Boxer Chow Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Boxer Chow Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowMedium-sized and resourceful is the most suitable description of the Boxer Chow. It is a combination of the loyal and famous Boxer, with the happy and loving Chow Chow. It may have a smile plastered on its face almost every waking moment. They are good friends and can be especially happy with all of the other pets in the family.

They do tend to stay on edge in the presence of strangers, but that makes them even better guard dogs. They have a short, rich coat, which comes in various colors. This color for its coat can be any shade of brown, white, or cream. They inherit traits from both sides of the parents. These traits and various other breed values shall be explained in detail in the next few paragraphs.

Boxer Chow History

The Boxer Chow is a relatively new breed. It is thought to have been bred in the 2000s. Its parents are the Boxer and the Chow Chow. The Boxer is not a breed to be taken lightly. It is thought to have been originally from either the breed of the Tibetan fighting dogs or the German Bullenbeisser. In either case, it has a rich history filled with the most loyal and strongest breeds being its ancestors. It became famous in the 1800s for its amazing fighting capabilities. It became tamer overtime. It was officially qualified as a suitable breed by the AKC in 1904.

The Chow Chow is a Chinese dog with its own fair share of history. It is a breed from one of the few ancient surviving ones. The Chow Chow was bred for various resourceful purposes. At some point, it was bred for its meat too. The ancestors or parents of the Chow Chow are thought to be the Samoyed and the Mastiff. This gives it an even stronger base in the land of the fighting dogs. It is along with the Shar-Pei, one of the two dogs with black-blue tongues acknowledged by the AKC.

Boxer Chow Characteristics

The Boxer Chow receives the genes and traits from both of its parents. The Boxer Chow is a medium-sized dog with a short coat. It usually has a black muzzle and a thick muscular body. This breed can take about almost anything, thanks to its amazingly built body. They have a broad face and skull like the Boxer. It has drooping triangular ears like the Boxer. This breed can look absolutely intimidating if it wants to, but usually, it will have a smile on its face.

How Big do Boxer Chow Get

The Boxer Chow is a medium-sized dog, and this fact is reflected in its general measures. The Boxer Chow will have a size mainly depending on the dominant blood. The male Boxer Chow will have a height ranging between 20 to 25 inches and a weight range of 50 to 60 lbs. The females will have a weight range of 45 to 55 lbs and a height range of 18 to 24 inches. Again these values may change depending on the diet and exercise.

How Long Does Boxer Chow Live

The Boxer chow is a hybrid that has a surprisingly long lifespan. It can live up to 15 years of age. This value is thought to be thanks to its Chow Chow blood. It must get the right food and healthcare to reach that ripe old age.

How Much Does a Boxer Chow Cost

The general price of this breed depends on the Breeder. A Boxer pup could cost you anything in between 600 dollars and 2500 dollars. The healthier and pure-bred ones will have a price tag on the more expensive end.

Boxer Chow Temperament/Personality

The Boxer Chow is an absolutely good boy. It has the right amount of kindness and joyfulness to play well with all of your other pets. You can further enable this friendliness by giving it the proper amount of socialization and training skills. It may be a bit too energetic and slightly rebellious when it is young, but it becomes obedient as it grows up.

They are superb as guard dogs too. The Boxer Chow has a very keen sense of smell and remains on guard no matter what. It inherits loyalty from both of its parents. It will fight anyone or anything that poses a threat to you or your family.

Caring for Boxer Chow

You know what the Boxer Chow is; you know how amazing of a friend it can be. Now you should learn how to repay its friendship through proper care and fulfilling its needs.

Boxer Chow Nutrition

The Boxer Chow is a medium-sized and highly energetic dog. It needs at least three cups of highly nutritious dog food to keep it running and jumping. You don’t have to worry a lot about overfeeding it. Why? As long as it has the proper walking space, this breed will burn off any extra calories.

How to Groom a Boxer Chow

The Boxer Chow has a short coat that doesn’t shed excessively. A quick brush at least twice a week should keep its coat shiny and safe. It needs consistent brushing to keep cavities and tooth decay away. Its nails should be trimmed accordingly. Check its ears for the buildup of dirt or any other type of waste, and clean it with soft wool. Finally, give them baths when it is necessary. Otherwise, you may irritate its skin.

Boxer Chow Activity Levels

The Boxer Chow is a highly energetic breed and requires at least 45 minutes of activity per day to remain healthy and happy. You may play games like fetch with it to improve the effectiveness of its outing.

Caring for Boxer Chow

The Boxer is a relatively low maintenance breed. You only need to take proper care of its grooming. Its loyalty means that once it gets attached to you, it may develop separation anxiety. You need to address that issue with proper training and perhaps getting a friend for your little boy/girl.

Boxer Chow Health

The Boxer Chow surprisingly doesn’t have specific vulnerabilities like the other hybrid breeds. The main conditions that it may face are Hip Dysplasia, Bloat, Hypothyroidism, and Cancer. Though these are dangerous and may prove to be fatal. These can be prevented with frequent checkups and medication.

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