Boston Huahua Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Boston Huahua Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Boston Huahua is an enthusiastic little canine that is a blend of the Boston Terrier and the Chihuahua. It is an adorable partner canine that brings the sweet aura of the Boston Terrier along with the curious nature of the Chihuahua. They make incredible lap dogs and are ideal adventure partners.

This dog is more averse to bark and exceeds the separation anxiety of Chihuahua. It doesn’t like to be left alone; instead, it loves to accompany its human family and wants to be engaged with everything you do. While the demeanor, personality, and other traits of this dog rely upon the dominant genes’ contribution from either parent.

Boston Huahua History

The Boston Huahua is a designer dog having both parents as purebreds. There is no exact information about the cross of the Boston Terrier and the Chihuahua to produce this hybrid. We are going to see both these dogs’ histories separately. The Boston Terrier originated in the late Nineteenth Century in Boston, America, and got its name after its origin. Earlier it was more significant than today’s Boston Terrier used in-pit fighting and gained immense popularity during the 1930s.

The Chihuahua, on the other hand, has different hypotheses regarding its origin. One among them is that it is the descendant of Techichi, a South or Central American canine. We can also discover this dog in the nineteenth-century carvings. It is believed that this breed originated during the 1850s in Mexico. Its name is after Mexico’s “Chihuahua” state. The American Kennel Club added this dog to the “toy” group in 1904.

Boston Huahua Characteristics

The Boston Huahua is a toy-sized dog that can be your all-time lap dog. Having an athletic built, squared head and muzzle, wrinkly nose, erect ears, and short, dense coat, this dog is appealing to your sight. Curious looks in its eyes give a sense of innocence that makes this dog more endearing. Read on to know other characteristics.

How Big to Boston Huahua Get

As it is a small-sized dog with a small demeanor, the height can be anywhere between 9-15 inches. It is for a fully grown-up pup. In accordance with it, the weight of a Boston Huahua ranges between 10-15 lbs.

How Long Does Boston Huahua Live

Expect your Boston Huahua to live the average life of a small-sized dog, and a little dog has a comparatively more extended life. It can live a minimum of 12 years and a maximum of 18 years. This variation depends upon how much you care for your dog.

How Much Does a Boston Huahua Cost

The Boston Huahua is a hybrid of two purebreds and AKC-recognized dogs. You will be amazed to know its price after knowing its importance. It costs you almost $500 to &800 from a reputable breeder. The higher or lesser rates depend on the offers the breeder is giving.

Boston Huahua Temperament/Personality

Boston Huahua has pretty much attributes of the parent breed in them; they are happy, affectionate little canines that can fit right in with your everyday life. It is an amicable puppy eager to make love and displays a very caring attitude towards its family. It is friendly as well as curious about things.

It is a lap dog that would be around you most of the time. A Boston Huahua is appropriate for families without small kids. However, talking about its general behavior with the kids is a gentle and kind dog that can be very amazing with the kids raised close.

The instincts like curiosity and inquisitive character make it an incredible guard dog. They love to be with their family and will love to go on any trip together. Hence it can be an excellent companion dog at the same time.

Caring for Boston Huahua

The incredibly faithful Boston Huahua is undoubtedly a new family member in your house. As it is a furry being and has different sorts of requirements, so you have to read along with us to know what you have to feed your pup and how to handle it in other aspects.

Boston Huahua Nutrition

Boston Huahua has a smaller tummy, so its nutrition requirements are also minimal. Ensure a healthy dog diet containing all the essential nutrients to fulfill all the nutritional needs with their small quantity. Feed them around one and a half cups of good quality kibble split into 3-4 meals per day.

How to Groom a Boston Huahua

The Boston Huahua is an easy-to-groom pup at it has a shorter straight and silky coat. It is also water repellent and is self-maintained. Brushing once a week will be sufficient for its high maintenance. Bathing is required when necessary but with a good quality shampoo to avoid allergies.

Boston Huahua Activity Levels

The activity requirements of Boston Huahua are limited that can be fulfilled with a 30 minutes exercise daily. If you keep this dog in an apartment, then taking it out daily for a walk is necessary. However, if it has a larger fence yard to run, then taking it outside to a park or elsewhere once a week would be sufficient.

Caring for Boston Huahua

A pet parent has a lot of responsibility as his dog trusts him by all means. He needs to maintain this trust level by ensuring the pup’s healthy diet, exercise, good maintenance, and the rest.

Keep Boston Huahua in not so warm or not so cold climate as it can go best in moderate temperatures. Its coat is likely to shed more in hotter regions. Also, pay attention to things like dog’s nail clipping, teeth brushing, and a good routine to follow.

Boston Huahua Health

Some health conditions to which your Boston Huahua can be prone are infections, Patellar luxation, Pulmonic stenosis, Allergies, and Eye complaints. Avoid these by taking it regularly to a vet for examination.

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