Border Schnollie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Border Schnollie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Border Schnollie is a mix that combines the Border Collie dog with the Standard Schnauzer. Like both parent breeds, it is a highly intelligent, energetic, and working dog. The personality and appearance of this hybrid depend on the dominant gene in the bio gene pool. Typically, it looks like its Schnauzer parent having the coat colors of the Border Collie side.

The high activity requirements of this dog need an owner committed to providing a lot of physical and mental exercise. One of its parents was a herding dog, and the other was used for flushing out vermin and guarding purposes. You can polish both these traits in your dog with the right training at a young age. The best part about this dog is that even an inexperienced person can easily handle it with accurate information, which this article will give!

Border Schnollie History

Because of the Border Schnollie hybrid’s little-known history, we are taking the background of its parents. The Border Collie originated in 1st century Northumberland, somewhere in between the Border of England and Scotland. If we look back further, we come to know that a dog known by the name Old Hemp is Border Collie’s ancestors. It was typically developed as a herding dog, and it excelled this skill.

The other half of the Border Schnollie’s ancestry, the Schnauzer traces its origins to 14th century Germany.  It was once known by the name “Wirehaired Pinscher.” Schnauzer has three sizes consisting mini-Schnauzer standard Schnauzer and giant Schnauzer. Here we talked about standard Schnauzer, the oldest of all types and thought to be a blend of Affenpinscher, Poodle, and dog breeds. Both these parents of Border Schnollie are AKC registered.

Border Schnollie Characteristics

The physical appearance of this dog depends on the predominancy of gene traits from either parent. If we talk about its looks which tend to be common, then these are its medium size, floppy ears, wiry hair, and athletic body. Further characteristics are listed below.

How Big to Border Schnollie Get

A healthy Border Schnollie male and female can grow up to 18-25 inches at shoulders. In comparison, its weight can range from 30-50 pounds. The female dogs are mostly seen to be smaller than the male counterparts.

How Long Does Border Schnollie Live

Expect your Border Schnollie to live a life span of 12 years minimum and 16 years maximum. The increase and decrease are based on the pup’s health and how accurately you fulfill its life needs. A best type of care definitely results in a longer life span.

How Much Does a Border Schnollie Cost

Although it is best to look for this dog in rescues and shelters where you can adopt it easily, investing less, however Border Schnollie is not a high hybrid canine and costs you around $500.

Border Schnollie Temperament/Personality

Taking temperament from both the parent breeds, the Border Schnollie is a loyal, protective, and friendly dog that can be the best choice for a fun-loving family. This dog’s time and care demand can be more than normal, so you must not opt for it if you already have little kids to care for.

If you have this hybrid, prepare for fun, plenty of exercises, or sometimes loud vocals. However, it cannot turn into a barker on seeing strangers if you don’t socialize it at its early age. It is highly loyal and can go to any extent to protect its family and home.

While interacting with the kids, this dog is gentle but can be clumsy sometimes due to herding and hunting instincts. Overall, Border Schnollie is a wonderful dog as a companion and worker, but all you need to make sure is the right training and supervision when it is with kids, and then all is good.

Caring for Border Schnollie

We can consider various aspects under this heading, including the dog’s right grooming, suitable habitat, and the right climate for its residence. Read the headings below to get to know all about these aspects.

Border Schnollie Nutrition

Feed your Border Schnollie between two to two and a half cups of good quality dry food daily. It is good to prefer splitting this meal into three to four meals per day.

How to Groom a Border Schnollie

Border Schnollie is a hypoallergenic dog breed as it doesn’t shed, so you need not worry about keeping it at home with the presence of an allergic person, if any. It would be best to brush its coat at least once a week to avoid mats and tangles and remove dead hair as this dog enjoys playing in muddy water, so it needs frequent bathing. But there must be a four months interval in bathing; otherwise, the dog’s skin will dry out, losing the natural oils.

Border Schnollie Activity Levels

As Border Schnollie is a hybrid of very active parent breeds, it needs 30 to 40 minutes of physical exercise daily without a skip. If your pup is not having this much exercise, it will be unable to burn off its energy levels, resulting in destruction.

Caring for Border Schnollie

Your Border Schnollie can adapt to all sorts of environments and apartment life, so you need not worry about its accommodation. However, ensuring its routine grooming is a must.

Caring for your puppy largely includes its health concern which is given below.

Border Schnollie Health

Border Schnollie is a healthy hybrid like all other hybrids out there. But as we say that hybrid dogs are relatively healthy, not immune. They are likely to suffer from diseases like Cataracts, Pannus, Keratoconjunctivitis, Sicca, Hip Dysplasia, and Collie Eye Anomaly.

You have to make a routine of taking your dog to a healthy veterinary visit. It is essential for the dog’s health, ultimately increasing its lifespan.

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