Bolonauzer Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bolonauzer Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Bolonauzer is a hybrid dog produced by the Bolognese, and the Standard Schnauzer dog breeds. The Schnauzers breed has three classifications depending on its size, i.e., “Miniature, Standard, and Giant Schnauzer.” One parent of Bolonauzer other than Bolognese can either be miniature or standard Schnauzer.

It is a designer hybrid having purebred parents and also inheriting their unique qualities. Bolognese and standard Schnauzer both have got very appealing looks which they transfer to their hybrid pup. If you are experienced at handling dogs and want a good companion and guarding dog, Bolonauzer can be a perfect choice.

Bolonauzer History

The documented history of Bolonauzer is quite less letting us return to their parent breeds to know about it. The Bolognese is a toy-sized dog breed that originated in 14th century Italy. It is an ancient dog breed that also has its appearance in the old times’ paintings. Moreover, the aristocrats, nobles, and even royalty use to keep this dog as their companion.

In sharp contrast, the Schnauzer was to be a farm dog, and it turns out to be a very good assistant of farmers. However, it is also an old dog breed developed in the Middle Ages about the 14th or 15th century. The artworks of an English painter, “Albrecht Dürer,” also depict this dog’s appearance.

Bolonauzer Characteristics

The Bolonauzer is small to a medium-sized hybrid dog. If it gets more dominant traits from the Bolognese, then it is small but larger in the opposite case. It has a compact body and a dense coat covered with long wiry hair. The body of this canine is longer than it is tall, with a curvy tail. Keep on reading to know other characteristics of Bolonauzer in detail.

How Big to Bolonauzer Get

If Bolognese is crossed with the Standard Schnauzer, your Bolonauzer is standing between smaller to medium. But if there is Miniature Schnauzer, then expect your dog to be a smaller one. A female Bolonauzer has 12-15 inches and 15-30 lbs weight, whereas a male Bolonauzer stands 15-18 inches high with 20-35 lbs weight a maximum.

How Long Does Bolonauzer Live

Under normal circumstances, your Bolonauzer can live up to 15-16 years at maximum. Ensure that you buy a healthy pup from the breeder and take care of its health and fitness throughout its life.

How Much Does a Bolonauzer Cost

The parent breeds of Bolonauzer have a long-standing history, and both are AKC recognized, so they are expensive dog breeds. But as the hybrids are available in fewer ranges than the purebred dogs, you can buy Bolognese and Schnauzer in one packet for just $300 to $500.

Bolonauzer Temperament/Personality

If you are looking for a friendly dog for a nice addition to the family, then Bolonauzer can be a wise choice. It is a friendly and lovable dog that is equally lovable by its looks. Having it in your home is like having a bundle of joy around you.

It is an attention seeker and at the same time eager to please a dog that is always ready to do your tasks. From the Bolognese side of the parent, this designer dog gets traits like sweet and calm nature. On the other hand, its dynamic nature and sniffing skills are coming from the Schnauzers.

You will see that Bolonauzer can easily befriend people around him; however, it can be tough to play with the children. Give early socialization to your Bolonauzer to help it get rid of unpleasant habits.

Caring for Bolonauzer

As far as we consider this designer dog’s care, the Bolonauzer is an easy-going pup and does not need much investment in its care. Read on to know the crucial aspects of your doggy’s care.

Bolonauzer Nutrition

Generally, Bolonauzer has the parents smaller or medium in size with fewer food requirements. It also does inherit a smaller stomach that reaches to its fills with almost a cup full of dry dog healthy diet. But ensure to give all essential nutrients to your pup in this small amount of food.

How to Groom a Bolonauzer

The Bolonauzer has moderate grooming requirements as it is hypoallergenic. Its dense and wavy hair needs once-a-week brushing. Bathing must not be so frequent as it can cause dryness. Maintain a grooming routine containing teeth, hair brushing, nail trimming, and occasional hair trimming.

Bolonauzer Activity Levels

Bolonauzer is a moderately active dog breed that will be contented with a 30-minute daily exercise session. Minimum or maximum, but daily exercise is important to help your dog maintain a good metabolism and healthy lifestyle. This furry canine loves to run and roam. It also feels so excited to play with its master, like running or chasing or fetching objects.

Caring for Bolonauzer

Bolonauzer can accommodate all types of weather situations except extreme weather conditions. Considering its overall care requirements, we figure out that it is not a highly demanding dog breed. Just regular grooming, sufficient food and exercise, health examination, and your doggy is good to go!

Don’t ever ignore your dog’s early life training as it is the most important aspect of its care. Remember that only consistent calm and patient training is going to work.

Bolonauzer Health

You don’t need to worry about Bolonauzer’s health as it is coming from two purebreds and healthy dogs. Other than some common canine diseases, it is not notorious for showing any serious health concern. The diseases to which it can be prone are Cataracts, Glaucoma, Bladder Stones, Corneal Dystrophy, Hot Spots, Hip Dysplasia, and Pancreatitis.

Consider your doggy safe if you are ensuring its regular health checkup. These health risks can arise only when the owner is not taking critical care of his dog.

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