Boston Chin Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Boston Chin Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Boston Chin is a cute hybrid dog between the Boston Terrier and the Japanese Chin. Owing to its small size, it is an excellent fit for people living in apartments. Quick to please, devoted to their family, these dogs are excellent all-round dogs for a family. As this hybrid dog’s appearance is concerned, we can see more influence of the Boston Terrier, but Boston Chin has relatively long hair.

Moreover, it combines the Japanese Chin’s perky, proud and playful nature with the gentleness and intelligence of the Boston Terrier. Quick to learn, eager to please but respond well to the kind training. You will be seeing the best results with praise and giving little treats to encourage them. This article includes all the details about Boston Terrier.

Boston Chin History

The Boston Chin is another hybrid with a little-known history. However, it is not difficult to see the parent attributes showed in both the appearance and disposition of this dog. The Japanese Chin is developed from the Tibetan spaniel. It is an old toy breed that appears to have begun in Chine as the old earthenware and adorned old Chinese sanctuaries marked its appearance. In the 1600s, some Portuguese mariners gave a few Chins a blessing to Princess Catherine of Braganza.

In 1977 it got registered in the roster of the American Kennel Club. In sharp comparison, the Boston Terrier is one of the famous dog varieties created in the USA, starting in Boston, Massachusetts. These dogs changed their rearing from being a big pit battling bull and terrier to today’s shorter, gentler, and kid dog. The AKC perceived this variety in 1893. Presently joined with the Japanese Chin, the lovely Boston Chin outcome conveys the best credits from its parent breeds.

Boston Chin Characteristics

This cute little hybrid is a toy dog breed that can be your lap dog and be snuggling around you most of the time. Though petite but have a well-formed and athletic demeanor covered with furs, this dog gives impressive looks. Floppy ears, almond eyes, broad head, and comparatively short muzzle than its parents have unique looks.

How Big to Boston Chin Get

On average, the fully grown male Boston Chin weighs 12-14 lbs. and stands 11-15 inches. The female dog has 10-13 lbs. weight, and its height range from 10-13 inches.

How Long Does Boston Chin Live

Boston Chin lives the average life of a small dog which is 14-17 years. The small-sized dog has relatively longer life spans. However, it is a rough estimate which can be increased or decreased.

How Much Does a Boston Chin Cost

This adorable dog can is available in economic ranges at somewhat $500 t0 $700. However, we recommend you to adopt instead. There are many rescues and shelters out there where you can search for them.

Boston Chin Temperament/Personality

The Bostin Chin is an adorable dog and a great partner, somewhat touchy, and highly smart. The intelligence can make this dog easily trainable, but its stubbornness can become a hurdle. It also has an air of independence which lets it be its boss. It would help if you establish yourself to be the leader and the boss.

This way, it will be obedient and easy-going, becoming a well-mannered pet—an upbeat canine who is good to go with the family and the children. With the proper training and socialization, you can also make it familiar to strangers and other furry beings. As a result, it would not be showing tendencies like barking, nibling, or becoming harsh to the outsiders.

Caring for Boston Chin

Caring for a pup includes many factors such as its diet, exercise, grooming, health, etc. When you brought a dog with you, then, of course, you owe its care. Read this section to know how to care for your Boston Chin excellently.

Boston Chin Nutrition

Smaller dogs tend to have a little tummy which can be filled with a smaller amount of food. It becomes crucial in such a case to provide a balanced diet having calculated numbers of calories. Moreover, strictly avoid giving food with fillers and grains.

How to Groom a Boston Chin

The Boston Chin dog has medium-sized fur with standard hair length. Its coat can be well managed with a weekly brushing. This doggy neither has an unpleasant odor nor is it highly active to play in the mud or run the whole day long. These factors limit the bathing, and it would be sufficient to bathe it after 4 or 6 months.

Boston Chin Activity Levels

The Boston Chin, as we mentioned earlier, can accommodate apartment life, but it does require daily exercise outside the home. Besides exercising and walking outside, it loves to play games with the family and enjoy with its master. Play various mind and health-stimulating games to keep your puppy fit.

Caring for Boston Chin

You will not require a great deal of effort or time caring for your Boston Chin. Instead, it is a pretty straightforward and pleasant thing that satisfies you from the core of your heart. When you groom your pup by brushing it, cutting its nails, etc., it would be such a good interaction between a pet parent and the canine relished by both.

Similarly, other care aspects such as taking care of its routine and health, buying a quality dog diet, and taking it to exercise daily are such tasks that are not hectic but interesting. A dog is a cute duty assigned to someone. There should be no negligence in its negligence; otherwise, the negative consequences can put you in worry.

Boston Chin Health

Boston Chin doesn’t carry the parents’ severe health concerns, but it can be predisposed to everyday health situations. These health issues can be Cherry Eye, Congenital Heart Defect, Patellar Luxation, Glaucoma, ear infections, and skin allergies.

 You can avoid all these diseases by ensuring a regular checkup of your dog. For this purpose, you have to take it to the veterinary doctor at least after a month or two.

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