Border Collie Cocker Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Border Collie Cocker Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowAre you seeking a dog that is more than a companion or lapdog? Here you have Border Collie Cocker a unique mix of two wonderful dog breeds, i.e., the Border Collie and the Cocker Spaniel. Intelligent, confident, loyal, and protective, this hybrid canine comes up with high endurance.

You will be enjoying more with your Border Collie Cocker on adventures than your friends as this dog relishes outdoor activities and is a fun-loving pup. You will see it as a lively puppy that is highly protective towards its family.

Border Collie Cocker History

The Border Collie Cocker’s root is obscure; however, it is thought that it began in the United States. It is the only reported history of this designer dog; hence, we are looking at its historical ancestry. The Border Collie was initially developed to help the farmers in various tasks, especially herding. Its origin traces back to the rural areas between Scotland and England, but now you can see this dog breed in urban areas as well.

The American Cocker Spaniel has a lineage coming from the English Cocker Spaniel, and its unique name is from “woodcock” (a bird which the Cocker excelled in catching). The American Kennel Club recognized this dog in 1935. The Border Collie Cocker’s parent breeds are AKC recognized except itself because it is a hybrid dog breed.

Border Collie Cocker Characteristics

Border Collie Cocker is probably going to take after its parent breed in appearance. It is a medium-sized dog variety with a moderate to highly dense coat. The coat colors vary from dark to brown to white. This exuberant canine is broadly depicted as intelligent, dynamic, and responsive. Keep on reading to know more about this superb hybrid dog.

How Big to Border Collie Cocker Get

Your completely grown-up Border Collie Cocker can have an average height of 15-22 inches with a body proportionally longer than the overall height. Besides, the weight of this dog is approximately 26-50 pounds.

How Long Does Border Collie Cocker Live

The designer dog Border Collie Cocker gets a varying life expectancy of 10-17 years. This variation depends upon various factors, mainly including your dog’s diet and exercise.

Collie Cocker Cost

The Border Collie Bull Staffy is not a costly canine as the other blend canines. By and large, it goes from $800 and $1500. However, it may cost $2000, if sometimes the breeder is offering a highly reputable and healthy ancestry.

Border Collie Cocker Temperament/Personality

Border Collie Cocker tends to be a highly active breed having good herding skills like its parent dog. Like the Border Collies parent, this hybrid pup has effective eyesight that it can use to herd and control the sheep, goats, etc. It can be a wonderful guide dog as well as a guard dog.

Qualities like protective towards family, loyalty, and conscious nature makes it best suited for a guard dog. You must be excited to know that Border Collie Cocker is not such a dog that needs regular motivation for training; rather, it loves to learn new things and get training consciously.

Additionally, it is gentle with the kids if it is familiar to them. Whether kids or elders, your Border Collie Cocker can be a bit wary of unfamiliar people. This may be the only negative trait this dog has, which you can also eliminate through the right training.

Caring for Border Collie Cocker

There are numerous perspectives regarding your dog’s care; with little variation, every dog needs proper care, diet, and exercise. Keep on reading to all the caring routine and requirements of your Border Collie Cocker.

Border Collie Cocker Nutrition

Border Collie Cocker is a medium-sized dog that needs a diet rich in proteins and unsaturated fats to get going right. In this respect, we suggest a good quality kibble (dry dog diet) that contains a scope of entire food sources. Avoid the diet stuffed with the byproducts and the fillers.

How to Groom a Border Collie Cocker

The grooming requirements of Border Collie Cocker are high as it is known to shed broadly. You have to brush your pup’s hair daily with a firm pin brush to brush out mats. It would be best if you take it to a dog’s grooming expert twice a year for enhanced grooming.

Border Collie Cocker Activity Levels

The Border Collie Cocker’s activity requirements are high as it has high energy levels, which it needs to burn off. It is prescribed to give your pup 60 minutes of active exercise daily. It would love to run with you and to play different games with you.

Caring for Border Collie Cocker

Keeping a dog is fun, but there is a lot of responsibility for its care. So, take very good care of your pets to help them live a healthy and fit life. When it comes to the Border Collie Cocker’s care, then the main aspect is its shedding. It is not hypoallergenic, requiring a regular brushing and grooming regimen.

Also, brush your pup’s teeth, trim its nails when required. Especially this dog needs frequent nail examination as it is highly active and can trap dust in its nails. Restrict the bathing of your doggy once in the six months, or otherwise, the dog can get skin allergies as a side effect of the body’s deprivation of natural oils.

Border Collie Cocker Health

Border Collie Cocker is produced to be a healthy hybrid dog plagued by fewer diseases than its parents. Few common diseases that this dog can have are Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD or OD), Allergies, Deafness, Luxating patellas, and Hip dysplasia.

Fortunately, a regular veterinary visit reduces or eliminates the chance of any of these diseases. Moreover, clean Border Collie Cocker’s floppy ears with a cotton swab regularly to avoid ear infection.

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