Boston Cattle Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Boston Cattle Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowBoston Cattle Dog is a cross between the Boston Terrier and the Australian Cattle Dog. There isn’t a ton of information about this new cross-bred canine, so we should look to the parent canines for their common attributes. It is fun-loving, loyal, and amicable dog. With an athletic and robust build like its parents, Boston Cattle Dog makes an energetic cherishing family pet.

It is highly energetic and needs more prominent places to accommodate. It would help if you established yourself as the leader as this dog responds well to a firm leader. This way, you can make your dog learn to obey. Also, it helps to give the best training in a short time. Read on along with us to know the rest about this puppy.

Boston Cattle Dog History

Even though it is an uncommon dog variety, the Boston Cattle Dog gained popularity somewhat recently. While its history is obscure, we can take its parent canines’ history to know what the Boston Cattle Dog has acquired from its ancestry. The Boston Terrier began in Boston, Massachusetts making it one of few dog breeds created in the USA. The earlier Boston Terrier was that of greater size from today’s variety which was sued in pit-battling.

The Australian Cattle Dog was developed during the 1800s. The breeders produced it by intersecting the Dingo-blue merle Collies to Dalmatians and Dark Kelpies. Some preliminary information is the addition of Bull Terrier also in this lineage. The crossing successfully produced an excellent working dog that excelled in herding cattle and working with farmers/ranchers. It was in 1980 that AKC accepted this dog breed.

Boston Cattle Dog Characteristics

It is recommended for its working, guarding, herding, and stunts performance; this dog is an athletic-looking canine. It is characterized by a squarish skull, wide oval eyes, slightly bent tail, solid and straight front legs, and is comparatively more prolonged than it is tall. Other characteristics of Boston Cattle Dog are mentioned ahead in detail.

How Big to Boston Cattle Dog Get

The Boston Cattle Dog has a medium stature standing almost 12-20 inches at the shoulders. Besides, the fully grown-up male and female of this hybrid can weigh between 12-40 pounds.

How Long Does Boston Cattle Dog Live

Exempting any health problem, your Boston Cattle Dog has a life expectancy of 12-15 years. It is the average life span of the majority of the canines finished under suitable living conditions.

How Much Does a Boston Cattle Dog Cost

You may get your Boston Cattle Dog starting from the range of $600 as far as possible up to $4,000. However, so many factors can separately or collectively slant this pup’s cost, including the dog’s instincts, skills, strong lineage, and health clearance.

Boston Cattle Dog Temperament/Personality

The Boston Cattle Dog acquire their knowledge and incredible capacity of working well from their parent breeds. It can be an excellent home pet being a protective, loyal and friendly dog. You will not regret having this pup as it is reliable, energetic, and lovable with appealing looks.

With a compelling impulse to rule, this dog has a sense of independence that might be coming from its herding parents. However, you can control this propensity with the proper training. Remember that training must be as early as possible and most preferably at the earlier age of your dog’s life.

Moreover, Boston Cattle Dog is a courageous and canny canine that likes to be effectively engaged with family exercises. It is an agile and easily groomed pup that makes a marvelous gatekeeper. However, it is observed to be a gentler dog but can be harsh if any threat to it or its owner/family.

Caring for Boston Cattle Dog

Your pup relies on you for all of its requirements. Starting from its food to its grooming, living, and everything is your responsibility. Being a pet parent, you must take excellent care of your Boston Cattle Dog. Lack of care can result in various issues, which can be problematic, so you must take care in the first place.

Boston Cattle Dog Nutrition

The medium-sized Boston Cattle Dog with a compact and athletic body needs leaner proteins and less likely to add extra weight to their body. Turkey, chicken, salmon, and other fish are great foods as a source of healthy fats and proteins for your dog. You can give it raw food, as well as good quality, packed dog diet.

How to Groom a Boston Cattle Dog

The Boston Cattle Dog has a short, dense fair that sheds moderately. It would help if you brushed your coat twice a week to manage to shed and also bathe them when dirty or smelly. Invest in a dog’s special grooming kit having a nail clipper, toothbrush, pin hairbrush as essential elements.

Boston Cattle Dog Activity Levels

This hybrid needs moderate exercise and a lot of mental incitement (games and situations) to keep them mentally and physically healthy. A daily 30-40 minutes of walk or less hectic exercise is best to get your dog going well.

Caring for Boston Cattle Dog

Train your Boston Cattle Dog well, make them practice frequently, give your time and attention and be a leader, and it will be your well-mannered and adoring canine.

Avoid living in harsh climates and take it inside when there is extremely hot or cold outside or any other harsh climate. Maintain good grooming by bathing not often but at intervals.

Boston Cattle Dog Health

Boston Cattle Dog is a healthy canine except for a few minor dog diseases to which it is predisposed. These are Cataracts, Deafness, Luxating patellas, Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), ear infections, and skin allergies.

Take your doggy to a regular veterinary visit to keep it away from these diseases. Use a quality shampoo to avoid skin dryness/ allergies, and after bathing, dry the skin properly. See if moisture is trapped in any skin folds and dry it as it is likely to cause inflammation or infection.

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