Boston Boxer Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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Boston Boxer is a strong hybrid produced by crossing the Boston Terrier and Boxer. It is a medium-sized dog with a squarish and athletic body like both of its parents. Highly active, needing plenty of daily exercises, and lack of activity can result in destructive behavior.

Due to its high adaptability, it is least bothered by changing climates however keeping your pup away from harsh climates is essential. Read on to know all about this amazing canine.

Boston Boxer History

Boston Boxer Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowA newer hybrid Boston Boxer has a little history; thus, we look at its parent breeds. Its parentage will help us know about the new hybrid’s background, pedigree, and other information. The Boston Terrier originated around 1870 in America. It is a small-sized dog; however, the original dog was quite large.  We can trace the Bulldog and English White Terrier in their lineage. In 1979, it became the state dog of Massachusetts. In 1893 the AKC officially registered it and listed it as 21st most famous breeds in the US.

On the other side, the Boxer breed has an obscure history. It is believed to be originated in 16th century France. Experts believe that this dog has Old English Bulldog and the now extinct Bullenbeisser in its lineage. During the 18th century, the dog was famous in Germany and was widely used as a hunter and sporting companion. In 1895 the first club with its name was found. After coming to the US, it gained official registration from the American Kennel Club in 1904. AKC’s 2013 statistics tell that this dog is America’s seventh-most popular dog breed.

Boston Boxer Characteristics

Boston Boxer has a smooth and tight-fitting coat with fawn, brindle, or white color assortments. This hybrid looks more like its Boxer parent and is sometimes known as Miniature Boxer. These dogs are brachycephalic means they have broad and short skulls and have a squarish muzzle. Due to its hunting and sporting lineage has strong jaws with a powerful bite and compact and arched paws.

How Big to Boston Boxer Get

The medium-sized Boston Boxer weighs about 25-55 lbs at maximum. Besides, their height ranges from 15-22 inches. The female dog tends to be slightly smaller than its male dog.

How Long Does Boston Boxer Live

Boston Boxer lives for about 9-10 years under suitable living conditions. Bigger dogs tend to live a shorter life as they age faster. You can increase their longevity with proper care of their diet, exercise, grooming, and health.

How Much Does a Boston Boxer Cost

A puppy of this hybrid breed will run you almost $500-$800. You’ll likely need to go through a breeder to get your hands on a Boston Boxer. Do as much research as you can regarding a breeder’s reputation, and always check references.

Boston Boxer Temperament/Personality

The Boston Boxer will have personality traits from both his parents. They are energetic and playful breeds and tend to be very good with children. Their protective nature, paired with intelligence and power, makes them excellent watchdogs. These qualities make them excellent watchdogs and companion dogs. It is not an aggressive breed; rather, it can become very attached to its family.

After taking this pup home, you will find that it is a confident and happy dog. Early age socialization with pets and children is essential for smooth interactions. Without proper socialization, this breed can be unwelcoming or even aggressive toward other dogs. Because of its moderate-to-high prey drive, it is not the best breed for getting along with cats or other small animals.

Caring for Boston Boxer

The moment you take a puppy home with you, a huge responsibility begins. Any negligence in its care can lead to behavioral issues or health concerns which can be severe.  To avoid any inconvenience, you have to keep up with your pup’s diet, grooming, and exercise regimen.

Boston Boxer Nutrition

Boston Boxer is very easy to please when it comes to food. However, they can be great eaters, making sure to the pure limited amount of Dog food in their Dog bowl. They will do best on 3 cups full of dry dog diet, which you should spread out into two three frequent meals to help keep your dog’s energy level up.

How to Groom a Boston Boxer

Your Boston Boxer is generally a low-maintenance breed, but a professional groomer can handle it with its teeth brushing, bathing, and nail clipping owing to its size and strength. A pet parent can do so when he has years of dog handling experience; otherwise, it can be risky.

Boston Boxer Activity Levels

Boston Boxers need heaps of activity as they are extremely energetic dogs. You may expect to give this pup a walk of an hour paired with regular exercise. This can be achieved once a day or split into two intervals as per convenience.

Caring for Boston Boxer

Boston Boxer does its best in a rural side in a large and spacious dwelling. Before taking this pup to a metropolitan area, you must have a spacious area like a yard in your house where he can live happily in a Dog House or Outdoor Dog Kennel.

Its ears need regular cleaning to avoid any infection. For dental care and preventing tartar buildup, you should brush your teeth with special Toothbrushes for Dogs.

Boston Boxer Health

As with any puppy, Boston Boxer could inherit health issues from either parent. To avoid this, you should ask to see health clearance not just for the hybrid but for the parents too. The major health concerns in this pup are Cardiomyopathy, Hip Dysplasia, Subaortic Stenosis, while the minor being Stenotic Nares, Patellar Luxation, Distichiasis, Deafness, and Cataracts.

A regular veterinary visit will help to alleviate the risk of these ailments. Basic health care like Flea Treatment for Dogs, tick prevention, vaccinations, pet insurance is also essential.

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