Braque De L’Ariege Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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A soft velvety, and slightly grumpy companion is the simplest definition of the Braque De L’Ariege. It will love you unconditionally and will demand your attention and affection in return. It’s a sweet breed that wants to help out as much as it can. If you refuse it the luxury of work, it may feel sad and even angry. In the next few paragraphs, we will explain what defines the Braque De L’Ariege and why?

Braque De L’Ariege History

Braque De L’ariege Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe history of the Braque De L’Ariege is credited to Sir Bernard Senac Lagrange. He collected and researched on the Braque De L’Ariege in 1940. The FCI greatly accepts this version of the history of the Braque De L’Ariege and thus is considered the most widely accepted one too. According to Sir Bernard the Braque De L’Ariege is a result of crossing the Braque Francais and the Braque de Meridonal. Though this claim is widely accepted, there is another alternative that Jean Castaing offered. According to Jean the Braque Saint-Germain and the Braque Francais are the parents of the Braque De L’Ariege.

This breed was largely conceived in France’s Ariege region, which is the main reason for its name. The standard rules for the qualification of the Braque De L’Ariege were written and compiled in 1905. This breed became widely famous during the duration of the 20th Century. This was when people experimented with the purity of this breed, looking for certain colors and factors. Due to this muddling of bloodlines, the breed lost its efficiency and its popularity. The breed regained its power thanks to the efforts of Sir Bernard and a few select interested candidates. In 1989 under Sir Bernard’s influence, a safety club was established to eliminate the chances of the prior situation happening again.  

Braque De L’Ariege Characteristics

The Physical appearance of this breed is aptly fit for a nimble hunting dog. It has strong lean muscles, with the right weight to give it sturdiness without affecting its speed. It has keen senses, including eyesight and smell. They have a long head with drooping ears. Their coats are short and glossy rich. The colors of their coat vary between white and various shades of orange. The colors of their ears are dependent on the color of their coat.

How Big do Braque De L’Ariege Get

The Braque De L’Ariege is a medium to a large-sized dog, thanks to its height and muscular body. The height range for males is 24 to 26 inches, while females’ height ranges between 22 to 26 inches. The potential weight of this breed is the same for both males and females. The weight will range between 55 to 66 lbs.

How Long Does Braque De L’Ariege Live

The Braque De L’Ariege is purebred, yet it has a comparatively lower lifespan. The Braque De L’Ariege will live a healthy life between 11 to 13 years. This value may be extended with the help of good medical attention and care.

How Much Does a Braque De L’Ariege Cost

The Braque De L’Ariege, despite being a rare breed, costs relatively less. You are also more likely to find a breeder or rescue shelter with this breed available. Usually, the breeder will demand at least 500 dollars for this breed. This value may rise depending on the quality of the breed, including its health and the parents.

Braque De L’Ariege Temperament/Personality

The Braque De L’Ariege is a doer when it comes to tasks. It will not sit down idly at all. It will need constant tasks to keep it occupied. This breed has a more refined and primal hunting instinct. This makes its coexistence with other pets relatively harder. It can live quite peacefully with other dogs and even cats if it has grown up with it, but small pets cannot be safely kept in a household with it.

This breed needs constant companionship. It would be best if you didn’t leave it alone for long, no matter what. The reason for it is that it develops severe separation anxieties. This onslaught of anxiety makes it significantly destructive. Excessive barking, howling, and growling can become quite prevalent with this breed. The ideal family for this breed is one in which it can have at least one person keeping an eye on it.

Caring for Braque De L’Ariege

The Braque De L’Ariege is a good boy that needs your attention in large amounts. Beneath this point are certain guidelines in which you can divide the attention you give it more effectively.

Braque De L’Ariege Nutrition

A puppy’s health depends on its tummy. The Braque De L’Ariege isn’t too picky about what it gets, as long as it’s enough to give it a burst of energy. The Braque De L’Ariege will need two to three cups of nutritious food per day to keep it kicking. Try not to overfeed it.

How to Groom a Braque De L’Ariege

The Braque De L’Ariege doesn’t shed a lot. A firm brush with a slicker brush once per week should keep its coat healthy and free from dead hair. In the spring season, you will need to brush it more since it sheds more. You should bathe it only when it’s necessary. Check their ears for accumulated waste. You should also brush their teeth regularly and trim their nails when the need arises.

Braque De L’Ariege Activity Levels

The Braque De L’Ariege needs a lot of attention, mainly in the form of exercises and long walks. Two walks of sixty minutes per day should be your daily aim. We know that not a lot of people have the luxury of dispensing that much time. In that case, you should get it a few toys or maybe friends to keep it preoccupied.

Caring for Braque De L’Ariege

The Braque De L’Ariege doesn’t need a lot of attention. Just give it its daily dose of exercise and attention. The main thing that this breed needs is your time. This guy will need a bit of grooming, but even that is minimal compared to the other breeds. Training and socialization for this breed are the main things. Generally, it’s very affectionate and welcome, but it needs to be taught restraint if you plan on keeping small pets as well.

Braque De L’Ariege Health

The Braque De L’Ariege is a very healthy breed because of its pure bloodlines. This grants it a certain degree of immunity to all major problems. The main problems that it may have to face are Ear Infections, Patellar Luxation, and Hip/Elbow Dysplasia. These can be avoided with checkups and medication. It would be best to keep in touch with your vet because deficiencies may cause a whole different package of problems.

Breeds Similar to Braque De L’Ariege


Best Dog Food for Braque de l’Ariege

Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Canine Recipe

Balanced nourishment of Braque de l’Ariege is possible through Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. Natural fruits and vegetables provide the required energy and strength for regular activities. Along with easy digestion, it promotes muscle growth and stronger immunity. 

  • It does not contain any grains like soy, wheat, or corn.
  • There is the promotion of healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • All the ingredients are safe for consumption without any preservatives.

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Best Puppy Food for Braque de l’Ariege

Purina Pro Plan Puppy Large Breed Chicken & Rice Formula With Probiotics Dry Dog Food

The Purina Pro Plan Puppy Large Breed Chicken & Rice Formula with Probiotics Dry Dog Food is suitable for young Braque de l’Ariege. Along with the chicken, it also has fish oil, which helps develop bones and vision. Moreover, its easy digesting elements keep the delicate stomach light and help it develop further. 

  • It includes all the necessary nutrients that a growing puppy requires.
  • Along with digestion, it also promotes a stronger immune system. 
  • There is no harm in providing it two or three times a day. 

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Best Dog Crate for Braque de l’Ariege

Paws & Pals Oxgord Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

An ideal option for house training Braque de l’Ariege is the Paws & Pals Oxgord Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate. It is safe, protected, and ensures to calm them down while in a mood of destructive behavior. It is sturdy and rust-free and has round edges for utmost protection from cuts or wounds. 

  • A divider panel in it is useful during the growing stage.
  • The material is of high quality and will have long-lasting usage. 
  • It is easy to set-up, much convenient to fold, and does not take up much storage space. 

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Best Dog Bed for Braque de l’Ariege

Furhaven Quilted Orthopedic Sofa Dog & Cat Bed

After a day of hard work, the FurHaven Quilted Orthopedic Sofa Cat & Dog Bed w/ Removable Cover is apt for Braque de l’Ariege. It is soft, comfortable, secure, and helps release all stress while ensuring a peaceful sleep. Three of the sides have raised edges, which acts as a headrest and is ideal for snuggling.

  • The foam base provides shape and support to the body.
  • The fabric is breathable and does not cause discomfort during summers.
  • Removable cover is the added advantage as it is easier to maintain hygiene.

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Best Dog Harness for Braque de l’Ariege

Chai’s Choice 3m Reflective Dog Harness

The Chai’s Choice 3M Polyester Reflective Front Clip Dog Harness fits perfectly on Braque de l’Ariege. Since it does not let the pulling pressure on the neck, it avoids choking hazards during restlessness. There are multiple adjustment straps for a customized fit, and it is also useful throughout the growing stage. 

  • It has reflective edges, which makes it easier to use during night strolls.
  • There is the padding on the chest and all straps, and it does not cause strain.
  • It is also suitable to attach with the belt system of any vehicle. 

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