Bolonoodle Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bolonoodle Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Bolonoodle is cross bred between two highly famous and adorable dogs Bolognese and the Poodle. Matching with the popularity of its parental breeds, it is also a famous hybrid dog. This lovely dog is also known as Bolognesedoodle, Bolodoodle, Bolognesepoo, Bolopoo, and Bolondoodle.

Renowned for its soft and furry appearance, it is a highly intelligent dog that can be a perfect pet for you. Long-lived, full of energy, with a desire to please its master, this dog acts like a stress-free pill for you. If you are planning to have a dog around, then go for Bolonoodle. Please keep reading to know all about it.

Bolonoodle History

Although the Bolonoodle is a famous hybrid dog, it is a recently recognized hybrid dog with a little history. To look back at the hybrid dogs, we check their ancestral history. In this regard, the Bolognese is an ancient famous dog breed that dates back its origin to almost the 13th century.

It is an AKC-recognized breed that was once well known as the pet of nobles and royalty. On the other side of Bolonoodle’s parents, the Poodle is also an ancient breed thought to have French origins, but it originated in Germany. It was used as a retriever and a companion dog.

Bolonoodle Characteristics

Bolonoodle mix the characteristics from its wonderful ancestry. It is a lively, energetic, friendly, and loveable dog, and its looks reveal all these attractive characteristics. Read on to know how the looks of Bolonoodle are the reflection of its sweet personality.

How Big to Bolonoodle Get

Bolonoodle is a small-sized dog breed that weighs between 6 to 12 lbs at maximum. Besides, its height is approximately 10-12 inches at the shoulders. This height and weight estimate are for a fully grown-up Bolonoodle dog.

How Long Does Bolonoodle Live

Expect your Bolonoodle to live the same age as their parents. Like other small breeds, this hybrid dog has a relatively long-life expectancy of 15-17. It is not about the size of your puppy that defines its age but its living conditions and the care you are giving.

How Much Does a Bolonoodle Cost

Like all other hybrid dogs out there, Bolonoodle has a moderate price ranging from $500 to $800. Never buy from a breeder who is giving a much lesser price than this, as it is a sign of a careless breeder who must not be sure about the pup’s lineage and health.

Bolonoodle Temperament/Personality

As you know that the hybrid dog is a mix of two distinct dogs; hence it inherits two different temperaments. Sometimes the parent breeds are the same or other times similar in their temperaments. Bolonoodle parents, i.e., Bolognese and Poodle, are somewhat alike. Thus, their resulting puppy is a combination of sweet nature, playfulness, intelligence, curiosity, and dedication towards the owner.

It seems a little running pile of fur that mostly rests on the couch. It loves to be around its human fellow and never mind taking a nap in his/her lap. This love-seeking nature of Bolonoodle drives your attention towards it, and you never feel bored.

Simply it is a canine full of joy that spreads its cuteness around. Good with children, friendly with all, including other pets, this feline is harmless and the best pup to keep within two to three family houses. On the safer side, give your dog early training to avoid any unwanted trait in the future.

Caring for Bolonoodle

You don’t need to be prior experienced with dog person to keep Bolonoodle; rather, a simple instruction article like this is sufficient to guide you with this pup. So, keep on reading to know the important aspects of your Bolonoodle to make it live a happy and healthy life.

Bolonoodle Nutrition

You need to care for small-sized breeds a lot more as you have to keep their nutritional requirements at levels with a small amount of food.  It is best to take the vet’s recommendation in this respect. However, Bolonoodle requires roughly ½ cup to 1 cup of dry dog daily to keep its tummy full.

How to Groom a Bolonoodle

Bolonoodle has a single-layer coat with hair type thick, dense and wavy. It is hypoallergenic, and its coat can be maintained with once-a-week brushing as the wavy hair are not likely to get mats and tangles. Regularly, give your dog bathing, brush its teeth, trim its nails and take it to a professional groomer after intervals.

Bolonoodle Activity Levels

Bolonoodle has medium to low exercise needs. This little activity requirement can let it live an apartment life happily. But exercise is an inevitable part of your dog’s life that you must not ignore. As exercise keeps your dog fit and helps avoid any health issues so take your Bolonoodle daily for a walk of at least 30 minutes.

Caring for Bolonoodle

This hybrid designer dog is a healthy dog breed that needs a healthy and grooming routine to maintain its health. When it comes to the suitable environments for this dog, we notice that it has a great tendency to adapt to any living condition.

We will suggest you keep it away from harsh weather conditions. Otherwise, if you give your pup a healthy required diet, good grooming, and exercise, it has the best care.

Bolonoodle Health

The hybrid dogs inherit health issues from their parents, but the chance of getting the disease that plagued their parents is reduced in a hybrid. However, the health issues common in canines can affect any dog breed, and so Bolonoodle. These issues can be hip dysplasia, eye conditions, obesity, skin allergies, and diabetes.

It is not guaranteed that your Bolonoodle will get any of these diseases. However, a regular veterinary examination must keep the pup free of health risks or diagnosis at early stages, if any.

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