Boglen Terrier Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Boglen Terrier Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Boglen Terrier is a hybrid dog of the Beagle and the Boston Terrier. It is an attractive hybrid mixing the best traits from both the parents. The breeder must intend to have the two brilliant dogs in one pack, and thus it bred Boglen Terrier. Both parents of this hybrid dog have gentle and spunky personalities, and their offspring exhibits these personalities.

It is characterized by a muscular body, medium size, short coat, long legs, square muzzle, and a long tail. As far as the temperament is concerned, this dog is highly loyal and protective for its owner and owner’s family.

 Boglen Terrier History

We are going to consider the parent histories due to the little-documented history of Boglen Terrier. The Beagle is an ancient dog breed that, according to a belief, originated in the 14th century. It is also said that fossils were found for this breed centuries ago. Originally it was bred to hunt rabbits and a term raised “Beagling,” which means hunting with the Beagles.

Boston Terriers originated in Boston around 1870. Their lineage goes back to the mix of the Bulldog and English White Terrier. According to AKC, Beagle is the 5th most popular dog breed, whereas Boston Terrier is the 21st most famous breeds in the United States.

Boglen Terrier Characteristics

Also known as the Boston Beagle Terrier, this hybrid canine highly resembles equally both of its parents. However, it sometimes looks more like a Beagle or sometimes as a Boxer. An overall estimate of its characters defined a medium and muscular body, square head, slightly bulging eyes, pendant ears, and a square muzzle. We will suggest you continue reading as this article covers every minor to major detail about Boglen Terrier hybrid dog.

How Big to Boglen Terrier Get

In most cases, the mixed pups may take on one parent’s size more so than the other. Sometimes if one breed is smaller and the other larger, then the resulting hybrid gets a medium size. Boglen Terrier is a small to medium-sized dog varying greatly in weight from 10-50 pounds. Similarly, its height can range from 12-17 inches.

How Long Does Boglen Terrier Live

Boglen Terrier can have an average life span of 12-13 years. It’s up to the owner whether he exceeds this scale or reduces it for 1-3 years, depending upon how much he does care for the pet.

How Much Does a Boglen Terrier Cost

It is a rare and modern hybrid dog breed that is available in varying ranges in the market. Boglen Terrier’s both parent breeds are AKC accepted and popular, so we can expect this dog to be a little pricey.

Boglen Terrier Temperament/Personality

Boglen Terrier is a smart and intelligent dog breed with a free spirit who loves to roam about and discover the things around. It is a highly faithful and loyal dog of its master. Many people keep it as their guard/watchdog owing to the two factors.

First, this dog is active and loyal and always wary of strangers. Second, it has loud vocals and starts barking loud when any unknown person tries to come near. These two traits are fairly suited as far as you opted the dog as a watchdog.

But if you want to keep Boglen Terrier as your companion dog, you must train it early to root out these two prominent traits. It is gentle with the kids, and its smaller size also gives polite impressions. Simultaneously, a good trainer can make the dog the same as it wants it to be.

Caring for Boglen Terrier

As with all other dogs, the Boglen Terrier also requires much care and attention. It is an attention seeker pup that craves your love. It would be best to handle it with care; otherwise, you may notice some negative behavioral aspects. Carefully read the rest of the article to know how to care for your dog.

Boglen Terrier Nutrition

Boglen Terrier is a smaller dog but is food-driven. As a result, it can have issues like obesity and bloat. Please take notice of what your dog is eating and make sure to assign its feeding duty to one person to notice the meal intake. It would be best to feed your pup on healthy dry dog kibble for smaller canine sizes.

How to Groom a Boglen Terrier

The Boglen Terrier has less maintenance for its short and smooth coat, but it is not hypoallergenic. Brush its coat one or two times a week with a pin brush or use a metal comb to remove tangles. Bath it after 5-6 months and make tooth brushing and nail clipping a part of the routine.

Boglen Terrier Activity Levels

Boglen Terrier is a family pet with sizes ranging from smaller to medium. It has moderate activity levels needing almost 30 minutes of exercise daily. It is okay if the exercise is not vigorous. It easily gets along with pets and kids, so let it play with them, considering it a good exercise and socialization.

Caring for Boglen Terrier

Boglen Terrier is a sensitive canine prone to destructive behavior if not provided with its human beings’ time and attention. It would be best if you managed time once a week for your puppy to take it to a doggy park.

Giving a good nutritious diet, routine grooming, and your time is sufficient to make a doggy fit and excited. The care of a dog or Boglen Terrier is directly related to its health and, ultimately, its life expectancy!

Boglen Terrier Health

Mix breed is usually affected by the diseases that plagued their parents. So as your Boglen Terrier, that may be susceptible to Ear Infections, Obesity, Dry Skin, Skin Allergies, Inverterbral Disk Disease, Hip Dysplasia, Cataracts, and Patellar Luxation.

Avoid all these health risks by taking your dog to a veterinarian doctor regularly. The Boglen Terrier needs to go for a routine examination to enjoy a safe and healthy life.

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