Border Sheepdog Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Border Sheepdog Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Border Sheepdog is a hybrid produced by crossing the Border Collie and the Shetland Sheepdog. It is a modern hybrid with a little-known history and information. We tend to look at its parental background and details to know all about this dog. A detailed study of Border Sheepdog tells that both these canines are old dog breeds.

Incredibly both these parents of Border Sheepdog have a striking resemblance and similarity of traits. Both are active and intelligent. As a result, the hybrid is also an agile dog with high intelligence, making the training easy. Well known for its ancestral stamina for work, this dog can be a wonderful working dog as well as a guard dog.

Border Sheepdog History

Considering the parental history of Border Sheepdog, the Border Collie parent is not a very old dog breed tracing back its origin to the 1800s. It was registered to the American Kennel Club in 1995 and is known to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Typically, the Border Collie was produced to be a herding dog that assists farmers and ranchers.

In comparison, the Shetland Sheepdog, often known as Sheltie, got its name from the Shetland Islands. People call it by the nickname “Fairy Dog” for its smaller size, playful nature, and fur ball-like structure. Its origin’s actual date is unknown, but it might be a blend of several dog breeds, including the Nordic breeds, large Collie, and Pomeranian.

Border Sheepdog Characteristics

Belonging to two adorable dog breeds, Border Sheepdog has got appealing looks that catch the eye. However, its size may vary from small to medium depending upon either the Border Collie or Sheltie’s gene dominancy. If you want to know more about this unique and wonderful hybrid, then read on!

How Big to Border Sheepdog Get

A fully grown Border Sheepdog can get 16-22 inches in height at the withers. It weighs 25 pounds minimum while 42 pounds maximum. This great variation is due to the smaller to medium-sized variation of this hybrid.

How Long Does Border Sheepdog Live

Keeping the life situations normal, the Border Sheepdog can have a life expectancy of 10-17 years. This difference also lies in the variation of dog’s size from small to medium as smaller dogs have relatively long life spans.

How Much Does a Border Sheepdog Cost

Despite its endearing looks and unmatchable personality traits, the Border Sheepdog has economical rates than its purebred parents. You can get it from a reputable breeder for around $1000.

Border Sheepdog Temperament/Personality

Combining both parents’ personalities, the Border Sheepdog turns out to be an energetic, intelligent, loyal, and devoted pet. It is a furball of endless energy that you will find most of the time twirling here and there. It would be best to provide it with meaningful activities to utilize this energy in the best way.

For example, you can train it to be your working dog or guardian dog. Otherwise, provide it with the toys to keep busy and not interfere with household objects. You can also play games like fetching a frisbee or running. You will be glad to know that your Border Sheepdog can be your great partner in adventures as it loves hiking, swimming running, and the like.

One of the negative tendencies can be its barking; it can be yappy by seeing strangers. But you can also resolve this issue with the right proper training. Don’t worry about keeping this hybrid canine in a home with children, as it loves to befriend kids than older people.

Caring for Border Sheepdog

Caring for a dog is the first and foremost part of keeping it with you. We have shared ahead all the important points of caring for your Border Sheepdog.

Border Sheepdog Nutrition

It would be best to opt for a well-rounded diet for your puppy, including all the essential nutrients, i.e., proteins, healthy fats, carbs, etc. Monitor your Border Sheepdog’s calorie intake and make sure it does exceed or reduce the required food intake. This hybrid canine’s food requirement taking its activity levels is 2.5-3 cups of a healthy dog diet.

How to Groom a Border Sheepdog

The Border Sheepdog’s both parents have a dense coat with thick hair, so its grooming requirements can be high. Brushing must be twice a weak, at least to avoid mats and dead hair that are disposed to shedding. Please keep it in mild climates and maintain the good hygiene of your pup.

Border Sheepdog Activity Levels

Throughout the day, you will be seeing your Border Sheepdog jumping, hopping, and roaming. It is because this doggy is highly active and constantly needs to be in a state of action. If you don’t provide it with proper exercise daily, it can induce destructive behavior.

Caring for Border Sheepdog

Your Border Sheepdog is a loveable dog that is always ready to help you and please you. In return, you too must be very dedicating concerning its health and care. This dog cannot bear extreme cold or extreme warm weather, so keep it in temperate regions.

Moreover, brush its teeth, trim its nails and clean its ear regularly for high maintenance. Invest a good amount to grab a good diet from the supermarket. These are the basic care essentials of a puppy.

Border Sheepdog Health

The main purpose of creating hybrid dogs is to minimize the tendency of diseases found in purebred dogs. Hence Border Sheepdog is a healthy dog with the least chances of having a disease. Few health issues can associate with your pup only when you don’t take its proper care.

These are Cataracts, Hip dysplasia, Paninis, Eye-lid defects, Corneal dystrophy, and Collie Eye anomaly. Reduce the threat of having any of these diseases by taking your dog to a regular veterinary checkup.

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