Bossi-Poo Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bossi Poo Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Bossi-Poo is a cross between a Boston Terrier and a Poodle. Belonging to the two wonderful dog breeds, it is a well-built dog with a funky and bossy nature. You must know that it has other similar names, such as Bossi Doodle, Boston Poo, and Boston Doodle. The intelligence and loyalty from the parent breeds are transferred to it, making it a loyal companion.

The Bossi Poo is a medium-sized canine that can well adapt to all environments and any sized house. Its intelligence makes it highly trainable; thus, it doesn’t necessarily require any professional groomer. Let’s explore everything about this adorable puppy together.

Bossi-Poo History

Bossi-Poo is a fairly recent dog hybrid, and there isn’t much said on its history. The Boston Terrier is from Boston, Massachusetts that traces back to the 1800s. The initial Boston Terrier was a lot bigger than the variety that we know today. Known as “American Gentleman”, this dog got recognition from the American Kennel Club. It became very well known in Boston by 1889, yet in those days, it was known by the name “the American Bull Terrier.”

On the converse, the Poodle originated in Germany, but we can see its origin also in France. It is an old dog breed tracing its origin to the fifteenth century and widely used as a water retrieval dog. Poodle’s name comes from the Germanic word “Pudel”, meaning “one who plays in water”. The Poodle’s signature clip, i.e., trimmed hair on the tummy and a thick hairbrush on the feet, was specially designed by the hunters. They intend to give them this look as the hair legs protect from brush and cold while the clipped body moves more efficiently in water.

Bossi-Poo Characteristics

Bossi-Poo is a medium-sized dog with a delicate appearance but a muscular body. The tight single coat of the dog is covered with short, wiry fur. Other features include its medium square muzzle, almond-shaped eyes and pendant ears. Each Bossi-Poo could look different contingent upon the proportion of hereditary qualities from each breed.

How Big to Bossi-Poo Get

The medium-sized Bossi-Poo usually weighs between 25 and 50 pounds when completely grown up. Similarly, its height ranges from 11 – 15 inches.

How Long Does Bossi-Poo Live

The Bossi-Poo can have the life span of its parents’ 12-15 years. You can make your canine fit for finishing this life expectancy by taking good care of its sound eating routine and exercise. You can also surpass this life expectancy for over one year with the dog’s exceptional care.

How Much Does a Bossi-Poo Cost

The normal price range for a healthy Bossi Poo goes from $450 to $600. Apart from this initial cost for the doggy, you need to invest in its food, toys, grooming, harness, leash, collar, and health investment.

Bossi-Poo Temperament/Personality

Bossi-Poo is an even-tempered dog that doesn’t require much attention; hence it is not prone to separation anxiety. It is excellent family pets that carry on well around kids. Also, taking on the retrieving and herding instincts from the parents can be your working and guarding dog.

The temperament of Bossi-Poo is neither too jolly nor too much serious; rather, it is somewhere in between. If socialized, then will be good around elder people, children, as well as furry beings. The Bossi-Poo is an amiable, kind, and loyal dog with very good tolerance to being left alone. This trait makes it a great fit for working families.

This canine’s intelligence makes it highly trainable, but it can be showing a stubborn streak as Boston Terrier. You can recover this with early life obedience training. Affectionate, faithful, and protective simultaneously, this dog makes itself a perfect pet for you and your family.

Caring for Bossi-Poo

The Bossi-Poo is an easy-to-handle pet that can do well in smaller places like apartments. Let’s take a good guide of its nutrition, grooming, health and exercise to keep the pup fit throughout its life.

Bossi-Poo Nutrition

Taken the Bossi Poo’s medium size and high energy level, it requires 1.5 to 2 cups of high-quality kibble a day. We recommend feeding your dog grain-free, high-protein dog food containing the right amount of healthy fats and other essential nutrients.

How to Groom a Bossi-Poo

The Bossi-Poo has low shedding levels, yet it needs coat brushing more than once per week. It requires regular maintenance in the form of nails clipping, teeth brushing, and cleaning ears. If you don’t brush your teeth, your pup’s teeth will be prone to dental issues. The overdue nails give away to bacteria, while the unclean ears cause infection.

Bossi-Poo Activity Levels

As the Poodle parent of Bossi-Poo performed at the circus, and it was a water retriever dog, the hybrid also takes on the skill to perform tricks. You can make it learn various stunts as well and can let it participate in dog shows. This way, you can have real fun with your Bossi-Poo. Moreover, give it a daily 40-7- minutes of exercise to burn its high energy levels.

Caring for Bossi-Poo

The Bossi-Poo is a hardy, medium-sized canine with high activity levels and moderate appetite. Feed it on a top-quality kibble designed specifically for the dogs of this energy and size. This hybrid also requires little maintenance, saving your time and expenses.

But make sure that you must clip the nails before they start clicking on the floor. Moreover, clean the dog’s ear with a damp cotton swab and keep it away from pollution as much as you can.

Bossi-Poo Health

Like all other designer dogs, the Bossi-Poo is less likely to have so many health issues that affect its parents. However, it is important to know that it is not immune and still prone to certain diseases, including Addison’s and Mitral Valve Disease, joint issues and allergies.

Please take it to the veterinary doctor immediately in case of having a disease sign. Other than this, ensure regular veterinary checkup to remain on the safer side.

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