Bluetick Coonoodle Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bluetick Coonoodle Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowCan you guess the wonderful ancestry of this hybrid dog by its name? Yes, it is a mixed dog between the elegant Bluetick Coonhound and the adorable Poodle. Bluetick Coonoodle is especially obtained to be a highly intelligent breed and a great companion.

Apart from hunting instincts, this dog is very gentle, kind, and affectionate. Sometimes when its hunting impulse kicks in, it can be a little clumsy. Proper training at the right time can help mold your puppy as whatever you want it to be.

Bluetick Coonoodle History

The name Bluetick Coonoodle is a hybrid dog; thus, it has little recorded history. We have its huge parental history to know about its roots. The Bluetick Coonhound has its origins in the southern US. This dog has a noble history as it descended from the French Grand Bleu de Gascogne and the English Foxhound.

In comparison, the Poodle also has a noble history as it was used to be a pet of royal families. It was originally found in Germany, but the French developed it and the breed we know today is the developed one. Both the parent breeds of Bluetick Coonoodle are American Kennel Club’s recognized breeds.

Bluetick Coonoodle Characteristics

It would not be wrong to say that Bluetick Coonoodles is one of the unique dogs crosses. It is a furry dog-like Poodle but doesn’t have that shaggy coat. Athletic build like Bluetick Coonhound, this dog exhibits distinct characteristics that you would get to know if you continue reading.

How Big to Bluetick Coonoodle Get

Bluetick Coonoodle is a medium-sized dog weighing approximately 45 to 85 pounds. A female Bluetick Coonoodle can be ranging from 45 to 70 pounds, while its male counterpart can weigh about 70-85 lbs. Both these fellows stand 15 to 30 inches in height.

How Long Does Bluetick Coonoodle Live

Under normal and suitable living conditions, your Bluetick Coonoodle can live up to 11 to 14 years. For sure, you can tip this scale, but only if you provide your pup with a suitable environment to live, a healthy diet, and a routine health checkup.

How Much Does a Bluetick Coonoodle Cost

Being the hybrid of two AKC-recognized breeds, Bluetick Coonoodle can be a little pricey. If you are out to buy it, make up your mind to invest at least $700 to $800. It is a rare breed that cannot also be readily available, and you have to ask for a breeder for its availability in advance.

Bluetick Coonoodle Temperament/Personality

The Bluetick Coonoodle is a kind and gentle dog, but beware of its hunting instincts and give it proper early training to avoid risks. Its personality is a mix of both wonderful parent breeds. Like its Bluetick Coonhound parent, it is very sensitive, affectionate, yet energetic.

In comparison, this hybrid is smart, loyal, and a little mischievous like its Poodle parent. Broadly, your Bluetick Coonoodle is a pack-oriented, eager to please, curious and lovable dog. It always wants to be around you and sometimes nibbling around your feet.

The Bluetick Coonoodle is never observed to be hurting any kid, but still, you must not leave it unattended while with the kids. Also, it can have a high impulse to the trail, which you have to minimize with the right training as your puppy can be at risk of getting lost with this impulse.

Caring for Bluetick Coonoodle

Your Bluetick Coonoodle can adapt well in colder environments, so make sure to keep it in such weather conditions. It is not a very demanding canine, and following some simple care aspects can make it happy and healthy. Read on to know those aspects.

Bluetick Coonoodle Nutrition

Though it is a medium-sized breed with normal activity requirements, the dietary needs of Bluetick Coonoodle are more than these two features. It needs at least 3 cups of healthy dog diet to fulfill its dietary requirements. It would be best if you opt for dog kibbles.

How to Groom a Bluetick Coonoodle

This hybrid dog has a short but dense coat. The coat has wavy hair making the brushing less frequent. Bluetick Coonoodle is known to be moderate shedders and a little hypoallergenic. An occasional bath is necessary, along with teeth brushing and nail clipping, to maintain the dog’s best condition.

Bluetick Coonoodle Activity Levels

The Bluetick Coonoodle’s parents have varying energy levels having Bluetick Coonhound as a high-energy breed and Poodle as a medium energy breed. The resulting mixed dog has moderate activity levels. It can be happily satisfied with the daily 30 minutes of sufficient exercise.

Caring for Bluetick Coonoodle

Bluetick Coonoodle is a demanding pup in terms of affection, love, and time. It doesn’t require anything spent from your monetary values and the like. All it needs is your proper time and attention. Try to give as much time to your puppy as possible as it is like your family.

As we mentioned that this hybrid is suitable for colder temperatures, so avoid it in warmer situations. Furthermore, avoid keeping it in apartments as it cannot be living happily there. It requires a larger fence yard to live an active life of its choice.

Bluetick Coonoodle Health

Bluetick Coonoodle has suspicious health conditions as its parent breeds are plagued with many diseases. However, a designer dog is less likely to have those diseases, but still, there are threats. The disease to which your Bluetick Coonoodle can be prone is Sebaceous Adenitis, Bloat, Addison’s Disease, Ear Infections, Entropion, PRA, Cataracts, and Hip Dysplasia.

 Don’t worry; your pup cannot be having a single one of them if you maintain a routine of taking it to a veterinarian doctor. A regular healthy vet checkup and frequent examination of your dog keep it safe from having any health concerns. Moreover, keep cleaning your Bluetick Coonoodle’s ears with a cotton swab to avoid infections.

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