Bolo-Chi Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bolo Chi Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowHave you ever thought about how a mix of two extremely cute doggies is going to look like? We are presenting the Bolo-Chi that is a mix of two adorable dogs, the Bolognese and the Chihuahua. This toy size pretty canine got the petite size of its Chihuahua parent and the small, robust appearance of Bolognese.

Other than the physical traits, it also combines both its parent companion dogs’ temperament and personality. This happy-go-lucky little pup cannot be a wonderful addition to your family but also a highly appreciative embellishment to your house as well.

Bolo-Chi History

The Bolo-Chi is a hybrid dog, so it is not a part of the American Kennel Club family. However, it is recognized by many others, including the “American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Dog Kennel Club, and the Dog Registry of America, etc.” To determine its background, we will look at its parent history. However, both the parent breeds of Bolo-Chi are AKC recognized.

Chihuahua was accepted in toy group of AKC group in 1904, while Bolognese is a miscellaneous member. The Bolognese is an ancient dog breed that originated in almost 1200 in Italy. It is known to be is a toy companion breed of the Water Spaniel family. In contrast, the Chihuahua is the world’s smallest dog which is as old as 30,000 years ago.

Bolo-Chi Characteristics

Having long-standing parental histories, the new breed Bolo-Chi is a relatively new dog combining its parental traits. But never expect a hybrid to be a 50% to 50% mix of both the parents. It can have the dominant traits of one parent or the other. We have discussed their characteristics which we knew to be more common. Keep reading to know!

How Big to Bolo-Chi Get

The toy-like enchanting Bolo-Chi male and female has a height of 8-10 inches for a fully grown-up dog. In comparison, the weight of a fully grown-up male and female Bolo-Chi is 6-10 lb.

How Long Does Bolo-Chi Live

Because smaller dogs have longer lifespans, your  Bolo-Chi can live for about 15-17 years. This estimate is for normal and suitable living conditions for your pup. Avoid your pup having health issues to help it complete this whole life span.

How Much Does a Bolo-Chi Cost

Bolo-Chi is not just adorable but also affordable. You can buy it for about $300 to $500 from a reputable breeder. Before buying a mixed dog, always confirm its health clarity and strong lineage from the breeder.

Bolo-Chi Temperament/Personality

The Bolo-Chi is originally bred to be a companion dog; hence it fits its breeding purpose. It keeps on appealing to its owner with cute looks and heartwarming acts. A Bolo-Chi, when waking or running, looks like a fur ball rotating. It is such a cute thing that you must have around you to relieve your stress and tensions.

This toy dog loves to be in your lap and caressed by you. It is an attention seeker and leaves no stone to unturn to please its master. A little motivation from your side is going to increase its energy levels to twice. Most of the time, you will find this dog circling and jumping around you.

Of course, it is an easy-going and friendly dog loyal and attached to its human family. It is curious and can be found examining different stuff around. Bolo-Chi, like its parents, is noticed to be a very good friend of the kids and small pets.

Caring for Bolo-Chi

Although large-sized dogs also need much care, smaller dogs are like your little kids. Caring for little beings can be more demanding, and the same is the case with Bolo-Chi. We have discussed every aspect of its care for you, so continue reading.

Bolo-Chi Nutrition

The size and activity level of your doggy confine its dietary needs. Smaller dogs tend to have little tummies and appetite, so you must provide them with all the essential nutrients in that short portion of the meal. Consult a vet in this respect and continue feeding your pup with that recommended food.

How to Groom a Bolo-Chi

Bolo-Chi is a hypoallergenic canine, so feel free to bring it home even if there are allergic people. Though this hybrid has a double coat, it is a very low shedder. Its grooming requirements include twice a week hair brushing, frequent teeth brushing, and nail clipping when required.

Bolo-Chi Activity Levels

The Bolo-Chi is a toy breed that can easily fit into apartment life. It can be its greater benefit for the people who direly want to keep a canine but don’t have enough space. It has moderate energy levels that can be fulfilled by running and jumping within the house. Still, taking your puppy outside daily for fresh air is a must.

Caring for Bolo-Chi

Your Bolo-Chi is a very affectionate dog with attention and love-seeking nature. It has a little appetite that also least bothers its food expenses. All you have to do to care for your Bolo-Chi is to play with it often and tell it by your gestures that you love it.

Moreover, provide it with the right and proper diet and grooming needs. If possible, take it to a professional groomer once or twice a year. Clean your dog’s ear to avoid any ear infections. Also, clean its eyes with damp cotton swabs to remove any tear stains or keep the eyes safe from infections.

Bolo-Chi Health

Fortunately, your Bolo chi is likely to by-pass the health problems that plague their parents. Still, it is not common and can have minor health issues such as skin infections, patella luxation, allergies, dental and joint issues.

Ensure a regular veterinary visit of your little Bolo chi to keep it safe from any health issue. Keep it examining yourself and take very good care of its hygiene as well.

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