Border Collie Britt Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Border Collie Britt Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowAnother adorable mix of two dogs is Border Collie Britt, produced from the Border Collie and the Brittany parents. It is a highly active breed and, as a result, has a bigger appetite. You will find it a high stamina dog with an independent spirit and air of confidence.

An attentive and responsive dog with high endurance that loves to protect its master. The Border Collie Britt has a muscular and sturdy medium-sized built having great energy levels. It can be a great family dog, and with good motivation, you can make this dog the best. In this article, you will know all about the Border Collie Britt.

Border Collie Britt History

Like all other hybrid dogs, the Border Collie Britt has little documented history. In this case, we study its parent dogs’ history. The Border Collie is the latest name of a working dog found centuries ago in the British Isles. The standard Border Collie appeared on the screen in 1906 as a working dog.

In sharp contrast, Brittany was introduced during the 1800s in Pontou (Brittany). During the 1900s, the Brittany was evolved in France with traveling canines. It is considered to be the fastest running dog among all. The American Kennel Club has recognitions for both these parent breeds, the Border Collie and the Brittany of the Border Collie Britt.

Border Collie Britt Characteristics

The Border Collie Britt’s traits depend upon the dominant genes from either parent. Hence its looks may vary, but it resembles both the dogs of its ancestry. The coat of this hybrid canine is available in brown, black, and reddish-white colors. Other features include colored yes, muscular stature, dense coat with wavy hair, and little to no tail.

How Big to Border Collie Britt Get

An adult Border Collie Britt can have 26-44 lbs weight at the withers. The male and female pup of this breed has a height of approximately 8-22 inches.

How Long Does Border Collie Britt Live

The average life span of a Border Collie Britt under normal life conditions is 13-15 years. If your dog gets sick and doesn’t give it proper medication, you will drop this life’s scale. We mention some of those health issues and their measure ahead in this article.

How Much Does a Border Collie Britt Cost

A Border Collie Britt can range from $500 to $700 on average. It is best to buy a puppy and not an adult dog to train it as per your requirements.

Border Collie Britt Temperament/Personality

The Border Collie Britt is one of the highest energetic dogs who always keep running and doing different tasks. Giving its energy levels, giving this dog good activities to do, and giving some toys so that it doesn’t scratch the couch to take the energy out.

Don’t worry about any negative habit, as you can minimize it with proper training at your pup’s young age. It is an affectionate, loveable and obedient dog of its master that is consistently anxious to satisfy its family. Having working dog instincts, it can easily learn to work for you.

The Border Collie Britt is tender with children and other animals, and it loves to be encircled by individuals. It gets attached to the owner quickly and starts making noises if he has not seen you in a long time. The enthusiasm gets from the Brittany parent and friendly nature from the Border Collie.

Caring for Border Collie Britt

This amicable lovely, and golden-hearted puppy seeks your attention and love. However, it has a high tolerance of environmental conditions and great stamina. You need to take very good care of your Border Collie Britt on your part. Read on to know-how!

Border Collie Britt Nutrition

While Border Collie Britt is a medium-sized dog but its activity levels are high; hence it has a bigger appetite. It needs almost 3 cups full of dry dog diet to satisfy this hunger level. Make sure to opt for healthy dog food with fewer fillers.

How to Groom a Border Collie Britt

Your Border Collie Britt isn’t viewed as a hypoallergenic dog with no significant dog odor. Keeping their coat maintained by brushing two times per week. We suggest using a metal or pin brush in this regard as this designer dog is very active, so you need to check and clean it regularly.

Border Collie Britt Activity Levels

Border Collie Britt has exceptionally high energy levels. It is essential to give it approximately 60-80 minutes of daily exercise. It is an energetic explorer puppy that loves to roam about and discover things. However, never leave it alone as it can accidentally stumble into any difficulty.

Caring for Border Collie Britt

The Border Collie Britt, like all other dogs, needs adequate care. Although it cherishes a wide range of climates, a temperate climate is ideal for it. For your dog’s best grooming, keep its grooming equipment like doggy special nail clipper, hairbrush, special doggy baths, and toothpaste.

Maintain a grooming regimen, and along with that, clean your dog’s ear with a veterinary-approved solution. Furthermore, keep its energy at levels and its metabolism active by ensuring sufficient exercise.

Border Collie Britt Health

It is thought that the breeders produced Border Collie Britt to reduce some ailments present in their parent dog breeds and give a better crossbreed. They got succeed in their effort and produced Border Collie Britt that is a healthy dog than its parent dogs. Only the few health concerns which it can have are skin and ear infections and Hip Dysplasia.

 If you don’t brush your pup’s teeth once in a week or two, then it is likely to develop tartar which can be severe in some cases. Hence keep on examining your dog and give it a routine veterinary visit to minimize the situations mentioned above.

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