Broholmer Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Broholmer Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Broholmer is nothing short of a giant. If anything even thinks about harming you, this breed will have no qualms about intimidating it into submission. The best of the best, the strongest and most loyal, all amazing Broholmer, has an interesting history. It can be the best choice for your house, but only you can make the final decision after understanding its traits and attributes.

Broholmer History

The Broholmers history is nothing short of majestic. It is thought that this breed stems from the breed that King James the sixth gave Kind Frederick the second as a wedding gift. This breed was similar to the Mastiff and was commonly found with the Danish Vikings. This all happened during the 1500s, so you can roughly estimate the ancestors of this breed.

Further analysis of this breed’s traits leads experts to believe that the Mastiff-like breed mingled with the local dogs, mainly the Slagterhunden. The offspring was the Old Danish breed, which is thought to be the ancestor of the Broholmer. The Old Danes were extremely popular for their strength and superior hunting capabilities. By the mid-1800s, the pure Old Danes had almost vanished from history. Niels Frederick Sehested decided to revive the breed and named it the Broholmer. His success let the breed flourish again. The UKC accepted it in 2010. The AKC allowed for its addition into the Foundation Stock in 2013.

Broholmer Characteristics

The Broholmer is a descendant of a Mastiff-like dog. It’s no surprise that it is has a well built, almost invulnerable and sturdy physique. It has a large head and broad intimidating chest. It has loose skin and lean legs. His nose and the rims of his eyes/lips must be black. It has a short coat, which can vary in colour. The colours can be Black, Golden or Yellow with a mask of black. It may also have white markings on its chest or feet.

How Big do Broholmer Get

The Broholmer has the potential to be a very large breed. The height range for this breed’s males can vary between 24 to 30 inches, while for female, this range is 22 to 26 inches. The weight range for the males is 65 to a whopping 176 lbs. For females, this value is 87 to 160 lbs.

How Long Does Broholmer Live

Unfortunately, the Broholmer is a breed with a very short average lifespan. This value can vary from 7 to 11 years. You don’t have to be very worried because this is a very large range. With a bit of care, your little buddy will live a much longer life.

How Much Does a Broholmer Cost

The Broholmer is a relatively unknown breed. This, in short, means that you probably won’t find a breeder with this breed easily. If you do happen to find one, try to separate at least a chunk of 2000 dollars for this breed. The price will usually be close to 1600 dollars but will vary depending on the puppy’s health and region.

Broholmer Temperament/Personality

The Broholmer is the best guard dog you could ever get. Not only is it intimidating, but it’s genuinely good at its job. This does have a slight drawback since it will not tolerate trespassing into its territory. He will also need to be taught to understand who the boss is. He can be very competitive even against his owners. Constant obedience training should keep him in check.

This is a large breed with a keen sense of control. Keeping him away from small children and pets would be the best option. The important thing to note is that it may not do well with other dogs, especially if they are energetic or attention-gaining. It will need an enormous level of socialization to have it safely understand peaceful coexistence.

Caring for Broholmer

The Broholmer is a guard dog that will never back down from a threat that dares to come against its owner. It’s the owner’s job to keep a loyal friend healthy and safe from improper care.

Broholmer Nutrition

The Broholmer is a very large breed and has the appetite to boot. You will need to give it at least three cups of a balanced or protein intensive diet per day. It will munch down on almost anything, but tasty food for it would still be recommended.

How to Groom a Broholmer

The Broholmer has a short coat and an undercoat. It doesn’t shed a lot except for specific seasons. In these times, it will shed its undercoat and will require more frequent brushing. Normally brush his coat once a week. Bathing is an activity that should be kept at minimal figures for this breed. You may bathe it more frequently in its shedding phase. Trim its nails as often as you can to keep its paws safe. You must teach it to accept grooming from an early age to reduce problems later on.

Broholmer Activity Levels

The Broholmer is a composed breed and doesn’t get self-destructive when it’s constricted to a yard. It may have problems in small indoors. It would be best if you still took it out on a leash and gave it a stroll. Activities like games will help release its pent up energy, though sometimes your buddy may not be in the mood for that.

Caring for Broholmer

The Broholmer is a breed that maximizes efficiency without burdening the owner. It requires minimal grooming and isn’t too picky about its diet. It doesn’t need a lot of physical activity and can remain content with its daily patrol routine and a short activity session. The main care for this breed is constant training and obedience measures to keep it in line. Socialization for small pets to coexist is stretching it too far for this breed.

Broholmer Health

The Broholmer is a large breed. Even better than that is the fact that it doesn’t have to face many problems because of its pure blood. The main problems it may have to face are Arthritis, Entropion, Ectropion, Hip/Elbow Dysplasia, PRA, Heart Sensitivity and Cataracts. Most of these problems will come with the onset of age.

The best thing that you can do is to give it a good diet and consistent medical checkups. Once the problem is diagnosed, follow the vet’s instructions to get your loyal friend out of bed.

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