocker Spaniel. Like its parent breeds, this dog breed is affectionate, loyal, and family with a great ability to become companion dogs. Both of these dogs’ parents are athletic, so this hybrid requires a great exercise compromise daily.

The temperament and characteristics of Blue Spaniel are a mix of the parent dogs. It can have dominant traits of the Australian Cattle Dog or the Cocker Spaniel. Irrespective of which parental traits are dominant, this unique dog possesses a quality mix of good canine traits.

Blue Spaniel History

The Blue Spaniel being the latest dog, has not recorded history, so its parent history is considered. The Australian Cattle Dog was produced in Australia in the mid-1800s. As revealed by its name, this dog was bred to herd cattle. It is an AKC-recognized breed that got recognition in 1980.

 In sharp contrast, the Cocker Spaniel dates back to its origin in the UK in the 1800s. It got its name from the fact that this dog was gifted at the “woodcock hunting,” so people started calling it “Cocker.” The AKC does not currently recognize the Blue Spaniel.

Blue Spaniel Characteristics

Blue Spaniel is a hybrid dog exhibiting the Australian Cattle and the Cocker Spaniel dog simultaneously. It has unique features, which are mentioned ahead in this article. Continue reading to know more.

How Big to Blue Spaniel Get

A male Blue Spaniel gets up to 16-20 inches tall while weighing 28-45 lbs. On the other hand, a female Blue Spaniel stands almost 15-19 inches tall, and it weighs approximately 26-40 lbs. It is a medium to a large-sized dog.

How Long Does Blue Spaniel Live

The Blue Spaniel has the average life expectancy of a dog living in suitable conditions. If provided with the right diet and accommodation, it can live up to 14- 15 years. Furthermore, your dog’s routine examination and checkup keep it safe and free from any health issues and results in an increased life span.

How Much Does a Blue Spaniel Cost

The price of this hybrid dog depends greatly on the breeder’s type. It can cost you $300 and $500, depending on the offer of a breeder. If it offers a strong lineage of the hybrid pup and proof of its parent’s health clearance, then the puppy can be a bit costly.

Blue Spaniel Temperament/Personality

The Blue Spaniels are known to be frank and gentle dogs. A mixed dog always has its temperament from both sides of the parents. So the Blue Spaniel got its energy and enthusiasm from Australian Cattle Dog. Its independent nature is also coming from this side.

While the jolly, frank and curious nature it gets from the full of life Cocker Spaniel. Also, if Cocker Spaniel’s traits are to be dominant, then the Blue Spaniel will be a very good sniffer. Both its parent breeds are known to be good family dogs, so expect your Blue Spaniel to be your very good friend.

The Blue Spaniels is a physically and mentally active dog that needs plenty of exercises and mental stimulation. Though it is a friendly and gentle dog, it can get aggressive sometimes due to hunting tendencies. You have to give proper early socialization and obedience training to your pup to behave well throughout its life.

Caring for Blue Spaniel

By now, you must be planning to opt for a Blue Spaniel if you were planning to have a pet. If not, then make up your mind and read further to get to know how to care for this cute hybrid canine.

Blue Spaniel Nutrition

Blue Spaniel is a highly active dog with a high metabolic rate. In return, it will be needing a fair amount of food containing all the essential nutrients such as proteins, healthy fats, carbs, etc. According to an average estimate, give your Blue Spaniel a daily 3 cups of a high-quality dry dog diet.

How to Groom a Blue Spaniel

Blue Spaniels has a dense coat with medium hair length. Hair is already wavy, so the coat doesn’t require regular brushing. Your dog’s grooming, including hair brushing, tooth brushing, nail clipping, and sometimes hair trimming, must be a part of its regular care regimen. Besides, ear cleaning is also necessary once a week.

Blue Spaniel Activity Levels

Just as its ancestry, the Blue Spaniel is a highly energetic cross-bred dog. Provide our puppy at least an hour of vigorous exercise per day. Your dog can lead to various mental and physical issues if you provide me sufficient area to burn off its high energy levels.

Caring for Blue Spaniel

The Blue Spaniel is an easily groomed dog that sheds moderately. Occasional bathing is required to eliminate an unpleasant odor or dust etc. Excessive bathing can result in natural oil deprivation from the skin. Avoid this situation by also using a mild dog shampoo.

Furthermore, your Blue Spaniel can adapt to any environment, but it can go well in colder environments. So, it is best to keep them in colder regions. This mixed dog has floppy ears, and such ears always need regular cleaning with a cotton swab; otherwise, it can be prone to infection.

Blue Spaniel Health

Blue Spaniel can be prone to certain health issues: PRA, Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Osteochondritis, Dissecan, Deafness, and Cataracts. However, a good and healthy living style reduces or diminishes the risk of all these issues.

On a safer side, ensure your dog’s regular veterinary checkup to keep it healthy and fit. Also, a routine checkup can help diagnose a health issue at an early stage and make quick recovery possible.

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