Braque Francais Gascogne Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Braque Francais Gascogne Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Braque Francais Gascogne is a breed with a mysterious history but characteristics that are as clear as day. This breed will want to stay by your side no matter what. Originally it was meant to be a hunting dog, but due to its lovely nature, it has over the years become a feasible addition to families. In the next few paragraphs, we will attempt to explain the characteristics of this breed.

Braque Francais Gascogne History

The BraqueFrancais Gascogne has a long history that remains evasive and foggy for most of the part. We know that it may be related to the Spanish Pointer and the Southern hound, which is extinct now. This is a multipurpose dog because of its kind and compassionate nature. In the 19th Century, after extensive searching for its parents and lines, researchers understood a daring fact.

The Braque Francais Gascogne could be found in two varieties. One of its was the current Braque Francais Gascogne. The other one was the Braque Francais Pyrenean. The Braque Francais Gascogne always had to compete against breeds with fame and name attached to their beings. This led to the Braque Francais Gascognes’ anonymity. Not anymore, because now you know about this amazing breed.

Braque Francais Gascogne Characteristics

The Braque Francais Gascogne is a handsome breed with the physique of a royal breed. This breed will have a sturdy body with long and firm legs. This makes it very nimble and agile. They can perform efficiently in any terrain. It has a large head and deep eyes that can either be Amber or Brown. They have short, dense coats that can either be completely brown or chestnut with white. They are gorgeous and adorable.

How Big do Braque Francais Gascogne Get

The Braque Francais Gascogne male will have a height of 22 to 27 inches. The weight of the Braque Francais Gascogne is between 45 to 80 lbs. The females will have a height range of 20 to 25 inches. The weight range for females is 40 to 75 inches. These values substantiate the claim that this is a large breed.

How Long Does Braque Francais Gascogne Live

The Braque Francais Gascogne being is a comparatively purebred almost revived from extinction. This means that it will live a long life without major problems. The lifespan of the Braque Francais Gascogne is usually between ten to fourteen years.

How Much Does a Braque Francais Gascogne Cost

The Braque Francais Gascogne is a rare breed. Couple that with the fact that this breed has a gem of a personality and is the cutest, most adorable little thing. A Braque Francais Gascogne puppy should cost you something between 600 to 1200 dollars. This price may vary depending on the quality of the puppy, especially its health.

Braque Francais Gascogne Temperament/Personality

The Braque Francais Gascogne is a nice boy/girl. It’s a breed that thrives and breathes attention. To gain your attention, it will do all sorts of things. Its goofiness at times will have you laughing while, in other instances, just facepalming yourself.

This breed can be an instant heartthrob because of how welcome and pure it is. It will get along with all of your other pets, even cats, if you have it socialized and trained early in its life.

The Braque Francais Gascogne will not harm any being, but its hunting instincts can go into overdrive at times. To prevent that from happening, you should take care of letting your smaller pets going wandering about.

Caring for Braque Francais Gascogne

The Braque Francais Gascogne is an attention gaining, childish and playful breed, evident from the above description. To keep that baby happy, you need to follow certain guidelines, similar to the ones that we shall note below this point.

Braque Francais Gascogne Nutrition

 The Braque Francais Gascogne, despite being medium to small-sized, needs food as much as the larger breeds. The Braque Francais Gascogne will need at least three to four cups of nutritious food per day. You don’t have to worry about overfeeding it since it burns through calories like fire.

How to Groom a Braque Francais Gascogne

Grooming the Braque Francais Gascogne is not supposed to be a boring and forced activity. The Braque Francais Gascogne loves all of the attention and will willingly have its coat brushed and its nails trimmed. It won’t run away from any baths either. The Braque Francais Gascogne is a medium shedder, and a quick brush at least once per week should keep its coat healthy. Bathe it when it’s an absolute necessity. Check its ears for any accumulation of dirt or wax.

Braque Francais Gascogne Activity Levels

The Braque Francais Gascogne is a breed that has the mentality and physicality of an active breed. This breed needs at least 60 minutes of activities. The Braque Francais Gascogne will love long walks and will want to follow you around every day and everywhere.

Caring for Braque Francais Gascogne

The Braque Francais Gascogne is a low maintenance pet. The grooming portion of its care is relatively low. The main concern is brushing its coat and checking its ears for the build-up of dust and dirt. This will keep it safe from ear infections. It even remains relatively healthy, so you don’t have to worry about the medical bills piling up or its health deteriorating.

It will need a lot of exercises and your attention. You may find it slightly irritating if you despise clingy pets. If you love the extra attention, then you will love this pet.

Braque Francais Gascogne Health

The Braque Francais Gascogne, in this case, is a relatively healthy breed thanks to the quality of its bloodline. Patellar Luxation, Canine Hip Dysplasia (Chd), Disorders and Eye Diseases are the main problems that may harm your little buddy. These problems can be taken care of with medication, but why even take the risk.

The best cure for any medical problem is caution. It would be best if you remained in coordination with your vet. Give it regular and consistent checkups with full-body examinations and blood counts to diagnose any problems at the beginning stages. Your little buddy should be fine as long as you’re there with him.

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