Bolognese Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bolognese Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Bolognese is an AKC-recognized dog breed that is native to northern Italy. People opt for this dog when they want to have a friend and companion dog around. A common nickname of Bolognese is Bolos. It is the oldest dog breed with unique traits.

Bolos love to be surrounded by its human family and eager to please it. It won’t be wrong to compare this dog to a furball. It looks like a ten pounds furball. It is highly cute and adorable that you can’t resist caressing it. Having moderate energy levels, this dog can adapt well to living in an apartment.

Bolognese History

The Bolognese dog gets its name from its place of origin, Bologna, a city in Italy. Its recorded history tells that it is an ancient dog breed dating back its origin to the Italian Renaissance time since 1200. The nobles and Italian aristocracy use to keep this dog.

The famous writers and artists of the last times depicted this dog in tapestry, paintings, and written works, i.e., we can see this ancient dog mentioned in Aristotle’s writings. The group to which this dog belongs is the Bichon family group. The group further contains dogs like Bichon, Havanese, Frise, Maltese, and Lowchen, etc. It is an AKC-recognized dog breed.

Bolognese Characteristics

The Bolognese is a small toy breed with a square and muscular build. A dense white, fluffy coat covers the small but sturdy body of this dog. Bolognese, also known as Bichon Bolognese, seems so delicate, but it has a strong jaw with evenly aligned teeth. It is further characterized by deep round eyes, a cute black nose, curved tail, and pendant ears. Continue reading to know other characteristics.

How Big to Bolognese Get

Male Bolognese has an average height between 10 to 12.5 inches, while the female stands 9 to 12 inches at shoulders. The average noted weight of Bolognese males and females is approximately 8 to 14 pounds. We must mention that this height and weight estimate is for a fully grown-up Bolognese dog.

How Long Does Bolognese Live

This old and famous short-sized dog can live an average life span of a small dog breed. It lives up to 17 years ranging from 15 years minimum. If you keep your dog safe from certain health conditions (mentioned later in this article), then it will be able to complete its life span in a fit and healthy way.

How Much Does a Bolognese Cost

Bolognese dog has a noble background with AKC recognition. Moreover, its striking looks can make it a little expensive, ranging between $1200 and $2000. Make sure to always buy your dog from a reputable breeder with both parent breeds’ health clearances. To cut short to this amount, you can adopt Bolognese in lesser amounts from a shelter or rescue center.

Bolognese Temperament/Personality

The Bolognese is a happy and playful dog that makes the perfect lapdog.  It is a friendly dog who loves to be with your side all the time. Bolos develop a closer bonding with the elders as compared to the children. Its dense and fluffy fur attracts the children towards this cute dog, and they perceive it as their stuffed toy.

Thus, they are likely to hurt this little soft dog by playing too rough, and as a result, the dog can bite them. So, it is best to supervise your children while they are playing with the Bolognese dog. The vocals of Bolo tend to be louder as compared to its appearance.

You can mend the undesired traits of your dog with proper training at an early age. Overall, it is a wonderful companion dog that can accommodate every weather situation except the harsh conditions. It always needs a company; otherwise, it will be suffering from separation anxiety.

Caring for Bolognese

Bolognese has a delicate and softer appearance giving an impression of a sensitive dog. However, it is not as delicate as it seems to be because it is a stocky dog with a muscular body. We have shared some important aspects that you must know for the care of your Bolo dog.

Bolognese Nutrition

Being a smaller pup, the Bolognese dogs don’t have high food needs. A dog’s food is based on its size, age, and activity level. The dog diet manufacturers introduced dog kibble in this regard. One cup of dry kibbles per day is sufficient to meet Bolo’s dietary requirements.

How to Groom a Bolognese

When it comes to the grooming of this adorable dog, get ready for a high maintenance level. It is a smaller pup with a dense, thick coat that is mostly white. Considering the color and fur of the coat, you must brush it twice or thrice a week for good maintenance. The bathing must not be frequent, or it would deprive the dog skin of necessary oils. Just clean it with a damp cloth when necessary.

Bolognese Activity Levels

Bolognese has moderate activity levels, and it can easily accommodate apartment life. You will find it mostly on the couch or in its dog’s chair. However, it is essential to take your dog outside for fresh air daily.

Caring for Bolognese

Caring for Bolognese is easy as it can accommodate in apartments and adapt to varying environmental conditions. However, it will need an outside tour daily to remain active. Also, keep your little pup safe from harsh environmental conditions.

Further aspects of your pup’s care include its health and grooming regimen that you must maintain.

Bolognese Health

Bolognese is a healthy dog breed, but it can be prone to some common health problems in canines. These are Hip, Luxating Patella (a common condition in smaller dogs), Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, and Periodontal Disease.

If you are ensuring your puppy’s regular checkups, it will never have these health problems. If it catches anyone of these issues, a regular checkup will make it treatable at the early stages.

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