Bolosilk Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Bolosilk Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Bolosilk, originally known as Sydney Silky, is a crossbreed of two other breeds, the Australian silky terriers and the Italian Bolognese. The Bolosilk is a small dog that may have a coat similar to a combination of its parent breed. It may have silky and long or wavy and short coats.

This designer dog is highly energetic paired with intelligent. Normally its ears are floppy and do not stand erect. It is a fearless and free-spirited dog. Due to their parent breed, they are very skilled in haunting. Easily trainable and always ready to please its owner, this dog breed is a very easy learner.

Bolosilk History

Bolosilk is a crossbreed of two royal dogs. The parent breeds were once part of royal families of their region. The two dogs were brought to America for breeding purposes, thus in 1926, the extensive breed was introduced, which was short in size and had a silky coat.

The cross of Bolognese and silky terriers was an attempt to protect their species and get both royal dogs’ characteristics. The Bolosilk has been very famous among royal families of America due to its unmatchable qualities. Both these parent dog breeds of Bolosilk are AKC recognized.

Bolosilk Characteristics

This dog is very intelligent and energetic in terms of its qualities. You will find them bursting with energy. They are very friendly, so if you plan to buy one for you, get ready to give them some extra playtime. But on the other hand, be careful because dogs of this breed tend to be a bit rough.

How Big to Bolosilk Get

As you know, Bolosilk is a mix of two breeds that are smaller in size, so the same goes for Bolosilk. Its height goes up to 9 to 12 inches only. This dog may have characteristics of its both parent breed, or the one may be dominant. They are usually longer as compared to other breeds of the same kind. Their weight goes somewhere up to 6 to 11 pounds.

How Long Does Bolosilk Live

For mixed breeds like Bolosilk, the life span varies depending upon their parents’ breed. The average life span of Bolosilk is ranging from 12 to 15 years. However, the average life expectancy of s dog depends on its health.

How Much Does a Bolosilk Cost

Their parent breeds are not very cheap in the market, so it goes the same with Bolosilk. The price range of a healthy young dog is around 1000$ to 1500$ ;hus, making him an expensive pet to have in your house.

Bolosilk Temperament/Personality

There is a temperament similarity of the parent breed of Bolosilk, but they differ in few points. Both parent breeds are friendly and easily adapt to the environment, so does your Bolosilk. But as we mentioned earlier, they are sometimes rough. It would be best if you supervised this energetic little canine while it is playing with your children.

One important thing to mention about Bolosilk is that it is not a very tolerant doggy. It can be a little wearisome displaying negative behavior such as scratching things when it comes to staying alone. Bolosilk is considered quiet and a bit of a shy pet. Its ability to be friendly and polite to the neighbors makes it a good pet for small apartments or indoor living.

Talking about their behavior with other dogs, they take some time for bonding. This designer dog is not suitable for a very cold environment, but it handles moderate hot climates easily. It can’t resist its free spirit and love to run here and there.

Caring for Bolosilk

Bolosilk is calm but can be rough sometimes. We will discuss what measures an owner should take regarding their care in terms of health, grooming, and nourishment.

Bolosilk Nutrition

Their feed of a dog depends on its muscles, metabolism, and size. Usually, a Bolosilk needs one and a half to two cups of dry food per day. Bolosilk is a very active and energetic dog. That’s why it needs meals more frequently. However, you should take care of the time routine and develop your puppy’s habit of eating a specific amount per day.

How to Groom a Bolosilk

Bolosilk needs regular grooming to keep it look healthy and shiny. If your dog has long and silky hair, it would need bathing more frequently; that could be at least once a month. On the other hand, if your Bolosilk has a coat similar to Bolognese, it will not need bathing more often.

Bolosilk Activity Levels

Bolosilk is a highly energetic and active dog compared to their parent breed needing 30 to 40 minutes of exercise daily. If you take them out of jogging, do not go for a very long walk. They are normally good to go with indoor activities.

Caring for Bolosilk

Build your bolo silk’s routine care in your timetable to make them stay healthy, happy, and live longer. Bolosilk is a mixed breed and shorter in size; thus needs more care than the big dogs. They are more susceptible to diseases and ailments. Take care of their dietary nutrition and also the timing. Having a proper timetable of their eating routine is essential for their health.

Bolosilk can sometimes get problems with its teeth, so you will need to brush its teeth regularly. This dog is so into scratching things, so keep their nails trimmed. This hybrid dog is, by nature, good hunters of mice and rats, so make sure they are leashed when you take them out.

Bolosilk Health

Big and small dogs have their health issue. But for small-sized crossed dogs, the chances get high. Bolosilk is smaller in size and a mixed breed of Bolognese and silky terrier, which is also small. Like a silky terrier, your Bolosilk may face some teeth-related issues.

Obesity can be a major problem in Bolosilk. You have to maintain their routine of eating. Their stomach bulge for some reason. You can avoid it by going for the regular check to the vet. Due to their short legs, they might face knee and hip-related issues as well.

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