Border Collie Pit Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Border Collie Pit Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowLooking for a dog that is having sweet as well as stern looks? Border Collie Pit is here for you, coming from the adorable Border Collie and the strong Pit Bull. Being a modern hybrid, we cannot see much of its details; however, we can easily depict it through its parent history.

It is a smart and intelligent dog that is very easy to train. Even if you are not aware of its parent breeds, if you happen to look at Border Collie Pit, you will figure out who its parents are. This is because this hybrid uniquely mixes the physical characteristics of both the parents.

Border Collie Pit History

The Border Collie Pit is a fairly new hybrid with the least documented history. We are going to consider its parental history to get an idea about its roots. The Border Collie traces back its origin to the first century in a place named “Border” (in the Border region between Scotland and England). Initially, it was used as a herding dog to herd sheep and assist farmers in the field.

In sharp comparison, The Pit Bull Terrier was known as Staffordshire Terrier in the first place. The name Pitbull Pit Bull is a term that refers to many dog breeds, including American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and American Pit Bull Terrier. Mostly the breeders take American Pit Bull Terrier, and it is common as well. It was developed in the United States as a working dog that was good at doing various tasks simultaneously.

Border Collie Pit Characteristics

You already know that Border Collie Pit is a cross-bred dog, and such dogs can have the dominant physical characteristics of one parent or the other. This dominancy of traits depends on the assertive genes of either parent. Continue reading the article to know what sort of appearance a Border Collie Pit gets.

How Big to Border Collie Pit Get

This hybrid dog has one medium-sized and another larger-sized parent to vary from medium to a larger version. On average, an adult Border Collie Pit stands 17 – 22 inches in height. At the same time, its weight varies between 30 – 60 pounds, largely depending on the size.

How Long Does Border Collie Pit Live

Your Border Collie Pit can have the average life of a medium or large canine. If it is medium, it can live for about 13-15 years, while in a larger canine, life expectancy can be 8-10 years.

How Much Does a Border Collie Pit Cost

There is no hard and fast cost of Border Collie Pit. You can find it for $200 minimum and $1,000 maximum. The variation depends largely on the type of breeder or the place from where you are buying.

Border Collie Pit Temperament/Personality

The intelligent, dynamic, confident, and fun-loving Border Collie Pit is good at working and at play. So, if you are planning to adopt a dog to be your companion, look to no one other than a Border Collie Pit. Both the parents of this hybrid canine served their owners and families for so long.

Hence it is a loyal, protective and obedient dog that, besides being a companion, can also work for you. The strong and sturdy built of these dogs make them stand unique from other delicate pups. This sturdy built gives it the stamina of 12 hours of work without getting any tired.

However, with all these positive points, certain points go the other way round. Above these, all is the Border Collie Pit’s nipping habit. Nicer with kids, easy-going with other pets, and considering all other aspects, this dog turns out to be a friendly dog to have except this nipping habit. But early training can also minimize it.

Caring for Border Collie Pit

Border Collie Pit can be a superb dog to have around you. Neither is it a very demanding pup nor is it potentially a tough dog. You don’t need to put a lot of yourself in its care; only follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Border Collie Pit Nutrition

A healthfully adjusted eating routine is possibly the fundamental approach to guarantee your dog’s health and fitness. Its dietary needs largely depend on its size. A medium-sized Border Collie Pit requires almost 2 cups of a dry dog diet. If larger, it will eat to its fills by having 2 to 2.5 cups of food.

How to Groom a Border Collie Pit

The Border Collie Pit has a double-coat, and it is a moderate shedder (like Border Collie breed parent). To avoid more shedding, you need to brush the dog’s hair twice a week. Other essential maintenance requisites of the canines are regular teeth cleaning, nail clipping, and bathing.

Border Collie Pit Activity Levels

Like its parents, the Border Collie Pit is a lively and agile puppy who loves to run, hop and play. Along with a daily 30-50 minutes exercise must give your dog mental exercise by playing mind-stimulating doggy games with it.

Caring for Border Collie Pit

Given all the details mentioned above about the Border Collie Pit, it is clear that how do you have to care for your dog. The Border Collie Pit can adapt well to all types of environments, so you will not have to worry about its habitation.

It is not suited to apartment living, so keep it in a fenced yard. Moreover, make a grooming routine for your pup and keep on following it.

Border Collie Pit Health

Like all other hybrid dogs, Border Collie Pit is a healthy canine other than few health concerns. These concerns are minor, including Allergies, Cataracts, Hip dysplasia, and Progressive retinal atrophy PRA.

Minimize these health issues by taking your dog to a veterinary visit regularly. Take good care of its hygiene to avoid infection and allergies.

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