Border Newfie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Border Newfie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Border Newfie is a large-sized dog produced by crossing the Border Collie and the giant-sized Newfoundland Dog. It is a newly found dog breed; hence there is very little information related to it. However, being a hybrid, it is not just a physical mix of both the parents but also combining their personality.

Mixing the friendly nature of Border Collie and the lovable instincts from the Newfoundland Dog, this dog can prove to be the best dog for your family. Its parent breeds have a long-standing history, and both are very popular. In the form of Border Newfie, you can get two adorable dog breeds together. Continue reading to know further in this regard.

Border Newfie History

There is no documented history present on account of the Border Newfie hybrid. However, its parents have ancient origins with a lot of recorded history. The Border Collie is known to be one of the earliest dog breeds produced for herding purposes. It traces its origins in the 14th century between the borders of England and Scotland. In 1995 American Kennel Club recognized this breed.

In sharp comparison, the ancestors of Newfoundland Dog came to England from Canada. Theories suggest that the breeders bred these dogs and the Newfoundland dog originated in Newfoundland and Labrador Island, Canada. The Newfoundland Dog has an official AKC Parent Club that was established in 1930.

Border Newfie Characteristics

Border Newfie’s characteristics depend on which parent breed it takes on the most. It is a massive-sized dog breed with an athletic body and heavy bone structure. Other features are characterized by a larger round head, wide chest, medium-long muzzle, and water repellent dense coat. The rest of the characteristics of this hybrid are listed below.

How Big to Border Newfie Get

A fully grown-up male Border Newfie male gets 28 inches in height while its female counterpart is a bit shorter, standing 26 inches at shoulders. A young male Border Newfie’s weight is almost 130-150 pounds, whereas females weigh about 100-120 pounds.

How Long Does Border Newfie Live

On average, Border Newfie can live for about 9-10 years. Being a hybrid of larger dogs and being a larger dog itself, this dog has the shorter life expectancy of a large-sized dog.

How Much Does a Border Newfie Cost

As compared to other hybrid dogs, the Border Newfie can be a little pricey. Not even this one, but all other mixes of both these parent dogs tend to be expensive. You will have to invest anywhere between $1,000 and $1,500 for a Newfie puppy.

Border Newfie Temperament/Personality

Border Colly and Newfoundland’s puppy is highly intelligent, even-tempered, and a good-natured dog that develops a wonderful bond with the human family. Undoubtedly these round, black balls of fur are so adorable even more than their parents sometimes. The balanced and lovable nature makes it an ideal dog for the family.

Not even companion dog Border Newfie can be a great guarding and herding dog due to these instincts from the parents. With regards to strangers, your Border Newfie might be careful and may bark louder, giving you a sign of threat. However, it is quite friendly and kind with the children, but supervision is necessary, keeping the Newfie’s parents’ herding instincts in mind.

Ideal for both families as well as working dogs, this dog requires the early and right training. It would be best to opt for this dog if you have prior experience in handling dogs. Maybe it would be somehow challenging for you to handle Border Newfie if you are new with dogs.

Caring for Border Newfie

Whether larger or smaller dogs, the care requirements of both are almost the same. And a lack of care has the same negative outcomes on a larger-sized canine as it has on a smaller canine. Continue reading to grasp some important details regarding your Border Newfie’s care.

Border Newfie Nutrition

Generally, the bigger dogs have a big appetite. You can feed Border Newfie dog raw or cooked meat and also kibble. People sometimes prefer raw food more than ready-made dry dog food as in the former they can put the ingredients of their choice balancing all the nutrients and avoiding the fillers. However, the best option is a healthy and good quality dry dog kibble.

How to Groom a Border Newfie

Border Newfie has a thick, dense coat requiring twice a week brushing. The maintenance tends to be easy as the coat has darker colors, mostly black. Also, we recommend taking your dog at least two times a year to a professional groomer. It will give your dog good grooming and trim its necessary hair at least once a year.

Border Newfie Activity Levels

The activity requirements of all the dogs are different depending on their energy levels. The Border Newfie is highly energetic; hence it requires more activity levels. Give your dog not only one hour of daily exercise for physical health but also play mind games with it for mental stimulation.

Caring for Border Newfie

Apart from the more grooming requirement of its dense coat, Border Newfie has floppy ears, which you need to examine and clean regularly. Considering Border Newfie’s adaptability to the environment, it is important to keep safe from harsh environmental conditions such as extreme hot or colder climates.

Moreover, it is a larger dog, so you must keep it in fence yards. Apartment life can lead to inactivity resulting in your dog’s destructive behavior.

Border Newfie Health

Border Newfie, like all other hybrids, is less likely to get diseases. Few common health concerns with which your canine might be susceptible are Skin allergies, Cataracts, Hot spots, and Entropion.

Ensure a regular veterinary visit to prevent these diseases. Moreover, the accumulated wax, dust, or moisture can cause infections in the ear, so keep cleaning them regularly.

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