Border Point Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Border Point Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Border Point is a medium to a large-sized hybrid dog of the Border Collie and the Pointer or English Pointer dog. The body of this dog seems delicate, but his muscular and agile. You will find an extraordinary enthusiasm in this dog that never lets it free and keep the dog busy always.

It is a friendly canine that becomes excited to do its owner tasks. If you were looking for a dog with a good companion and working qualities, you must continue reading this article. It contains the requirements, features, and all major and minor details about this mixed dog.

Border Point History

Both the Border Point parents, i.e., the Border Collie and the Pointer, share the same place of origin in Europe. The Border Collie was developed at the time when invading Romans come to England (1st century). These Romans brought their sheepdogs with them, and their breeding with the invading Vikings’ dog produced Border Collie.

It is believed that the present-day Border Colly is a descent of the dog named “Old Hemp.” It is an AKC-recognized breed that was used for herding sheep.

The Pointer is also an AKC registered breed said to have appeared in Spain during the seventeenth century. The Pointer is thought to have precursors like the Foxhound, Greyhound, and Bloodhound. It also got the instincts like high speed, strength, and chasing prowess from these ancestors.

Border Point Characteristics

Border Point is a highly active medium-sized canine having bicolored or tricolored moderately dense coats. You can distinguish this dog with its flat and wide skull, pendant ears, and tapered tail. Please continue reading to know its different characteristics.

How Big to Border Point Get

Border Point male and female stand 23-27 inches tall at the withers. Besides, the weight of adult males and female Border Point ranges from 35-65 pounds. Female canines tend to be a bit smaller than males.

How Long Does Border Point Live

Border Point has the longer life span of an average dog, i.e., 11 to 15 years. This estimate is under normal life circumstances, but improper handling can minus years from a canine’s normal lifespan.

How Much Does a Border Point Cost

There is no established price of a Border Point; rather, it is determined by breeder type. If you want to get an idea about a hybrid’s price, then here is a trick. Take the amount of its famous purebred parents and reduce the amount to several thousand. Mostly hybrids can range from $600 to $800.

Border Point Temperament/Personality

We can determine most of Border Point’s temperament by analyzing its parents’ personalities. Both its parents share similar character attributes, which they pass on to their hybrid. The instincts which Border Point gets incorporates protective and alert nature and its courage. It is highly loyal to its master and never hesitate to do anything for it.

It is eager to please a dog who is always ready to please you. This way, it makes a great companion and family pet. Border Point is known to be a working dog that is very good at hunting and herding. These qualities are also coming from the parent breeds Border Collie and the Pointer.

Seeing an outsider can irritate this hybrid canine a little, and the barking tendency increases. However, you can overcome all your pup’s negative traits with the right training at early ages. Overall, it is a friendly canine that is also kind towards children. Along with training your dog, you must also teach kids how to handle dogs safely.

Caring for Border Point

If you love the qualities and features of Border Point to such an extent that you are ready to invest in buying it, then you must read further as the information is regarding the proper care for your pup, which is essential.

Border Point Nutrition

The diet requirement of a Border Point is of a medium-sized canine. Though it has a medium size, its activity needs are very high; it needs more food. However, your puppy’s daily food intake must not exceed 3 cups of healthy dry dog food.

How to Groom a Border Point

In general, Border Collie is a moderate shedder having a denser coat of its Border Collie parent. Sometimes the coat is not dense if the Pointer’s traits are dominant. Your Border Point needs hair brushing once a week and other requirements like teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming frequently.

Border Point Activity Levels

Like its parent breeds, Border Point is a highly energetic and agile canine with high activity requirements. The owner must develop a routine of this dog’s daily exercise of at least 30 minutes. It is essential for physical as well as mental stimulation.

Caring for Border Point

Handle your dogs with care as they strive for the time, attention, and care from their family. Follow the points mentioned above for your Border Point’s care, ensuring its good grooming, the right training, and healthy food.

Moreover, clean its ears with a veterinary-approved solution weekly. Being medium in size, it can accommodate an apartment, and also, you will find it well adapted to all kinds of environments. However, it would help if you kept your pups safe from the harsh climate as it can be harmful to their skin and health.

Border Point Health

Hybrids tend to be healthier canines as the purpose of their breeding is also to promote good health. There is no such serious issue associated with Border Point except few common issues, including Cataracts, Cherry eye, Addison’s disease, elbow dysplasia, and Hip dysplasia.

However, you must be aware of your pup’s health issue beforehand, and it would be possible only if you maintain a healthy regimen of taking it to the vet. Also, a regular veterinary visit helps to avoid the diseases or cure them immediately.

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