Brottweiler Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Brottweiler Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowHave you ever thought about a pineapple? It’s so spiky from the outside but sweet from the inside. Similar to pineapples, we have the amazing Brottweiler for your attention today. It’s intimidating and dangerous visually. In reality, it’s a sweet and mellow breed, which would rather snuggle beside you than bark at strangers. We will further explain the attributes and nature of this breed in the next few paragraphs.

Brottweiler History

The history of the Brottweiler is still young and has yet to be written. Yet, we can look at its parents and try to explore the potential of this breed. The Rottweiler is a breed related to the Roman fighting mastiff types. It is widely believed that the invading and marching Romans brought this breed to German lands.  There they bred with the local dogs and produced the ancestors of the Rottweiler. The Rottweiler was a multi-purpose breed used for pulling carts and protection from wild animals and thieves. The Rottweiler was nearly wiped out after the invention of Railroads. A few dedicated breeders revived this breed after the World War, when its popularity boomed.

The Brussel Griffon was first presented in the Brussel exhibition held in 1880. The Brussels griffon was originally bred to fight small threats and pest like various vermin. Its cuteness and loyalty soon had it in nobleman laps. This breed is thought to be the result of crossbreeding the English Toy Spaniel with the Pug and the Affenpinscher.

Brottweiler Characteristics

The physical appearance and characteristics of the Brottweiler depend on the dominant breed. It will inherit a coat that may either be short and smooth or a bit rough and long. The colour of the coat will vary between Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Mahogany, Tan, Red and Golden. Its ears will be rounded and floppy, while its eyes will look more like the Rottweiler’s mostly. This breed will look rather stocky and intimidating.

How Big do Brottweiler Get

The Brottweiler is unique in its height and age distribution based on gender. The difference is staggering. The males will generally have a height range of 20 to 26 inches and a weight range of 50 to 80 lbs. The females will usually have a height range of 17 to 19 inches, while the weight range will be 45 to 68 lbs. 


How Long Does Brottweiler Live

The intimidating but mellow Brottweiler will generally have a lifespan of 10 to 14 years. This value will be hard to surpass, but it’s not impossible. Proper diet and care that’s all it takes to help it live healthier and longer. 

How Much Does a Brottweiler Cost

The Brottweiler is, unfortunately, a new and modern breed. Placing a value on its puppies is hard, considering the little real-time data we have on it. It should generally cost you more than 700 dollars. The price for this breed will vary depending upon the size of the puppy and the dominant features.

Brottweiler Temperament/Personality

The Brottweiler is a sweet and caring breed. This side of it is more dependent on the Brussel Griffon side of the parents. This breed thrives on attention and your love. It will demand to stay by your side throughout the day. Expect a lot of cuddling and face licking with this breed. It will also have favourites in your family.

You can expect it to get along well with most of the members of your family, including children. It will get along well with other pets. We would still advise to have it properly trained and socialized before letting it roam around children. The Brottweiler is very sensitive to your voice’s tone, and that makes training it a bit easier. It will also try to understand your feelings and respond accordingly. The Brottweiler can easily be classified as an empathetic and intelligent breed.

Caring for Brottweiler

By now, you should be able to comprehend the beauty of the Brottweiler. If you have, then please read on to understand the more technical aspects of its needs.

Brottweiler Nutrition

The Brottweiler needs at least three cups of balanced and nutritious food per day. Overfeeding this breed won’t be a problem if you can give it your time.

How to Groom a Brottweiler

The Brottweiler doesn’t need a lot of grooming. A quick brush once per week and multiple times if it’s shedding a lot is the requirement. You should bathe it only when it’s a necessity. The inquisitiveness of this breed will force it to get into sticky situations once in a while. Brush its teeth with consistency. Trim its nails when the need arises. Clean its ears often to keep them safe from ear infections.

Brottweiler Activity Levels

The Brottweiler is a very active breed. You should take it out every day for at least two walks of 45 to 60 minutes each. Give it mentally and physically stimulating challenges. Help it in releasing its pent-up energy as much as you can.

Caring for Brottweiler

The Brottweiler is a demanding breed when it comes to the level of exercise and attention it requires. You will have to be careful about what you are feeding it. Putting that aside, the grooming that this breed needs is minimal. The level of training and socialization of this breed is also quite easy and simple. To sum it all up, this breed may look demanding but, in reality, is quite manageable, especially if your household has more than one inhabitant.

Brottweiler Health

The Brottweiler is a hybrid that hasn’t evolved considerably since it’s still a modern breed. It is vulnerable to major problems like Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Heart Problems, Bloat, Hypothyroidism and Eye Problems. The best cure is prevention. Please give it a proper diet and medical attention.

Remain in coordination with your vet and give your little puppy medical checkups every week or month. If you can do that, then any conditions that it may have will be diagnosed on time. After that, a few weeks of medication and love will have your boy/girl jumping around like nothing.

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