Border Malamute Terrier Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Border Malamute Terrier Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Border Terrier and the Alaskan Malamute’s crossbreed of two adorable dogs is Border Malamute Terrier. Known for its outstanding stamina, this dog can withstand hard work, intense climates, and difficult living conditions. It is a lively, alert and intelligent dog that originated in the 19th century.

It is a great hunter and working dog that can be your lovable pet simultaneously. When it comes to its role within the family, it is a friendly, calm, and protective canine that tends to be loyal. Its water-resistant and coarse-haired coat requires very little maintenance. Currently, people keep this hybrid dog widely as a companion dog.

Border Malamute Terrier History

Border Malamute Terrier is a modern breed with less history and recognition. However, the pure Both Border Terriers and Alaskan Malamutes are recognized by the AKC as purebreds. Border terrier is a relatively new dog breed that originated near England and Scotland’s borders in the 18th century. It was a well know Fox hunter that was used for flushing out foxes from the lairs.

The Alaskan Malamute is an ancient dog breed traced back its origin to some 4000 years ago in Serbia. Recognized by its hard work and compact body, the American Kennel Club accepted this dog in about 1935. It is also said that the Alaskan Malamutes have been sled dogs to Eskimos. The high tolerance of this dog to colder climates supports this theory.

Border Malamute Terrier Characteristics

Having an impressive ancestry, the Border Malamute Terrier made its name in the hybrid dog industry. It can take on either parent breed’s appearance based on its bio gene pool’s dominant genes. Varying in size from small to medium, this dog has unique physical characteristics that are listed below.

How Big to Border Malamute Terrier Get

The Border Terrier parent of Border Malamute Terrier is medium in size, while the Alaskan Malamute Terrier is a giant dog. This hybrid stands in between with a medium size and 15 – 17 inches in height. Its weight is 18 – 20 pounds.

How Long Does Border Malamute Terrier Live

Border Malamute Terrier can have an average life expectancy of 10 – 15 years. This is an average canine’s life that may go beyond or below this estimate. It depends on the level of care you are giving.

How Much Does a Border Malamute Terrier Cost

Having both the purebred parent dogs, Border Malamute Terrier is a rare breed. Despite it has a very economical cost ranging from $300 to $400. However, it seems not as adorable as its parents, especially the Alaskan Malamute Terrier.

Border Malamute Terrier Temperament/Personality

The inherited personality traits of Border Malamute Terrier incorporate friendly, loyal, playful, and affectionate-like qualities. It has a warm, welcoming attitude that makes it friendly even with strangers.

Highly loyal and protective this dog can be a guard dog. However, remember its herding instincts and not let it unsupervised while in the company of children and small felines. This dog is easy to handle. Thus, you can keep it even if you lack dog handling experience.

Moreover, early life training is very important to make your dog develop a kind and gentle behavior. Socialization must be a part of early training so that the Border Malamute Terrier must handle children and other pets more adequately. Lack of early training may lead to various issues for you as well as your pup.

Caring for Border Malamute Terrier

As with all other doggies, the Border Malamute Terrier needs to be loved and cared for; otherwise, it can become destructive. Follow the below-mentioned aspects to take very good care of your canine.

Border Malamute Terrier Nutrition

The Border Malamute Terrier is a medium-sized canine with a moderate appetite. In this case, you must get excellent food from the superstore that contains less to no fillers. It would be best if the meat is listed as the first ingredient in its raw or dry diet.

How to Groom a Border Malamute Terrier

Because of their smooth nature, average size, and little shedding, Border Malamute Terriers require little maintenance and grooming. You can bathe them once in three months or earlier if the coat seems dirty. However, frequent bathing is not good as it can strip the natural oils from the dog’s body resulting in dryness and allergies.

Border Malamute Terrier Activity Levels

You won’t happen to see your Border Malamute Terriers resting for a minute throughout the day as it has bursts of energy. Taking on the parents’ stamina, it can work for hours, neglecting its diet and play. However, you must take care of your pup and give at least 30 minutes of athlete exercise daily.

Caring for Border Malamute Terrier

Known to be a low maintenance dog, Border Malamute Terrier can accommodate apartment life. It is a highly active canine, so you must take it for exercise outside daily. To avoid the destructive nature of your pup, provide it with mental stimulation games and activities, i.e., swimming, walks, hikes, fetching frisbee, runs, etc.

It can accommodate all types of weather climates. It is important to mention here that if you keep your Border Malamute Terrier in larger areas, you must take caution like go for a fenced yard. The reason behind it is when living in larger areas; this pup is likely to wander and dig out the muds.

Border Malamute Terrier Health

Hybrids tend to be healthier than purebred dogs, so the Border Malamute Terrier does not suffer from any serious ailment. If you don’t deal with it properly, it can get some health conditions: skin allergies, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, PRA, and ear infections.

Make a health regimen of your Border Malamute Terrier by taking it regularly to a veterinary clinic. In this way, it would be safe from having any diseases, but an early cure could be possible if it does.

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