Bostchon Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bostchon Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowBostchon is a sweet and adorable mix of the Boston Terrier and the Bichon Frise. It is a smart dog that is highly trainable and can be a great family pet. However, the Boston Terrier in it makes it a bit stubborn, but you can overcome this streak with proper training in the early life of your adorable pup.

It is a furry little dog, extremely cheerful, playful and can be a snuggle buddy. Its stable temperament outgrows the interests in it like playful and affectionate and people-oriented. It is a moderately active smallest dog that can be aggressive toward strange dogs. Read on to know why you should opt for this dog and how can you minimize its negative tendencies to make a perfect pup.

Bostchon History

Many organizations and clubs gave recognition to Bostchon, including the American Canine Hybrid Club, Dog Registry of America, and Designer Dogs Kennel Club. Its Boston Terrier parent originated in the 18th century in Boston, United States. It got its name from the place of its origin and has an English Bulldog and an English White Terrier ancestry.

In sharp comparison, the Bichon Frise parent of Bostchon is a descendant of Water or “Barbet” Spaniels and Poodles. Originating around the 12th century this breed became a famous companion dog for France and Italy’s royalty. It was known as a Spanish sailing dog with the initial “Barbichon” name shortened to “Bichon”. Both these parent breeds are AKC registered.

Bostchon Characteristics

By having Boston parent’s body and Bichon’s facial features, this dog balances both parents’ personality traits. It is small in size with proportionately long legs. Again, the coat mixes both the parents’ genes trait as it is wiry and dense like a Boston Terrier and long like a Bichon Frise.

How Big to Bostchon Get

The tiny-sized Bostchon appears to be a mass of fur reaching approximately 10-17 inches high at maximum. In comparison, the weight of this small dog varies between 13 and 18 pounds. It seems delicate but is strongly gifted with a compact and athletic body.

How Long Does Bostchon Live

Bostchon has the longer life span of a small-sized dog, i.e., 15-17 years. It can complete it with your help as you give a quality diet, care and exercise. Keep your pup away from the diseases they are prone to (mentioned at the end of this article).

How Much Does a Bostchon Cost

You will be amazed to know the price after seeing the charm of this adorable furry pup. Bostchon can be easily available at a reputable breeder for about $700 to $800. However, we recommend you prefer looking for this puppy first in rescues and shelters before buying from any breeders.

Bostchon Temperament/Personality

Again, Bostchon being a hybrid dog, have a mixed temperament of Boston Terrier and Bichon Frise. It can be sensitive and stubborn like both of its parents. At the same time, it is a very sweet, loving and affectionate doggy that loves to snuggle you and be around you. Owing to its small size, it wants attention and shows cute gestures like little kids.

Your hybrid can do best if you provide a consistent routine and environment. A lot of fluctuations can cause a problematic situation for your puppy. It is an inherently happy dog breed that can be wonderful with early training. A lack of socialization and training can be showing a stubborn streak, and it can misbehave.

The best way to counteract this stubbornness and other behaviour issues is to give calm, patient and effective training to your Bostchon. Given quality training at a young age, this puppy is best going with children, elders, and pets.

Caring for Bostchon

What comes under the heading of a dog’s care is its good diet, exercise, environmental needs, grooming requirements, and health maintenance. Please read on the following aspects we discussed to take very good care of your pet!

Bostchon Nutrition

Your smaller Bostchon has a smaller tummy that can be filled even with a little amount of food. It would help if you focused on giving all the essential nutrients within this small diet. We recommend only one cup of healthy dry dog kibble per day split into frequent small meals.

How to Groom a Bostchon

You will find Bostchons a minimal shedder that don’t need a lot of brushing. Brush twice or thrice a week to remove the occasional tangles and knots of your pup’s fur. It would be best if you give your doggy month to month showers—trim hair around their eyes and ears to avoid the dust trapping in these areas causing infections.

Bostchon Activity Levels

The moderately active Bostchon can satisfy its energy levels with 30 minutes of moderate exercise or walk in a nearby park. It can do well inside apartment life but giving daily fresh air is a must, and you will notice that your dog is comparatively more excited and active outside.

Caring for Bostchon

Bostchon is quite a simple dog that you can handle easily. There are certain points which you never compromise in its care. Firstly, please keep your dog in moderate climates as it can have issues in extreme hot or extreme cold. Secondly, stay consistent with the living areas or other routines, i.e., eating, grooming, exercise etc.

You can do your best to schedule each activity of your dog. Also, confine a day within a week as your pup’s hygiene day. Brush its teeth, clean its ears and clip its nails that day.

Bostchon Health

As far as the Bostchon’s health is concerned, it is by far a healthy hybrid. Excluding the minor health conditions which a canine can have, this dog remains fit. Although it not necessarily takes on those minor issues also leading a disease-free healthy life.

However, in case of having an issue like Cataracts, Distichia, Patellar Luxation and Dental Issues, take your dog immediately to the doctor. You will be able to deal with any of these issues at an early stage with your dog’s regular veterinary visit.

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