Bouvador Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bouvador Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Bouvador is a simple but ingenious play on words and genetics. It’s the combination of two pure breed parents. These parents are the Labrador Retriever and the Bouvier des Flanders. From the Bouvier, it gets its utilities, while the Flanders gives it a unique, appealing style.

The Bouvador is an absolute charmer with its amazing kindness and compassionate attitude. It has both the brains and the muscles of a resourceful companion and wants nothing more than your affection and attention. A free soul, the Bouvador loves open spaces and lots of walks. It needs to be trained properly to make it more tamed and calm. In the upcoming few paragraphs, we will explain the countless attributes that give the Bouvador its appeal.

Bouvador History

The Bouvador is a relatively new addition to the growing and flowering field of dog breeds. Its history is clouded and limited, but we do know quite a lot about its parents. The Labrador retriever, a tame and friendly breed, was first found in Newfoundland, Canada. It was a resourceful dog with the right brains to be vital in search, rescue, and retrieval missions. It was brought to England in the 1820s. From there, it spread throughout history and land.

The Bouvier des Flander was a herding dog from the town of Flanders. The Flander is reported to be a cross between an Irish wolfhound and local farm dogs. The Flander was first thought to have been conceived with monks’ efforts from the Ter Duinen Monastery. The Flander is the parent from which the Bouvador gets its strength. The Bouvier des Flanders was reported to be strong enough to pull cargo carts. The breed standards and requirements were officially recognized sometime around 1965.

Bouvador Characteristics

The Bouvador gets the best from both of his parents. It’s large and strong, with amazing muscles. It’s a good swimmer and can easily traverse bodies of water. He has a dense coat with a gloss and shine. This gives it a unique look drawn from both of its parents. The Coat color can vary between Black, Brown, and Brindle. It’s a friendly breed and resourceful, to say the least.

How Big to Bouvador Get

The Bouvador is a large breed thanks to both of its parents, especially the Bouvier des Flanders. The males and females in this breed share the same general values of weight and height. They have heights that vary between the range of 22 to 28 inches. Their weights can vary between 55 to 90 lbs. These values may vary on the purity of the breed.

How Long Does Bouvador Live

Unfortunately, both parents of the Bouvador have short-lived lives. The average Bouvador has a lifespan of 13 years. This lifespan may be extended with the right medical care, attention, and the secret ingredient of love.

How Much Does a Bouvador Cost

The cost of a Bouvador pup depends on the supplier or the Breeder. There are no strict rules to determine its price because of its relative rarity. In general, it should cost you something between 600$ to 1500$. The cost may vary on how good the pups have been taken care of and how pure breed the parents are.

Bouvador Temperament/Personality

The Bouvador is a happy-go-lucky dog. It is strong and an absolute charm. It will remain sensitive to your voice once trained and may often use its beady eyes to coax you into giving it treats.

It gets its attachment from the Labrador and may develop separation anxiety when it stays away from you. Having it well trained from the get-go should be your prime choice. It needs a firm tutor or teacher. Otherwise, it will get spoiled and refuse to listen.

It is a kind companion and with the right amount of socializing it will play nice with both your family and your friends. That in no way means that it will compromise your safety. When the time comes, it will more than often step in front of you to protect you.

Caring for Bouvador

Since you know what the Bouvador is, you should know how to take care of it. Believe us; your canine companion deserves all the care in the world.

Bouvador Nutrition

The Bouvador is a large active breed. It will burn through calories rapidly. So feeding it 3 cups per day should be enough to keep it vitalized and strong. Try not to overfeed it because obesity can be a major problem for this breed.

How to Groom a Bouvador

The Bouvador has a straight, medium to long coat. The coat is dense and needs regular brushing to keep it free and breathable. The main concern for a Bouvador should be its ears which are prone to accumulate dirt and germs. Its nail should be trimmed accordingly. Brush its teeth two to three times a week to grant it good dental health.

Bouvador Activity Levels

The Bouvador is a very active breed. It needs a lot of open space to run around and play in. Taking it for regular walks in the park for at least an hour and a half should sate its playful nature. This guy also loves the water, so you can go crazy on the beach.

Caring for Bouvador

The Bouvador is certainly not a very low maintenance breed. It does require a lot of time and attention to keep it in shape. Its also prone to certain medical conditions, which increase the cost of its medical health.

Despite its still a splendid breed that will keep you and your children safe. As long as it has your attention and love, the Bouvador will remain a good boy. If it doesn’t, then it may need a bit of schooling.

Bouvador Health

The Bouvador being a mixed breed, is vulnerable to certain diseases. It can have a host of diseases attacking it.  These diseases are Elbow Dysplasia, Cataracts, Retinal Dysplasia, Glaucoma, Hip Dysplasia, Bloat Hemolytic Anemia, Diabetes, and Cushing’s disease.

The easiest way to be rid of these is with regular checkups and coordination with your doctor. After that, it’s all about patience and medication.

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