Boxmas Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Boxmas is a large dog with a giant heart filled with kindness. It can stand to be your friend, as well as your children’s. This breed will do everything in its power to please you. It has the right amount of strength to perform fill any role, including guarding. In the next few paragraphs, we will tell you a bit more about the Boxmas.

Boxmas History

Boxmas Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Boxmas has the blood of the two most loyal breeds. The Boxer is a breed known for its versatility and its fighting supremacy. The Boxer is a breed thought to have ties with the Tibetan fighting dogs and the German Bullenbeissers. This breed was mainly used in the 1800s for its fighting capabilities and bull baiting. It became tamer over time, and in 1904 it was acknowledged by the AKC.

The second parent, Mastiff, is an ancient breed. It has been around since Roman times.  Its giant size made it perfect for protecting and guarding. It was saved from the brink of extinction during the Second World War. The current Mastiff is a descendant of those chosen few survivors.

Boxmas Characteristics

The Boxmas will have a large muscular frame. A Stocky and Sturdy body is its signature. The Boxmas will have a face. The facial features depend on the dominant breed, but generally, it should have ears resembling the Mastiffs. Its cost will be short and weather resistant. The colors will vary between white, black, and brown mainly.

How Big do Boxmas Get

The Boxmas is a giant breed, which is evident from its height and weight. The male and females will have a height range of 23 to 36 inches. The weight range of the Boxmas will be 70 to 100 lbs.  These values are highly dependent on the dominant genes.

How Long Does Boxmas Live

As sad as it is, the Boxmas has a lifespan of 6 to 12 years. This value is still very wide, and you shouldn’t lose hope. With the right affection and care, your buddy will definitely live longer.

How Much Does a Boxmas Cost

The Boxmas is a comparatively new breed, so you may encounter problems acquiring this breed. Its parents are pretty expensive, but quite surprisingly, the Boxmas is generally affordable. A Boxmas pup should cost you 300 dollars to 800 dollars. It would be best if you have a background check done on the breeder and the pup’s health before you make your final decision.

Boxmas Temperament/Personality

The Boxmas is a giant dog with a slightly intimidating look, but it is a heartwarming furball in reality. It can be the potentially nicest breed if it gets early socialization and training. It will play along well with all of the other breeds, and you won’t have to keep an eagle’s eye on it to keep it out of trouble. Its funny and cheerful nature can have the most saddened souls smiling.

You should have it socialized to every person in the family. This way, it doesn’t get attached too much to one person. Apart from that, it is the most loyal breed, thanks to its parents. It will protect both you and your family no matter what. It may have slight problems, in the beginning, distinguishing between threats, but otherwise, it’s the perfect friend.

Caring for Boxmas

Since you’ve already made it this far, then why don’t you spend a bit more time learning how to take care of your little buddy best? In the next few paragraphs, we will attempt to help you in that cause.

Boxmas Nutrition

The Boxmas has a considerable size and is very active. It needs a lot of food to keep its tummy filled. Preferably four to five cups of highly nutritious food per day should keep it healthy and fed. You don’t have to worry about overfeeding this breed because of how actively it burns its calories.

How to Groom a Boxmas

Grooming the Boxmas can be slightly problematic because of how much it sheds. This breed may trigger your allergies, so you should be careful about that. Brush its coat daily to reduce shedding and to keep its coat free and healthy. You should preferably use a rubber curry-type brush. It needs baths every eight to six weeks, though you may bathe it more frequently if the need arises. Brush its teeth as frequently as you can, ideally every day. Trim its nails every when the need arises to reduce breaking and tearing.

Boxmas Activity Levels

The Boxmas is a very active breed and requires at least 60 minutes of walking or exercising per day to keep it happy. This breed may have problems if you live in a small place without a yard because of how it tends to scurry about. The Boxmas will respond well to training and exercises due to its genes. Its parents were bred for their resourceful guarding nature. 

Caring for Boxmas

The Boxmas does need a tad bit more effort compared to other breeds. This essential gap is mainly because of how much grooming it needs. It needs more brushing, more bathing, and exercise. It would be best if you gave it constant exercise to keep it healthy and fresh. Its training and socialization are certainly easy compared to other breeds.

The medical bills and care with this breed are also considerably lower. Factoring all of that in this breed is easy to manage if you’ve got time on your hands. The most important thing that this breed need is attention and exercise to keep it happy and exhausted.

Boxmas Health

The Boxmas is a hybrid, making it by nature more susceptible to a certain horde of diseases. Yet this breed is surprisingly healthy. The major concerns that you may face with this breed are occasional trips to the vet for a few minor fractures. Hip Dysplasia is one thing you will have to look out for when taking care of it. These are the main concerns.

This still doesn’t mean that you become complacent. Remain in constant coordination with your vet. This will eliminate the chances of it falling to any hidden condition in the unlikely case that it has one. The test carried out for this breed should almost necessarily have X-rays. Apart from that, blood counts and Serum chemistry should help you too.

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Best Dog Crate For Boxmas

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Best Dog Bed For Boxmas

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Best Dog Harness For Boxmas

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