Border-Aussie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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Border Aussie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowTwo popular herding dogs, the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd are bred to get an intelligent and outstanding hybrid Border-Aussie. It is a medium-sized canine that is energy-filled, combining many traits from both the parents.

While being an equally adorable and devoted dog, it is a little handful with high maintenance needs. Your Border-Aussie needs a lot of your time and attention, so we recommend not to keep this dog if you already have children in your home requiring your attention. This canine can fall prey to destructive behavior if you don’t give it proper time and care.

Border-Aussie History

The Border-Aussie has a herding background as both parents were popular herding dogs. The Australian Shepherd is not that old dog breed and traces its origin to the 19th century in the US’s farmlands. Having a lineage coming from Basque Shepherds, the Australian Shepherd has long been used to herd cattle.

In contrast, the Border Collie is a very old dog breed developed centuries ago during the third century. It is thought to be produced by the cross of small, spitz-like herding dogs who came with Viking raiders. It is widely used as a working dog.

Border-Aussie Characteristics

The Border-Aussie is a medium-sized dog that is specially produced to be a working and herding dog. It tends to have dominant physical traits from the Border Collie as it has a narrow face with a more pointed muzzle, unlike the Australian Shepherd. Read on to know more about this dog breed.

How Big to Border-Aussie Get

Border-Aussie is somewhat smaller than its Australian Shepherd parent breed, but it varies. On average, an adult Border-Aussie can weigh between 25-28 lbs. Besides, its height measure from 48 to 56 inches, making it a fairly average-sized breed.

How Long Does Border-Aussie Live

Your Border-Aussie can live the life of a normal-sized dog, i.e., 14-15 years under normal conditions. It can even live a bit than this if provided with tight living situations.

How Much Does a Border-Aussie Cost

You can get a Border-Aussie from a reputable breeder in somewhat $700 to $800. There can be a little fluctuation in this price range depending on the lineage of dog, type of breeder, and the doggy which it is offering.

Border-Aussie Temperament/Personality

According to many dog experts, Border-Aussie is a highly intelligent canine-like Border Collie parent, which is broadly believed to be the most intelligent breed of dog. Also attractive like Border Collies, this hybrid dog is active and outgoing.

Belonging to a working dog ancestry, Border-Aussie is highly driven by a work ethic that can be disturbed if not having a job to do. For satisfying its work-oriented nature, you must always keep your Border-Aussie busy with different activities or stuff; otherwise, it is likely to get destructive behavior.

You will witness this doggy making a good family pet by being friendly and gentle to the people around. Moreover, it has an eagerness to please nature with a bearable barking noise. With children, it is easygoing, and with strangers, it tends to be more reserved. Ensure an early training process and supervise your dog during its interaction with the children.

Caring for Border-Aussie

The Border-Aussie can be happier with a little attention and care. Hence you must know all the important aspects of caring for it to make it the best of all dogs. Ahead in this article, we have given everything in this regard.

Border-Aussie Nutrition

The average size of Border-Aussie demands an average level of food. It can be full with one and a half to two cups of dry dog kibbles daily. In case you don’t know, kibble is the special dog diet that is formulated considering the age, size, and activity levels of your dog.

How to Groom a Border-Aussie

The Border-Aussie does not have high maintenance needs, but regular grooming is essential. This designer dog doesn’t display things like a pungent dog odor, skin allergies, or a shedder requiring high grooming needs. However, it needs bathing and hair brushing when needed, along with other grooming points, i.e., teeth brushing, nail clipping, etc.

Border-Aussie Activity Levels

Border-Aussie is a pup of two very athletic dog breeds, so its activity requirements are automatically high. It is not suitable for apartment life, and daily 40-5- minutes of exercise is crucial for remaining the healthiest and the happiest. I love doing various activities, such as agility training, competitive frisbee, and competition herding exercises.

Caring for Border-Aussie

You can care for your Border-Aussie by keeping it with all the above-mentioned aspects fulfilled. The dietary needs, grooming, and exercise requirements come to the top in caring for a canine. If you are not providing your pup with an adequate amount of all these things, it can live an unhealthy and unhappy life.

It depends on a master that what sort of living he/she is giving to its puppy. To keep it a place of its temperament is very important such as Border-Aussie cannot live in apartments; rather, it goes well in larger fence yards.

Border-Aussie Health

Breed lovers produced this dog for having the main reason of healthy and fit dog breed as the hybrids are relatively healthy. Hence the Border-Aussie, which they produce Border-Aussie, is also little prone to the diseases that plagued its parents. However, it can still risk some health issues: Collie Eye Anomaly, Deafness, Epilepsy, and ear infections.

You can avoid all these diseases by taking your pup regularly to a veterinarian doctor for a routine health checkup. Furthermore, clean its ears with a recommended solution to remove any dirt, wax, and debris. In this way, your doggy will not be getting any infections.

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