Bologco Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bologco Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Bologco is a hybrid produced by the crossing of the Bolognese and the Cocker Spaniel. The breeder intends to cross these two dogs to get a companion and a well-mannered, sweet dispositioned dog. Feel free to take this puppy to your house even with allergenic people, as this designer dog doesn’t shed and is hypoallergenic.

Bologco mixes the traits from both its parents’ sides, resulting in a cute and adorable little-sized canine with a lot of energy. Its grooming needs can be a little demanding, but as a result, you will get a lovely dog with a beautiful, flawless coat.

Bologco History

The Bologco is a first-generation (F1) designer hybrid recognized by “American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Dog Kennel Club, the Dog Registry of America, and the International Designer Canine Registry.” To know its complete history, we are going to look at its purebred parents’ history. Bolognese is a toy-sized dog breed that belongs to the Water Spaniel family.

It is known to be the dog of French and Italian courtesans and nobility. The breed got its name from the Italian province of Bologna, which is its place of origin. In comparison, Cocker Spaniel is also a small-sized dog that belongs to the Spaniels’ land group (water group in the case of Bolognese). This dog was very skilled at hunting the bird woodcock, so here it got its name from.

Bologco Characteristics

Belonging to both small-sized spaniel dog breeds, the Bologco is a toy-sized feline with a delicate but sturdy body. It has a round skull and a normal-sized muzzle keeping a little black nose at the tip. At first sight, this dog gives a strikingly cute appearance. Bolognese displays the characteristics from both the parents, read on to know.

How Big to Bologco Get

The fully grown-up male and female Bologco weigh approximately 12-17 lbs. The height of this designer dog ranges from 12 to 14 inches at the shoulders. Male Bologco always slightly tends to be larger than the female one.

How Long Does Bologco Live

The life expectancy of a Bologco dog is that of an average small-sized canine. Small dogs are believed to live longer than larger dog breeds. The usual life span noticed for a Bologco is 14-16 years. However, this is not fixed as it can be increased or decreased depending on the factors given below.

How Much Does a Bologco Cost

Expect this designer dog to be ranging from $800 to $1000. It is recognized by four organizations, i.e., ACHC, DDKC, DRA, and IDCR. So it can be expensive too, and the given prices cannot be exact. The mix dog’s price depends on its type of breeder.

Bologco Temperament/Personality

The best way to determine designer breed’s temperament is to look at their parents’ personality traits. A mixed dog such as Bologco mix temperament from both the parents. However, the traits can be dominant either from one parent or the other.

The toy-sized Bologco is a perfect companion dog that you will never regret buying. It is a lovable and eager to please dog who you will find to be more sensitive to than most other dogs. It is highly driven towards its human fellows and seeks their attention.

Moreover, it is an active, affectionate, and friendly dog that goes better with older children than small kids. It is because small children treat it like a toy which it finds disturbing sometimes. However, with the younger children and other family members, and even strangers, it is friendly.

Caring for Bologco

Bologco is a little dog with a dense wavy coat requiring more time and attention. It is an attention-seeking pup that craves the master’s care and love. You must continue reading this article to know how to care for your Bologco in the best way.

Bologco Nutrition

Bolnbgco’s nutrition requirements are confined to the one cup of a dry dog diet as a toy-sized breed. Try to give a healthy and nutrition full diet to your little canine; you must opt for a dog kibble that is specially formulated under your dog’s size, age, and activity requirements.

How to Groom a Bologco

Bologco is not a frequent shedder but sheds occasionally. It is a hypoallergenic designer dog breed that needs brushing twice a week to maintain its hair’s shine. With high maintenance and grooming, your Bologco will become highly groomed and healthy, and fit. Bath it once within 4 to 5 months and not more to retain its body’s natural oils.

Bologco Activity Levels

The parent breeds of Bologco, i.e., Bolognese and Cocker Spaniel, are highly energetic dog breeds known to be energy bottled in the canine form. Similarly, Bologco is a fairly active hybrid who needs at least 40 to 50 minutes of exercise daily. However, it must not be a vigorous exercise.

Caring for Bologco

Bologco is a unique designer dog with distinct features and a striking appearance. It needs a lot of your care and love to live a healthy and happy life. It will help regarding your pup’s care if you follow the requirements of Bologco that are mentioned above in this article.

Give its regular hair brushing to distribute natural oils all over the body. Clean the ears of your Bologco with a cotton ball twice a week. Furthermore, you must not ignore teeth brushing and nail clipping. This dog can accommodate an apartment life but will be needing fresh air daily.

Bologco Health

Belonging to the two purebred parents, Bologco is relatively healthy. Some common canine diseases which it is likely to get are Hip Dysplasia, Otitis Externa Cataracts, Glaucoma, and Corneal Dystrophy.

A sufficient amount of physical and mental exercise and a suitable living environment can help save your puppy from major and minor health issues. Don’t forget to take it to a veterinary visit as a part of its healthy regimen.

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