Bull Pug Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Bull Pug is one breed that you can’t ignore. It is a rare breed to find and interact with, but there is no coming back once you do. This breed has the power to gain a monopoly over your heart. Please read on and understand why the Bull Pug can be the best choice for you.

Bull Pug History

Bull Pug Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Bull Pug is a modern designer breed. The Pug is the first parent of the Bull Pug. It is a Chinese breed with an ancient lineage. The breed was highly revered in China. It was one of the favorite breeds of the Emperors. The people believed that this breed held divine healing powers. Ailing relatives often kept them to drive away evil spirits. The Pug has always remained a Lap Dog. It was registered with the AKC in 1885.

The American Bulldog is a variation of the English Bulldog. The breed has been used for multiple purposes, though most of them have been bloody. The breed was used extensively in the South. It has had numerous names over the years, including English White and Alabama Dog. The breed became much tamer after the bloody sports were outlawed in 1835. Today it is one of the loveliest breeds.

Bull Pug Characteristics

The rarity of the Bull Pug, especially the diversity of its parents, makes it hard to lay down any standards for the appearance of the Bull Pug. We can say with certainty that the body will be muscular. The coat of the Bull Pug will also be short. The color variations for the coat will include Brown, Red, Fawn, Black, Grey, and White. The ears of the Bull Pug will be erect. It will have round eyes, usually amber in color.

How Big do Bull Pug Get

The Bull Pug is genetically a medium-sized breed. The height of the Bull Pug will be between 12 to 18 inches. The height of the Bull Pug will be based highly on the genetics of the Bull Pug. The weight of the Bull Pug will be between 20 t0 27 inches. The weight may increase or decrease based on how much you take care of its diet.

How Long Does Bull Pug Live

The Bull Pug is a healthy breed and will normally live between 10 to 15 years. The maximum limit of the Bull Pugs lifespan can be extended to a higher value. What do you have to do about that? Keep an eye on its diet and keep it in contact with the vet. Please keep it away from chocolate because inexperienced people tend to make that mistake. Chocolate is poison for dogs.

How Much Does a Bull Pug Cost

The Bull Pug is a healthy breed with a well-developed marketplace. It even has parents that can cost quite a sum. For this specific reason, the price of the Bull Pug usually remains between the figure of 800 and 1500 dollars. If the price rises above 1500, it can be either because of the place you live in or because of the pedigree of the Bull Pug.

Bull Pug Temperament/Personality

By now, you should know that the violent side of the Bulldogs has vanished. They are now family dogs. Couple the goofy friendliness of the Bulldog with the Pug, and you have the perfect family breed. It’s almost impossible for the Bull Pug to be aggressive. Yes, it does get a bit protective of its family. It will not appreciate strangers barging into its abode. You will have to give it socialization from an early age to ease any reservations that it may harbor.

Training the Bull Pug can become slightly tedious. The reason for that is the stubbornness of its parents. You will have to rely on Dog Treats and a lot of help from the Dog Training Book. We recommend being gentle and consistent with its training. Consistency is the most important thing when are training a breed like the Bull Pug.

Caring for Bull Pug

Like any other breed, the Bull Pug will require the attention of its human to remain healthy and active. To do that, you will have to understand what the Bull Pug needs and read this section.

Bull Pug Nutrition

The size of the Bull Pug varies between medium and small. Accordingly, the food should be between one to two cups daily. We recommend giving it healthy food like Purina Dog Food or Merrick Dog Food. You may give it a different brand based on your own choice. For more options and choices, you may dive into the Dog Food section.

How to Groom a Bull Pug

The grooming session of the Bull Pug will depend entirely on the coat inherited. Commonly though, the coat will remain medium to short. It would be best if you were willing to brush the coat at least four times per week. If you can brush the coat more than that, it’s even better. Bathing the Bull Pug is an activity that won’t have to be repeated often. You can get away with one session per two months. You should also trim the Bull Pug’s nails and brush its teeth.

Bull Pug Activity Levels

The Bull Pug is a moderate to slightly active breed. Normally the Bull Pug will love a walk as much as just snuggling with its humans. You should understand that the Bull Pug needs at least 40 to 50 minutes of your daily time for walks and exercises. You can devote more time based on your convenience.

Caring for Bull Pug

The Bull Pug is a breed that rarely needs a lot. Yet if you can take care of some additional things, then that would be even better. First of all, you have to keep your buddy beside you. Second, keep an eye on what it eats. Keep chocolate and any alcoholic drinks away from the Bull Pug. You should also be willing to understand that the cat will die if you fail to do so.

Bull Pug Health

The Bull Pug is a hybrid, yet it remains certainly healthy. The worst conditions that may occur for the Bull Pug include Demodectic Mange, Pug Dog Encephalitis, and Hip Dysplasia. These conditions can be taken care of quite easily if you show them on time to your vet. The most important thing is developing a clear line of communication with the vet. If you can’t develop a connection with your vet, then your buddy will have to suffer for that. Again consult your vet as often as you can.

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