Borgi Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Borgi Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Borgi is not a purebred dog; rather, it is a mixed breed produced by the cross between a Border Collie and Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs. It is a distinct pairing resulting in a unique hybrid dog combining the characteristics of its parent dogs.

Typically, Borgi appears to be smaller in size with varying-colored coats. It has a double and thick coat that makes it a shedder, but high maintenance can reduce this factor. A loyal, protective and harmless dog that spreads positivity everywhere.  Continue reading to know all about the Borgi.

Borgi History

As with all other hybrid or designer dogs, the Borgi has a very little documented history letting us read its parents’ background. In this regard, the Border Collie originated in 1800 and was known to be Queen Victoria’s favorite dog. It is an AKC-recognized breed that was once the most famous dog of all. Widely used as a herding dog, this purebred made its name as a very intelligent dog.

On the other side of Borgi’s parents, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has an interesting and romantic history. According to the old tales, this dog came from the places of fairies and elves. An old tale also suggests a fairy saddle on the Welsh’s shoulders and that this dog treasured the family that keeps it. However, according to historians, the Welsh Corgis are the descendants of “the Valhunds” or the Swedish cattle dogs. It is a UKC and AKC recognized dog breed.

Borgi Characteristics

Borgi gets a longer coat like both of its parents; however, it may vary. It is an athletic and sturdy dog, with a medium size. The body is relatively longer than it is tall. This estimate is general, and exceptions may occur depending on the gene dominancy from the two different parents.

How Big to Borgi Get

The ideal height of a male Borgi is approximately 13-18 inches, and it weighs 25-30 lbs. Similarly, a female Borgi stands 11-16 inches tall at shoulders, and its weight ranges between 20-25 lbs.

How Long Does Borgi Live

Your Borgi is expected to live for 12 to 16 years provided with suitable living conditions. If things do not go in favor, then your dog can reduce its life expectancy. The reason behind it can mainly be health issues that we discussed later.

How Much Does a Borgi Cost

Given the qualities like a unique hybrid, and having famous purebred parent breeds, the Borgi can let you invest a healthy amount of money in it. This pup is difficult to find, as you can find a breeder after a lot of search and research.

Borgi Temperament/Personality

Borgi is a kind, loyal and friendly dog who loves to be around its human family. It needs a lot of care and attention from all the family members; hence it can be unfit for the family with small kids to care for. You can enjoy yourself a lot with your Borgi if there are elderly members in your family.

However, the fun-loving nature of this canine adds to it an inclination towards little children. It loves to play with them and share their toys. Kids also love to be in the company of Borgi, but they must not be unsupervised during this interaction. The sturdy looks of this hybrid give an air of self-confidence in it.

Moreover, the Borgi has an independent spirit inside, making it enjoy its own company and never suffer from any loneliness syndromes. However, this dog is highly protective, and this trait can make it a bit more amenable to strangers. Training can be difficult with harsh methods, but it can be really quick and easy with positive reinforcement.

Caring for Borgi

Borgi needs early socialization to grow positively. You must learn the detail of your dog’s diet, exercise, grooming, and activity levels. Read on to know this in detail.

Borgi Nutrition

The estimate of Borgi’s size and activity levels suggest that I need approximately 25-30 calories per day. It would be best to give a diet that is rich in healthy nutrients having the right number of proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates, and the rest.

How to Groom a Borgi

The appearance of Borgi can differ, and so as its grooming requirements. Typically, it inherits the longer hair and double coat from the parent breeds, i.e., Border Collie and Welsh Corgi. It means the maintenance of this dog is high, incorporating twice a week brushing, frequent tooth brushing while nail clipping, and bathing when required.

Borgi Activity Levels

Borgi is a highly active result of two energetic dog breeds. It needs daily plenty of exercise to take the energy levels out. Its size can make this dog’s life possible in an apartment but taking it daily outside for fresh air and physical/mental stimulation is crucial.

Caring for Borgi

Borgi can go well with all sorts of climates except very hot or very cold regions. Broadly, it has seen to be living well in colder regions than the warmer. By spending a good amount of money on its diet and other equipment, e.g., dog’s harness, collar, etc., you can groom its personality as well as maintain its health.

We recommend you take guidelines from a professional groomer before bathing it or clipping its nails. Also, you must read this article carefully before going to have a Borgi around you.

Borgi Health

Including all other hybrids in the list, the Borgi is a healthier hybrid dog that is not prone to any serious health concern that once plagued its parents. However, it is not immune and can be predisposed to health problems. But these health concerns are normal, including Cataracts, Hip Dysplasia, Epilepsy, Degenerative Myelopathy, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), and von Willebrand’s Disease.

There is no guarantee that your designer dog can or cannot have any of these diseases throughout its life. But it is guaranteed that you can keep your dog healthy and fit by ensuring its regular visit to a veterinary doctor.

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