Brittany Bourbonnais Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Brittany Bourbonnais Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Brittany Bourbonnais is nothing short of a miracle. Don’t believe is? Just look at its puppy pictures. They should put a disclaimer of falling in love over the pictures. That’s not all; this breed has traits that make it the perfect companion for a family. Don’t believe us? Well, fortunately for you, this time you won’t have to look anywhere else. Beneath this point, we have collected all of the proofs to prove that the Brittany Bourbonnais is the perfect companion for any family.

Brittany Bourbonnais History

The Brittany Bourbonnais has an obscure history filled with mystery. It was first developed in France. That is the main reason for its anonymity in the rest of the world as compared to Europe. It is a relatively new breed, with somewhat recognized parental breeds. The Brittany is a French breed the pointer variety. Records that date Brittany’s existence to the 1700s have been found through painting and various items. The current Brittany was developed in the Brittany region of France during the 1800s. The AKC accepted this breed in 1934.

The Braque Du Bourbonnais is a French pointer, distinctly recognized for its unique features in the short-haired coat category. The actual history of this breed stretches all the way back to the 1500s. The development and evolution of this breed was impeded temporarily because of the Wars. This breed nearly became extinct due to the ravages of the war. It was revived in 1973. The AKC recognized this breed only recently in 2013.

Brittany Bourbonnais Characteristics

The visual appearance of the Brittany Bourbonnais will depend highly upon the dominant side of the parents breed. The coat will generally be similar to the coat of the Braque Du Bourbonnais. It will be short and rich in quality. The colours of the coat will be complementing to the eye colour. The eye colours will either be Amber or Hazel. It will have large expressive eyes and a pear-shaped head. The breed will be muscular overall and will enjoy a little bit of both parents traits.

How Big do Brittany Bourbonnais Get

This breed is a medium-sized breed. Its height range will generally be 17 to 22 inches, while its weight range will be 26 to 40 lbs.

How Long Does Brittany Bourbonnais Live

The Brittany Bourbonnais will generally live between the ripe ages of 12 to 14 years. With the right medication and care, you can easily expect it to live up to 15 years.

How Much Does a Brittany Bourbonnais Cost

The Brittany Bourbonnais is a rare breed, so it is highly unlikely that you’ll find one without thoroughly searching. If you find one, then you should expect it to cost you anything more than 800 dollars. The price may rise exponentially for the quality as in coat colour or facial features o the puppy. The shipping costs and health of the puppy will also affect its price.

Brittany Bourbonnais Temperament/Personality

This is an affectionate and loyal breed, with its love stemming directly from its parents’ traits. You will find it very welcoming and loving to every member of your family. This breed will need a lot of attention, and children could very well fulfil that requirement. The breed will also get along well with any other pets that you have. Small pets may be slightly problematic because their hunting instincts may be triggered by it.

Early socialization and training with small pets should eradicate that problem too. This breed is also intelligent and can take training quite effectively. It may develop severe separation anxiety, but that won’t be a problem if you have more people in your household. The Brittany Bourbonnais is a family dog and should be handled like one.

Caring for Brittany Bourbonnais

The Brittany Bourbonnais is a goofy and lovable charmer, and it wants nothing more than to please. As its owner, it’s your job to take good care of it in return, and we are going to help you do that effectively.

Brittany Bourbonnais Nutrition

The Brittany Bourbonnais is a medium to large-sized breed with the energy of a behemoth. It will need at least three cups of nutritious and protein-rich food per day. Overfeeding this breed may be slightly problematic because it may not lose weight as effectively as the other breeds.

How to Groom a Brittany Bourbonnais

It’s a fairly easy dog to groom. The coat will require a firm brushing per week to keep it manageable. The brushing will also remove dead hair and distribute the natural oils produced by its skin. Bathing this breed should be restricted to necessity. Excessive bathing will leave its skin dry and irritated. Brush its teeth from an early age to get it used to good dental health. Apart from that, trim its nails according to the needs of the time.

Brittany Bourbonnais Activity Levels

This breed is very active and will need regular exercises and indoor and outdoor activities to keep it fit and mentally relaxed. At least an hour’s worth of intensive activity should be provided for the convenience of this breed.

Caring for Brittany Bourbonnais

The Brittany Bourbonnais is a heartwarming love ball to look at. The cherry on top is that it doesn’t need excessive care. Its grooming needs are minimal, and its training is quite easy too. It gets along with other pets. With a bit of socialization, you could even have it near your pet cats. This is a breed that wants to please. This makes it one of the most manageable breeds out there.

The only thing that you have to be careful about with this breed is its activity and attention. Shower it with your love and time to keep it active and away from self-destructive habits. This is the ideal pet for a family of any number more than two.

Brittany Bourbonnais Health

The Brittany Bourbonnais has to face its own fair share of medical problems. The main reason for that is its hybrid nature. The problems that it may have to face include, Skin Allergies, Hip/Elbow Dysplasia, Eye problems including cataracts and Hypothyroidism.

To keep it safe and way form these problems, give it a lot of exercise and medical checkups. Take care of any deficiencies that it has, and you won’t have to face any problems in the first place. The most important thing is coordination with your vet.

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