Bullhuahua Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bullhuahua Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Bullhuahua is a breed that has a unique, attractive visual appearance and personality. You may be asking the question, why? The answer is because of its diverse parents, the aggressive Bulldog, and the sassy Chihuahua. Its personality makes it perfect for most houses and people. To learn whether it fits your house, read on with us and understand.

Bullhuahua History

The Bullhuahua is, like most other hybrids, relatively unknown in the annals of history. Its parents, though, are well known and famed. The Chihuahua is old enough to be considered an ancient breed. The earliest accounts of its existence point back to the 9th Century. This breed is thought to be a descendant of the Techichi. This was a small breed first developed by the Toltecs. This breed is thought to have been crossbred with another breed known as the Perro Chihuahueno. The AKC accepted this breed in 1904.

The second breed is the Bulldog. It has a history that is by itself widely speculative. The general assumption, though, is that it was bred on the British Isles. It was bred to partake in bloody sports like bull-baiting and fighting. This breed became particularly famous in the 1800s when the bloody sports became widely enjoyed. After the ban on these sports, it became much tamer and friendly.

Bullhuahua Characteristics

The Bullhuahua will have a short coat over a muscular body. The coat colors can vary between a spectrum of Blue, Black, Grey, Red, Cream, White, and Brindle. This makes it all the more desirable. Its features are defined more by the Chihuahua genes. The muzzle is short, but their bite is still lethally strong. Their eyes are small and round, with a mischievous glint like the Chihuahuas.

How Big do Bullhuahua Get

The Bullhuahua is a breed meant for portability. This fact is evident from its height range of 9 to 12 inches. The weight range of this breed is a meager 20 to 30 lbs.

How Long Does Bullhuahua Live

The lifespan of this breed is comparatively average. This breed will live anywhere between 10 and 13 years.

How Much Does a Bullhuahua Cost

Setting a fixed price for this breed is difficult because of its different dynamic traits. This breed’s price tends to vary based on the quality of the breed, coloring, and the breeder’s ideas. Generally, you should have at least 900 dollars if you want to get this breed.

Bullhuahua Temperament/Personality

The Bullhuahua is not a particularly aggressive breed. It can get along with almost any type of pet, as long as it’s socialized early in life. It’s a breed that wants attention and will do anything in return to please its owner. This breed is the definition of being people extensive. It breathes to please. This makes it a considerably good choice for families and individuals.

Training this breed can be quite easy, depending on the level of stubbornness it has inherited and its current mood. You will have to be patient with it and shower with it positive reinforcement while training it. The more you love it, the more responsive it will be.

Caring for Bullhuahua

The Bullhuahua is the visualization of a wizened, lovable breed. If someone stays by your side when you are at your worst, then it’s only right that you try to repay their love and loyalty.

Bullhuahua Nutrition

The Bullhuahua is a small breed. It doesn’t need a lot of food for its small tummy. Giving it two cups of nutritious food per day should be enough to keep it healthy. Don’t over-feed this breed since it tends to gain weight very quickly.

How to Groom a Bullhuahua

The Bullhuahua is a hypoallergenic breed, which means it can cause a whole lot of trouble for people with allergy problems. Yet if you’re not allergic, then you’ll be happy to know that grooming this breed is the easiest thing in the world. A quick brushing session every week should keep everything in shape. Trim its nails when the need arises. Bathing this breed should be minimal. Excessive bathing will leave its skin dry and irritated. Clean its ears and any folds from the build-up of waste.

Bullhuahua Activity Levels

The Bullhuahua isn’t a very active breed. It will enjoy a leisurely walk whenever you can provide it with one. You shouldn’t expect it to be excessively energetic. About 40 minutes of walking or exercising should be enough to keep it happy and preoccupied.

Caring for Bullhuahua

Caring for the Bullhuahua is, in short, very easy. The grooming portion is easy because of its minimal needs. Its small size makes the grooming of this breed even easier. Training it can very easy depending on its mood. In the worst-case scenario, you will have to be a bit more patient with it. That’s it.

Socialization is a necessity with this breed. It may act all tough, but it won’t have any problems befriending even cats once it’s socialized. Apart from that, this breed doesn’t need many exercises, which makes taking care of it even easier. This is the perfect breed for small families and individuals, provided that you can allocate time for it.

Bullhuahua Health

Health conditions are almost always a problem with small hybrid breeds. The Bullhuahua is susceptible to some serious and minor conditions. These conditions are related to the Skin, Eyes, Orthopedic, Cardiac, Brain, Glucose, and Reproductive system.

Yes, we know this list is vague, but that’s the scope and variety of the problems that may affect your Bullhuahua. That’s why it is of the utmost importance that you take your little boy/girl to the vet’s office consistently. The more frequently you have its tests taken, the quicker you’ll be able to diagnose any problems. Once it’s diagnosed with any problem, follow the vet’s orders to get everything back to normal.

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