Bodacion Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bodacion Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowIt sounds great that the two amazing dog breeds, i.e., Border Collie and Dalmatian, were crossbred to get a puppy having mixed traits. The breeder became successful in its purpose of creating something unique and amazing. Here we have Bodacion, a medium-sized adorable dog with wonderful qualities.

The Bodacion is recently introduced into the hybrid dog’s market. Border Collie is from the religious group of working whereas the Dalmatian is popular for its appearance in movies and books. By taking the color patterns from both the parents, the Bodacion has a beautiful coat.

Bodacion History

Being a hybrid dog Bodacion has a little history that must start from the 19th century. The 19th century introduced the trend of hybrid breeds. However, the parent dogs of Bodacion have long-standing histories. We can trace the Border Collie’sCollie’s origins to the 1800s in Great Britain. It is also said that few wood carvings before that time by Thomas Beckwith depicted this dog.

The AKC accepted it as the 38th popular dog in the US. The Dalmatian is also an ancient breed that originated in Croatia. In the Victorian days in England, this dog breed was widely used as a carriage dog. AKC recognized it in 1888 and was listed as the 62nd most famous dog breed.

Bodacion Characteristics

This Border Collie and Dalmatian mix exhibit exceptional characteristics. It has a medium size with medium-length fur having defined spots and patterns on the coat. This tyke is full of energy that loves to play and exercise. If you want to have a dog around you, then this can be the best dog breed. Read on to know more about Bodacion.

How Big to Bodacion Get

The Bodacion has a medium height, such as its parents ranging from 15-22 inches. It has a compact and muscular body with long legs and big feet. The weight of a fully grown male and female Bodacion can be around 26-40 pounds.

How Long Does Bodacion Live

Excluding any health exception, your Bodacion tends to live for approximately 12-15 years. It is the average life span of most of the canines completed under normal conditions.

How Much Does a Bodacion Cost

a Bodacion can cost around $500 for a puppy with increasing rates for growing puppy. This dog breed is uncommon, so you can find it difficult to look for its breeder. Never compromise on the breeder’s reputation and genetic testing of the pup before buying.

Bodacion Temperament/Personality

The Bodacion is as sweet at heart as it is from outside. Like its physical characteristics that it inherits from the parents, its temperament is also a product of both the parent breed’s temperaments. It is highly energetic and takes no time to reach from one place to the other.

It is highly active and eager to please the dog, which you can also use for doing little tasks. It would love to make its owner happy by obeying its orders. However, you must ensure the right obedience training to take the very best out of your puppy.

Even though Bodacion has its one parent as a hunter, it doesn’t have aggressive hunting dog traits. Only the right owner can utilize the energy levels and other qualities of this dog. You need to know that Bodacion seeks attention as its parent breeds and can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone.

Caring for Bodacion

Caring for Bodacion can be a very enjoyable task for you as it always shows a sign of gratitude to its master by shaking its tail. If you are providing your pup with sufficient food, time, and exercise, it will be very happy. Keep reading to know the main dog’s care aspects.

Bodacion Nutrition

The dogs with big sizes have big appetites in a normal situation, but the Bodacion is a medium-sized dog with greater nutritional requirements. Maybe it is highly energetic and gets its energy levels to burn off quickly, which can be the reason for its big appetite. It would be best if you opted for high-quality dog food without fillers.

How to Groom a Bodacion

The medium hair length of Bodacion needs twice a week brushing that is sufficient for their high maintenance. However, use a hard bristle brush to avoid shedding. Bath them occasionally but not more often, as it can result in natural oil deprivation from the dog’s skin.

Bodacion Activity Levels

Bodacion is a high-energy dog that never gets tired of playing. As you cannot take it to exercise for the whole day so better keep it in fence yards. Also, provide it with toys when it is sitting idle. Otherwise, it will start chewing and scratching the stuff around.

Caring for Bodacion

It would help if you considered so many things when it comes to your Bodacion Care. It includes the pup’s energy needs, training needs, food, and grooming requirements. Give it at least 30 minutes of exercise daily to meet its energy levels. If the Bodacion doesn’t have its energy levels coming out, it can lead to destructive behavior.

Groom it by brushing the teeth frequently, trimming the nails, combing fur, and bathing after every four or five months. Remember that your Bodacion is a highly trainable dog but only in the hands of a good trainer. You can also make the vet’s opinion on the best care of this hybrid canine.

Bodacion Health

Bodacion belongs to an ancestry that is known to be a healthy dog breed. So, this dog is lucky for not having serious genetic diseases. However, it can have some minor canine health problems: Cataracts, Skin irritation, ear infection, Hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia.

You can prevent your dog from ear infections by regular ear cleaning with the help of a cotton swab. Moreover, you can avoid the rest of the health concerns by taking your dog to a regular healthy veterinary visit.

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