Border Heeler Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Border Heeler Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Border Heeler is the designer dog produced crossbreeding two purebreds, the Border Collie and the Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog). A medium-sized, highly energetic canine whose friendly nature makes it easy to go for the families. It is highly energetic to do various tasks and can lead to behavior issues if not finding a way to burn off its energy levels.

Given the herding attributes from the Border Collie parent, this hybrid is likely to do this task and similar other tasks. Overall, it can be a great companion as well as a working dog. Good with their families, gentle with the kids, and protective, these dogs are the best to own for a person. Read on to know more about it and to ponder upon your decision of buying a Border Heeler.

Border Heeler History

Border Heeler’s parents have a long-standing history, and we are to consider that. The Border Collie traces its origins as far back as the 1st century. It was the time of invading Romans who brought with them shepherding breeds. Afterward, the Vikings came with their spitz-like dog breeds, which they crossed with the shepherd dogs to produce a dog known as “the Border Collie.”

In contrast, the Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) originated in the mid 1800’s in Australia.  It was when the farmers and ranchers crossed their collie-type breeds with their natural dingo. As a result, they got a more work-oriented dog, the Australian Cattle Dog. As its names suggest, it has been long used to herd the cattle and to do various similar tasks. The other variety of Australian Cattle Dog is known to be red heelers, and the difference lies within the coat color.

Border Heeler Characteristics

So, the Border Collie Blue Heeler mix is a medium-sized dog speckling in blue/red and other colors coat inherited from both its parents. Owing to its herding and working background, this dog has a strong and athletic body with great potential to do many tasks. Read on to know other characteristics of this work companion dog.

How Big to Border Heeler Get

An adult and healthy Border Heeler stands 17-20 inches at the shoulders. On the other hand, its weight ranges from 35-50 pounds. It is an average estimate that can fluctuate a little.

 How Long Does Border Heeler Live

A Border Heeler can live a longer life of 15-17 years given the circumstances suitable for its health. It can reduce this life expectancy if not meeting its needs properly.

How Much Does a Border Heeler Cost

The Border Heeler has a very reasonable cost starting from $500 and reaching $800. Make sure to buy from a reputable and professional breeder; otherwise, you may end up having health issues with your canine.

Border Heeler Temperament/Personality

Your Border Heeler is a complete pack of the characters like forceful, alert, enthusiastic, savvy, steadfast, and responsive. You will never be bored o having this hybrid around you as it will keep on displaying different personality traits in different situations.

Overall an easy going friendly, and easy-to-handle canine that is nicer with the kids. However, supervision is always necessary during the dog’s interaction with the children. Lack of activity and attention from the master can lead to negative behavior issues such as digging, scratching, excessive barking, and the like.

It has inherited intelligence that makes it an intelligent dog that can be learning your commands and lessons within a shorter period. Border Heeler displays a good temperament, but early training is necessary as a first-hand method to keep your dog away from all negative issues.

Caring for Border Heeler

To make a puppy live a longer and healthier life, you as an owner must take good care of its diet, exercise, and other needs. The requirements of Border Heeler have been mentioned ahead with accuracy that can help you a lot.

Border Heeler Nutrition

From the lineage of two great workers, this dog has high energy levels, which means a bigger appetite. Give your Border Heeler at least two cups full of dry dog diet formulated for medium-sized, highly energetic canines. Grab quality dog food from the supermarket that contains fewer fillers.

How to Groom a Border Heeler

The Border Heeler grooming need can vary depending on the parent breed’s genes, which has a greater influence on the gene pool. It can have a dense and longer or a shorter coat with varying maintenance levels. However, frequent hair brushing, occasional bathing, nail clipping, and teeth cleaning are the essentials in any case.

Border Heeler Activity Levels

This agile and highly active dog needs almost a 1-to-2-hour duration of exercise and playing. In these hours it can exercise for some time than play games like fetching a frisbee or football, etc.

Caring for Border Heeler

The salient points of Border Heeler’s care are listed above. Here we see some keen details like bath your dog with mild dog shampoo to help retain its natural body oils and avoid infections. Moreover, clean the ears with a veterinary-approved solution to keep away wax, dust r debris.

Develop a routine of giving it daily exercise because If not provided with the right activity requirements, your Border Heeler will not help resist its herding instincts. It will start herding cats, other small pets, and even people.

Border Heeler Health

Like all other hybrid dogs, the Border Heeler is not even a healthy breed, but also a hard one as its athletic body can sustain hard work, harsh environmental conditions, etc. However, the canines are likely to suffer from health issues like every other living being.

These health concerns can be Collie Eye Anomaly, hip/elbow dysplasia, PRA, and skin infections. A regular veterinary visit reduces the chance of occurrence of any of these diseases. If your dog got one, then a regular examination will ensure the early treatment of the issue.

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